Thursday 8 March 2012

Liebster Award

Over the past little while I have been awarded the Liebster Award from several wonderful bloggy friends. I would name them here but disgracefully I am afraid I am going to forget someone and insult them for life. This will lead to a family feud that could go on for generations, so instead I am just going to say 'Thank you, so much' I really appreciate that you enjoy reading me enough to try and send more people my way.

As February is over and I am no longer too busy to think, let alone do, it was about time that I acknowledged the honour and posted about it. Sorry for the delay.

I am now supposed to thank the person(s) who awarded me this. Um, thank you. (God, this is so embarrassing! Having a brain like a flea is not a great thing at times.)

And I am supposed to link back to them. (She hangs her head in shame. Honestly, I know Kelly and Sheila awarded me this but could the others either remind me or laugh at me in derision?)

Next I choose five blogs that I love that have less than 200 followers and hope that you lovely people will go have a read and find some new friends. So here are my choices, keeping in mind I that I love all the blogs I follow.

1. Indianna Dreams - you have to check out the most amazing pouch she made for Mouthy Stitches.
2. Strawberry Patch - Emily is lovely, funny and now, officially, going to the retreat.
3. Mrs Sew and Sow - If you don't know Nicky then you should. She's fab!
4. Sewquine - Another Nikki, with a great eye for colour. Oh, and another amazing pouch for the swap!
5. Bread and Milk and Blackberries - You may know Ruth of her sewing, but she is a great cook too!

So that is me and the Liebster Award. Thank you to all who read me, put up with my idiosyncrasies and come back for more.



  1. Oh yes. I know Sewquine is awesome. I stroke my pouch daily *snigger snigger*.

  2. Congrats on your award! I think I may have awarded you it too a while back but you know, separated at birth, I have a brain like a flea too ;o)

  3. I am sure I have given it to you to Susan ( sorry couldn't resist and I hope everyone else claims to as well)

  4. aw thanks Susan and congrats on your award. Thanks Laura too, you crack me up :)

  5. I didn't award it to you, just to be clear!

  6. I awarded it to you as well - last week. Don`t you remember?? Congrats - clearly very deserved!

  7. Err what Hadley said ;-)x

  8. Congrats Susan! Thanks for pointing out some new blogs- I need more computer time..NOT!!

  9. I might have awarded it to you oh wait I don't qualify...or did I/do I oh heck I don't know! I am clearly just as confused as you are.

  10. Congratulations!! Great choices :)
    2 more peeps and you wouldn't qualify!!


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