Friday, 20 March 2015

A Little Of This...

Working on my current commission project. 

And a lot of that (today's agenda) -

- laundry
- school run
- grocery shop
- hair cut
- put chicken strips into a satay marinade 
- make peanut sauce
- start making chilli hoisin belly pork
- make 'that Chinese pork thing' (recipe available under recipe tab if curiosity grabs you)
- make snicker doodles (V & Co recipe, and so, so good)
- make pork & prawn Goya filling
- make fresh spring roll filling
- school run
- more laundry
- take girls to riding lesson
- finish chilli hoisin pork
- cook dinner (comprised of leftovers, salad & oven chips - seriously, not making an effort on this one)
- more laundry
- dishes (so wish we had room for a dishwasher; one day in my dream house)

And now? Yeah, I am so not sewing. Not even hand sewing. I am sat here, and a glass of wine sits very close by. First glass in over four weeks. I am so enjoying it. Friends over for dinner tomorrow night, if you didn't guess. And very few of my days are quite as manic as today, but I wanted to say I'm sorry that I haven't had much in the way of interesting sewing posts lately. They will return. Right after I run away from home for a much anticipated holiday in a weeks time. 

Oh, and there is a cunning plan with this overload of cooking today. Little to finish off tomorrow, just make the ice cream (easy peasy and quick and not impressive, honest, but yummy). Apple pie already made and waiting in the freezer. Then hopefully I've made enough to feed us four on Sunday too. Maybe I can sew then instead. So all I have to do now is make the house presentable. 

Stop laughing! 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

And The Blocks Have Started Arriving

When it is your month in a bee post becomes exciting. You never know when more blocks might arrive. I have received from Hadley...


And Di...

Now why two of those photos refuse to lie the right way is beyond me - annoying as hell - and not fixable in this basic app. Kindly turn your heads/tablets to see them properly. 

Then feeling excited I laid out all the blocks together and you get an idea of what this quilt will look like. By sheer coincidence the blocks of various sizes all fit into one tidy rectangle. 

I know that this type of quilt would not appeal to all people - the wonkiness, lack of pattern, sheer scrappiness of it. But it is me in all its wonky, haphazard glory. Totally me. 


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

In some parts of the world it is Mother's Day today. One of those parts of the world is my little corner here in the middle of England. 

I am not one for presents on Mother's Day, nor am I one for going out to eat. Breakfast in bed and everyone being nice to me from beginning to end of day is what I like. 

Himself provides the breakfast, because I greedily request Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Hey, if you're going to ask for breakfast in bed you might as well take full advantage! 

The girls have different opinions on gifts though. I said I don't need them; they said I may not need them but I deserved them. Honestly, them saying that was the best gift of all. We all know motherhood is not sunshine and roses every day but a few simple words go a long way to making it all worthwhile. 

So this morning Emily presented me with a box of marshmallows - 

Just love the top middle heart that I've given you a close up of.  To the right is a hot chocolate 'doggie' she made me, complete with mini marshmallows. 

Helen gave me a necklace. 

The necklace says it all. It will be treasured.

So, a lie in, scrumptious breakfast, lovely gifts - what more could I ask for? Nothing really. But Helen made a Victoria sponge last night. Sadly too decimated already to provide a photo. And Emily is in the kitchen right now making miso soup, crab and cucumber salad, prawn dumplings and steamed buns. 

I'm one spoilt mamma and fully aware of the fact. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, in whatever way, shape or form you choose to celebrate. 


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Miss March

March snuck up on me. Ever since Flickr and I stopped talking I sort of lost track of where I sat within the fabulous Stitch Tease Bee. I happily made my blocks for others, oft times rather late but there has been a wonderful variety of blocks asked for so far this year. And then suddenly it was my turn. 

I had been planning on designing a block. Time caught me out. So I went with another idea I had totally inspired by Beth at Plum and June. She makes such lovely things, and this quilt has been one of my favourites. 

I love the wonkiness, the colous,the fussy cuts - this quilt is totally up my street. So I asked my bee mates to make me wonky log cabins with a fussy cut in the middle. The only rule was if the fussy cut had a coloured background then it needed to be framed in white first. If it had a white background then it needed a colourful frame. The blocks could be any size based on a factor of 6" finished. So 6.5"x6.5" or 12.5"x12.5" or 6.5"x12.5" or 18.5"x12.5", etc. this will allow me to fit the various blocks together fairly easily, filling in spaces when and however required. 

I have already received blocks, but first I will show you the ones I made myself. The other blocks I can show off on a different day. 

These are one 12.5"x6.5" and two 6.5" square. I think that may be my last girl on a swing from Sherbet Pips, the first fabric line I ever fell in love with. Needless to say using some of my Heather Ross was a necessity as well. 

Then I used one of my Wee Wander horses for a 12.5" block. It's a start for a quilt that I'm really rather excited about. 


Friday, 13 March 2015

Embroidery Completed

I finished the embroidery on the block for Terri's daughters' quilts. Unfortunately when I wrote the words on the fabric I - stupidly - left a word out by mistake. To get the prayer correct I ended up squeezing the final words in.

There are times where I really wish I had a brain.