Saturday 11 June 2011

It's Baby Bunny's Birthday Soon

I have just spent a day in Tesco, at dance practice and then in town trying to find some new things for a very fashion conscious ten year old and an eight year old who couldn't get her head around the idea that her sister needed new things and she didn't - so her lip wobbled (a lot). I think my head is going to explode.

Eventually we got the necessary jacket and trainers for Helen, and Emily scored a pair of Hello Kitty flip flops and a Hello Kitty swim suit because I would have done just about anything to get out of the mall by that point. It was worth the (rather minor) expense of giving in to her. I think anything else Helen needs I will buy online and just make her accept them, whatever fashion faux pas I may have made. That being said, she did pick a rather nice jacket for herself today.

There is absolutely nothing to report on the sewing front at all. Though I did get a new commission this morning. From Emily who - at some ungodly hour - woke me up to tell me it was Baby Bunny's birthday next weekend. And to tell me that Baby Bunny would be getting some presents. Emily would make a bib and a scarf for her. She then went on to tell me that I would be making the quilt. Oh, and Helen would be in charge of the cupcakes.

This is how big Baby Bunny is -

What do you think? Start doing the Farmer's Wife quilt-a-long for Bunny? Too big maybe? I rather think some of my scraps will be coming in handy again. And a charm square for the backing. This is one commission I can finish in the limited time frame I have been presented with I do believe.

I must go. I feel an overwhelming desire to hide in my bedroom with a book and see how long it takes for someone to realise I am relaxing and come ask for something from me. Fingers crossed they don't notice my absence for quite a while!



  1. Good luck with the hiding!! My best option would be to lock myself in the car!

    Don't tell Prince Philip you have a 'Bunny Hugger' in the family!!

  2. Good Luck with the hiding!

  3. Sounds like an 8 going on 9 year old who knows her own mind. BTW, I like bunny`s seat.

  4. Aww bunny's so tiny! A wee bunny quilt will be gorgeous :-)

  5. With 3 independent minded girls I find locking myself in the bathroom works!! Jxo


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