Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hearth, Home and Himself...

... are being abandoned as we depart on our annual summer migration north. The crochet is packed. What else do I need?

Unfortunately our departure has been delayed somewhat today by the untimely and sad demise of one Sprinkles the Gerbil. She will be sorely missed in this household.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Twelve magical, ever changing years. Twelve years developing into the unique and wonderful individual that she is. Twelve years to believe in herself and know that marching to her own drummer is the best thing.

Emily turned twelve today (in case you didn't guess). Above she has one of her favourite birthday presents. A bento box. Because she wants to make her own school lunches, Japanese style mind you. No boring sandwiches for her.

At twelve she knows what she likes. And she likes Thai food as well as Japanese, hence the lunch that was requested today. We took her best friend with us too.

As a bonus, there was a lady doing henna tattoos at the bank in aid of raising money for the local hospice. Actually, they all got tattoos.

Today we celebrate the youngest member of this household. I've still got a bbq ribs meal to do for dinner. And chocolate brownies with whipped cream and strawberries which was requested instead of a traditional cake. Today the birthday girl gets what she wants and if she wants brownies she is getting brownies.

Today is an especially good day. I couldn't be a prouder mother than I am with the two girls I am blessed with. A very happy birthday to my (not so) baby girl.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Planning Stage

Just because there is a total dearth of sewing time happening here does not mean that I don't have plans. I have plans a plenty scurrying around my head, fighting with each other as they try to take priority.

Plans require fabric. With that in mind, I've been preparing for the day that sewing time resumes.

I might - just maybe - be thinking about making a red and white Christmas quilt. Amongst other things.

But first I have three days of family things to be attending/organising. And then I disappear with the girls for our annual summer migration north. School resumes at 0830 on September 4th. Sewing resumes almost immediately after. Bring it on!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I've had a friend visiting from Canada this week. We met in 1990 when we started studying Travel & Tourism together. The friendship was pretty well instantaneous. We interviewed with Princess Cruises one after the other. And we got hired in the same phone call.

Then we got posted to different ships and barely saw each other until 1994. Fortunately we then got to share an adventure of a lifetime together. The first time I went to China I was on the same ship as Gillian. We were on an itinerary that went all over Asia, then headed for the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. Gillian disembarked in Venice and we never sailed on the same ship again.

But the friendship remains as strong as ever, as do the memories.

The Great Wall in the winter.
Us in uniform whilst transiting the Suez Canal.

Gillian took this photo of me with another of our friends,
as we sailed into Venice in the early morning mist.
Out for dinner the night before Gillian disembarked the ship.

Twenty years on we look like this.

We've not changed a bit obviously. (Just nod your head and pretend I'm telling the truth here, please.)


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Private Swapping

I had another private swap, this time with Juliet over at The Tartan Kiwi. She is a lovely person and an amazing paper piecer. Seriously amazing paper piecer.

Now I am the proud owner of this.

My photograph is wonky, not the mini quilt.
Juliet used Oakshotts and low volume. And her own butterfly pattern. Actually, she has a whole slew of patterns available on Craftsy. If you are a paper piecer check out this tab on her blog and you can see all the ones she has designed. Obviously I am not a paper piecer, so I cunningly asked to do a swap so I could have a butterfly without losing my sanity.

I have my clever moments!

In turn I sent Juliet this fabric basket I made not so long ago.

Now that I have the butterfly I'm feeling that I rather got the good end of this deal big time. Thank you, Juliet!