Saturday 4 June 2016

Because It Is England

And everything is close. Well, in the mind of this Canadian it is. And in fact when you live where I do then London is only an hour away on the train. And, believe it or not, Oxford is only 20 minutes, and I only got there for the first time earlier this year.

I've been back though. I met up with an old friend from my days on the cruise ships. She lives on the Isle of Wight where we too lived for three years so I miss the frequency that we could get together there. We did have an absolutely wonderful time in Oxford though.

Because this is England and when the sun shines it is hard to beat.

We walked around peeking into the gates of the various colleges that make up the university.

And just kept walking because it was too nice not too. Believe it or not we didn't go in one shop. Oh, I tell a lie. We did go in a sweetie shop. The lovely old fashioned kind with almost all the sweets in glass jars behind the counter.

We were so taken with the groups of school children we saw on the way to the playing fields for their sports day. Looking far posher in their uniforms than you generally see around our way.

No, we didn't go for a punt. I have the coordination of a two year old on a trampoline, and my friend said the one and only time she tried she came so close to falling in that she would pass up the chance of tempting fate again.

You can't beat England in the sunshine though. Just saying.



  1. Wonderful photos Susan. We are drenched in sunshine in Ireland too and it makes even the most mundane places look great. Oxford is beautiful, I hope to go one day x

  2. I'd chalk up that day as a win. It looks lovely.

  3. Looks like a lovely day!

  4. Indeed, England looks beautiful. It can be so easy to overlook the beauty and history around us. I have lived near Boston most of my life and have yet to hit all the historical landmarks that all the tourists visit!

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