Monday, 3 August 2015


For the past two days I've been quilting, and asking myself why I didn't just simply stipple the whole damn thing? 

Instead I used half the colours of aurifil I had in my arsenal. A simple stipple all over would have been so much quicker, but it wouldn't have achieved the look I was after. And, despite the aching back, I'm glad I persevered. This linen quilt is my favourite one for ages and ages. Can not wait to show you, when I'm allowed of course. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned

I've been planning on trying this idea for ages. I put it on my Pinterest board so I wouldn't forget. 

Cool, huh? Chocolate brownies cooked in a waffle iron. How hard could it be? 

Apparently harder than it looks! Oh well, once served up with ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and marshmallows it was apparent that how it looked was no longer a concern. 

I have since been given this advice on IG. 1. Spray the crap out of the waffle iron with Pam or some such spray  oil. 2. Use handmade mix not from a box, which is typical because this was the first time I had used a store bought mix in about a decade. 

I have also had it suggested that chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls are really good cooked this way. Seriously?! I need to get back to practicing because now I want to try cooking everything in the waffle iron. Everything! 


Thursday, 30 July 2015


Paperchase is a great shop. Fun to browse around. The girls love it in there. So do I. But mostly I just looked for embroidery inspiration when I was in there the other day. They shopped. I took photos. 

And here are the cards I loved. 

And these ones too. 

Think I might need to buy more hoops. 


A Photo Recap

We had a great day today. The germs were mostly vanquished and didn't cast a shadow on our enjoyment. We stuck to our usual haunts as these were Em's choices and the day was about her. The bonus to this is that some our favourite places are all within easy walking distance. The weather was kind, the crowds not bad (even on the Tube) and the food - as always - fabulous. 

We tend to have a partiality to oriental places so we went from The Japan Centre (just off Piccadilly Circus), to Tokyo Toys (around the corner), to dim sum in Chinatown (two blocks away), followed by bubble tea (down the street).

There was fountain dodging in Leicester Square whilst listening to a rather good busker. Some amazing - albeit rather macabre - chalk painting in Trafalgar Square. Coins were thrown in the fountain and wishes made. Shops were visited, mostly for the fun not the spending. 

Oh, and I love this sequence of photos in Trafalgar of Helen and their friend having fun on the railing. 

And a stop at a lovely Turkish cafe off Piccadilly Circus (before you get to Fortnum & Mason) where the hot chocolates are lush and the macarons so yummy we brought a bunch home with us - but not the rose flavoured ones because none of us like those ones. 

It was a remarkably relaxing day actually. Probably because we stayed in such a limited area. We went with the flow and it is amazing how quickly seven hours can pass. 

It had been a while since our last day out in London and being there today reminded me that we love it and we need to not let life get so busy that we forget to take time for days out like this. One hour on the train and another world awaits. A glorious fun and beautiful world that we are lucky to live so close to. 


Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Lost days. Lost weight. The connection? Stupid germs. And I got them all by myself, not a child to blame. As much as I appreciate the weight loss, I don't think these are the sort of pounds that stay off, unfortunately!

But im just abut back to fighting fit now. Which is good, as tomorrow I am taking the girls and a friend of theirs to London for the day. As usual it will be a day of food as per our usual London jaunts. Bring on the dim sum. And any other treats we so desire. 

Meanwhile I finished a quilt top. I'll give you a sneaky peek, small and innocuous, and surely Love Patchwork & Quilting won't mind that. 

I've been working with the Essex linens and am totally in love with them. Never before did I consider using them exclusively in a quilt top but I'd do it again. I'm rather looking forward to seeing how soft this quilt goes with washing as the linen is so tactile already. And, for once in my life, I actually have known how I want to quilt this almost from the get go. It may take me a while to accomplish but I think it will suit the pattern. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays if they are north of the equator, and that summer actually comes back. If it doesn't we are going to freeze our butts off in northern Scotland in a few weeks time!