Saturday, 22 November 2014

Quick Progress Report

I have managed to get two of my quilt tops quilted. The Wee Wander quilt has a larger stipple around the edges with a smaller one in each Wee Wander fabric. There is no quilting in the 1/2" white sashing, but there is two rows of straight line stitching in the blue border. The boy quilt is just cross hatched all over with a variegated thread. Not very interesting but I do like the added interest the thread adds to the charcoal background.

I have a goal to have these quilts in the post by the end of this coming week. My chances of finishing them are higher than posting them as my ability to parcel things up and post things is - as history has established - abysmal. But I remain optimistic.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Back To Normal

Yesterday I was at Ikea and I bought the backing fabrics for the girl quilt and the boy quilt. Today I woke up with plans. Basting plans.

Yeah plans, without a deadline hanging over my head, and an empty house so no one placing demands upon me. Needless to say I messed about, sorted some fabric, looked at IG photos, ate cake (of course) and dithered. I eventually got the wadding out and in the process found a scrap of it just the right size for a cushion. Next thing I knew I wasn't even thinking about basting, but I was making a cushion cover. Typical!

This eventual cushion will be for one of our lovely hosts in Sweden this past summer. Their sitting room and dining room is very monochrome in black, grey and white, with just a few touches of teal. I quite liked working to this limited palette. 

I didn't do what I was supposed to but I had a great time. I was spiral quilting at full tilt, happy as can be, and there was even sunshine to take a photo of the finished front - which totally threw the colours out but it was a beautiful day and I refuse to complain about that. I may not have done anything planned but I did do something. In my life that is called a successful day.


Monday, 17 November 2014

When Inspiration Strikes

I woke up early Saturday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed (so to speak). The house was peaceful as everyone else had the sense to sleep later than they did on weekdays. As I eased myself into the day I suddenly had inspiration for a quilt. No idea where it came from as I had just been sat reading the news online when the pattern popped into my head.

So I drew it out in Touchdraw - as you do. It was as simple pattern and I very soon had the fabric requirements sorted and was happily delving into my stack of rainbow charms. I eliminated the pink and purple charms as this quilt was to be for a boy, and once I had pulled enough fabric I trimmed the majority of the charms down to 4.5". Made some HSTs with the rest, combined with some Kona Charcoal, and got piecing. Sometimes these things just come about quickly and efficiently and this weekend was one of those times.

By Sunday lunchtime I had a quilt top measuring 48" x 64".

I feel really happy with this endeavour after my weeks of little to no sewing time.

Once I finished this I went about adding the borders to the Wee Wander quilt. I confess that I kept the dimensions for the side borders slightly narrower so that I could cut WOF fabric strips for the top and bottom borders.

The borders bring the final size to 43" x 56". Part of me thinks it should be bigger but the other part of me thinks that a four year old will be perfectly happy with this - and I can always make her a bigger one in a couple more years time. Who knows what fabric lines I will have fallen in love with by then.


Friday, 14 November 2014

The Light At The End Of Tunnel...

... is not a train headed towards me but, in fact, the light on my sewing machine. I finally got a chance to sew again and am optimistic that I may get other chances over the weekend.

This panel now measures 33"x 42". I know the quilt won't be a full on single bed size but after I whack on nice fat borders I trust that it will be big enough to fit a growing four year old over the next few years. Really fat borders.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Small Part...

... of a bigger project.

I was really thrilled to be asked to participate in making some blocks for a Christmas quilt for Fat Quarterly last summer. I made them right at the end of August with the fabric Lynne sent me. The hardest part was having no idea what anyone else was making for their blocks and just hoping like hell that my blocks would fit in, oh, and not look like the dogs dinner beside everyone else's.

Photo nicked from Lynne
The pattern is in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly and I am in awe of Juliet's reindeer. The other people involved in this project are Lynne, Nicky, Joanne and Joanna. My strip in the quilt is the snowball stars. Not the most exciting strip but it does fit in better than I thought it would. Phew!