Wednesday 1 June 2011

Sherbet Pips 2

I was up later than usual last night, finishing off the binding on this quilt. I was up because the sleepover didn't go quite as smoothly as I hoped for. Something to do with lights - and the necessity for or not - that caused a friction, and Helen to end up sleeping in my bed. Therefore I didn't get my relaxing read in bed - which is my switch-off at the end of the day. So I sat and hand sewed binding. Ah well, at least there is something to show for it. And, eventually, they all slept and they are happy little campers today (sort of maybe) and I guess that is what it is all about.

And seeing as how I finished this quilt it makes for the perfect thing to post about in -

Fresh Sewing Day

For those of you who have not noticed this phenomenon the past couple of months, Lily's Quilts (aka Lynne) is leading British Quilters in a concerted effort to bring us together as a cohesive group and link us to other bloggers all over the world as well. Fresh Sewing Day is her was of letting quilters worldwide leave a link on her blog that any of her readers can follow and come see your blog.  And then I get the opportunity along with everyone else to follow these links as well and see what so many creative people have been up to. It's fun!

So today I bring you Sherbet Pips 2 (as opposed to the first Sherbet Pips which I posted about all the way back here) -

This second Sherbet Pips was a little bit more of a test of my patience. Mostly due to my first plans going array and me having to unpick - a lot. There was some serious rethinking and re-ordering of fabric. I think that its eventual incarnation is good. I am mostly happy with it. There are a few things I would change if I tried to do this invented pattern of mine again.

I wouldn't use the red Moda Bliss dots for the the skimpy half border I put around each block. I wouldn't use this fabric as I didn't manage to follow the lines of the cots so that even when my actual sewing is straight the block still looks rather wonky.

But enough of what I don't like. Things I do like - this quilt for one. It is a labour of love after all. I love that I decided to quilt it in a loop-the loop pattern as I thought that this replicated the route children - and dogs - took when they were enjoying life. I like the randomness of it, and it was like doing stippling without actually being stippled. (Does that make sense?!)

I did a little of an oopsy for the backing fabric. I like it. It is some Pips yardage I ordered just for this job. I already knew that I was planning on using the Bliss for the binding. I failed to put two and two together and see that while each was perfect for the job they weren't necessarily the best together. I didn't realise this until I was doing the hand sewing last night. I can be slow on the uptake at times! But I don't hate the combination to want to change it.

I love this quilt, because I think despite the roller coaster that was its creation it is a lovely quilt. But I love it a bit more because of its imperfections. It taught me a lot in the making of this. I like that. For me quilting is a steep learning curve at times and this wee quilt took me leaps and strides in the right direction and will help me make some more informed decisions in quilts to come. Just for that very fact it will be treasured.

And that is Sherbet Pips 2. Now, just have Sherbet Pips 3 to finish - the Pinwheel Pips. It is pieced and awaits its backing and binding. It wasn't such a trial and error process as this one. I think once that is finished I will treasure what remains of my Pips fabric and hide it away to be unpacked years from now to remind me how this was the first fabric line that I had to have. And it was a worthy line because it lived up to everything I thought of it.



  1. Hurray for Pips2 - I actually really like the backing and binding together, and I love the quilting; maybe if I get a new sewing machine (hee hee) I might be able to try FMQ at last!

  2. Wonderful quilt and a wonderful post too and I love the pips and bliss together on the backing and binding. I also love the loopy FMQ - I use that sometimes and find it very sort of happy to do!

  3. It's lovely Susan! I could relate to the Bliss dots problem too....lovely fabric, but difficult to use! Take a bow. Your quilt is a delight!

  4. I love the loopy FMQ and works great with the skaters. A brilliant job - congratulations!

  5. Just found you via Where the Orchids Grow. You're in the UK! So many of us - I never thought it possible!! Nice to meet you.

  6. ha Ruth I'm right behind you, isn't this fresh sewing day fun! Love your Pips quilt! Makes me wish I had a little girl to sew a sherbet pips quilt for.

  7. It is a really lovely quilt - I can't see anything wrong with it all!

    Pomona x

  8. Pomona's right - Nothing wrong with it at all! Lots of fun and love those loops - great way to finish it off!

  9. Pips 2 is wonderful. Wonky bits make it unique and give it character - that's what I tell myself every quilt! Jxo

  10. SP2 is wonderful! Love the loopy quilting and your description of it even more :-)
    And I like the backing/binding combo too :-)

  11. Your pips quilt is darling! Love your framing of the blocks!

  12. I love this quilt. We are always so hard on ourselves the minute we see an 'imperfection' - and we shouldn't be: no-one else notices!! Anyway, well done, it really is fab

  13. I love it, it really shows off the prints :o)


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