Sunday, 21 December 2014

Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

Before -

After -

Hope you all have the very best Christmas and that 2015 is full of joy for you! I'll see you on the other side of the festivities. 


Saturday, 20 December 2014

And Let The Sewing Stop!

The last gift is made. The machine is turned off. And will not be restarted for a wee while. I have been tackling the piles of fabric scattered willy nilly around my sewing space, folding, sorting, and putting it away. There will be food on the dining room table tomorrow. That will be different!

Some of the gifts are wrapped. Turns out we need more paper. Silly me to not keep tabs on how much the girls required. It is really fun this year as it is the first year they have total control of their finances for gift buying. Things really will be a surprise and they are loving the ability to order from Amazon. Monsters may have been born!

I'm really excited about this Christmas too. There is going to be a surprise, or two, in store for the girls that they totally will not expect. I can not wait!


Friday, 19 December 2014

On Schedule - Almost

The project I wanted finished today is not. But it is a completed cushion top. This is a very special make to me. Our family became bigger on Monday.

My step(ish)sister (and her husband obviously) has a new daughter. And she is adorable. She is also fifteen months old. She is the half sister to their two girls that were adopted over eight years ago. She came to live with them in August but they only found out they could keep her on Monday. As you can imagine, we all fell in love with her over the past four months and the prospect that she was not here to stay was devastating. Now their family got the best Christmas present imaginable.

And I am making something for her.

I didn't have time to make a quilt, so I opted for a cushion. It is an eye spy cushion.

As you can see, I decided to hand quilt it. I also went with all those bright solids so that it could help her learn her colours as well as having a few pretty pictures.

It absolutely will be done tomorrow. Because I have to put away the sewing room immediately afterwards. Holiday entertaining begins on Sunday. It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas around here. Hopefully in your home too.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Christmas Gifts Come Two By Two

I am almost done with the making. Good thing too, as I have spent approximately £75 at the post office in the past few days. Next year I am making everything out of tissue paper. Not sure what I am going to make but it is going to be super light weight!

Anyway, enough of that. I made two more pouches today. And I am really happy with the fabric choices. First up, I used some of my Mimosa in one.

I felt the need to do more of the stem stitch and colonial knot combination, because I'm in love with it. And I find embroidery a super zen-like relaxing thing to do. 

Next I dove into my fabric stash and came up with this orange and aqua combination that made me smile. I went with some aqua top stitching for detail on the linen as I didn't have enough time for more hand stitching, unfortunately. 

Finally, I made two little lavender bags. These were so, so quick to make and just add a nice touch to a gift box. Nothing like a little bondaweb and some perle cotton to make something look like it took more time than it did.

I am now working on the final Christmas gift that I am sewing. I am really happy with what I have got done, but - seriously - I need to concentrate on the Christmas food now. And the socialising. Maybe more than a bit of cleaning and organising to do before either of those two things happen though. 

How about you? Are you ready for Christmas or still trying to get on top of it like I am?


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Sisters often need to be given the same gift to keep things 'fair' when they are younger. The sisters in mind in this particular case aren't my two girls, but the daughters of my step(ish)sister.

One loves pink. The other loves purple.

I need to buy some pens, pencils and chocolates to fill them. Then they will be a Christmas present worthy of giving.

It's been rather nice working in these bright coloured fabrics tofay. Brightens up the otherwise grey vista that surrounds us here. It's 2pm and the light that was is fading already. Two more days left of school and the holidays will kick in properly. Just a few more makes and then the machine goes away for the duration. Good books and chocolates await me on the other side.