Friday, 19 September 2014


Oh the sure fire satisfaction of small projects. All the joy for a fraction of the work. I finished the little mini this morning.

It measures up at 20.5"x18.5". It was made by delving into my stash for fussy cuts and and low volume. I use my long ignored Go! Baby to cut the hexie and triangular shapes. It was super easy to piece as long as I paid attention to layout. Not a 'Y' seam was encountered.

It was pieced using my go to Aurifil dove grey. And quilted with my favourite thread again. A small stipple in yellow on the white borders, and a smaller stipple in white on the low volume fabrics. I deliberately did not quilt on the featured fabrics to let them pop out of the design more.

I made a narrow binding, cutting my strips at 2" instead of 2.5". And I backed it with some of the number fabric leftover from a previous project. Since the medium and navy blues didn't feature in the inner design I brought those colours out in the narrow sashing and the binding.

A gratuitous final photo because I can. Making this mini jump started my mojo. I love my hand piecing epp projects but I really, really needed to sit at the machine and produce something, a little instant gratification if you will. This fulfilled that requirement.

Now, I have a weekend of painting ahead of me. Keeping in mind that I have never painted a room in my life, and the girls intend helping me, let's just hope I come out of this unscathed. Years of renting and constant moving prevented any previous desire for decorating, and when I was single I thought it was just a job you paid someone else to do.

After all that, I have a load of bee stuff to get out of the way. Now that I remember how to use my machine again.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

I Thought I Was Stippling...

...until Nicky pointed out I was sewing Scottie dog shapes.

 Do you see stipple or dogs?


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Because The List Is Long...

... I stuck my head in the sand and did something entirely different. To be clear, I also stuck my head in the sand about a whole crap load of stuff that needed doing in the house too. I figured a load of laundry and dinner being made was enough to give me permission to play.

I was clearly not in a thread trimming mood today!

And after the school run I played some more.

This mini has been in my head for a while. Kind of nice to see it translating into fabric.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Stocking Up For The Winter

It's been a pie sort of day. It involved a kilo of flour, and half a kilo of fat, to make a lot of pastry. And a tonne of apple pealing.

I ended up with five pies for the freezer, all using the apples we the girls picked last Thursday. I couldn't have accomplished this so quickly if it wasn't for the ingenuity of the Victorians and that handy dandy little apple pealer/slicer/corer thingy. I'd still be in there pealing otherwise. And less than happy for that fact. But I do have the apple thingy which makes life so much easier when making pies and crumbles.

We won't be eating any of these pies tonight though. The girls and I are still recovering our appetites after a less than stellar weekend. It is a well established pattern. Girls go to school. Germs come home. They get sick. What is unusual is me getting it too. And it was an ugly one! Anyway, pie is not on the menu yet as it would just go to waste, or himself would have to eat the whole thing on his own. Actually, I am sure he wouldn't have a problem with that, not that I am going to cook a pie and indulge him. I'm not that nice.

Hopefully I will get some sewing time in tomorrow.


Friday, 12 September 2014


It would be silly to do things the easy way when I can make them more complicated, or so it seems. I finished the inner part of my epp rainbow and then decided to change it up a bit as I made it bigger.

I decided to fragment/shatter/mess about with the lozenges and give a broken look to it. To say I am having second thoughts whilst doing this is an understatement, but then I have second thought with just about every project I ever work on so what's new? I am hoping this 'effect' I am giving it will have a bit more continuity when I have completed it right around the whole of the mini. I'm going to be super annoyed with myself if it doesn't because doing it like this takes about five times longer than just adding whole lozenges.

Meanwhile, we went apple picking at my friend's house yesterday. I have two large bags of apples to turn into pies for the freezer this weekend.

Then I might go back and pick some more. Not that I actually picked any of these. I sat on the terrace and sipped a rather wonderful French red wine while my girls, and their girl, did all the hard graft. Somehow I think I should feel vaguely guilty, but I don't. Not one little bit.