Friday 3 June 2011

Around the Reservoir

What an amazingly beautiful day! April weather has returned. Yippee! So I turned my back on the sewing machine and dragged the girls away from the telly (mean mother that I am) and off we went for a walk. Around the reservoir. It might not be construed as 'proper exercise' because there was much stopping, talking, looking at and examining of things - even at their advanced ages of eight and ten - but we had a great time and plan on doing it more because the ressie lies on the drive between our house and their school so would be a nice way of walking off the cobwebs in the afternoons. Let's see if we manage to follow through with that intention.

Emily's Photography
We went around past the sailing club, into the woods and past some fishermen who were having a remarkable amount of success - so we stood and watched them reel in a couple of big ones. It is all catch and release though which to my food oriented brain seems rather pointless.

On through the woods and to the top end of the reservoir. Here I took the easy route -

The girls the more interesting and challenging one -

It was a particularly nice walk because the girls were nice. Anyone who has children knows there are good days, and bad days, (and weeks and months, etc) and there are days you wish you could just knock their heads together to make them stop bickering, sniping, making snarky comments and generally being unpleasant. That is a bit what my two have been like to each other this week. And it has been doing my head in. But today - today they were nice, to each other. Not only during the walk but afterwards as well. Bliss!

We went past the fishermen - a new bunch - and I managed to not snicker and say anything about size matters (because it would have been very childish and my children were there).

But honestly, is that rod not meant for catching marlin off the Pacific coast or some such thing - not catch and release at the reservoir?

We admired the wildflowers -

Did some balancing -

And came home. Hope you had an equally glorious time in the sunshine.



  1. aww looks like you've had a lovely afternoon, wouldnt mind a nice saunter through some woods myself.... miss trees...

  2. What a lovely time you've been having! Love your fisherman humour, would love to have seen their faces if you had said something!

  3. Quick, someone send Sarah some trees!!

    Looks like a perfect walk. We are currently having one of 'those' bad childhoods, gone on waaay longer than a bad day!

  4. Where was that sunshine when we were in England?? Having said that we get more than enough of it here and it`s been seriously warm here today so I am not complaining. Really. Your walk sounds lovely and I always mean to comment that I really love your honesty about all things - your quilting, your children, your life. It`s very refreshing.

  5. Don't worry too much about the kids. Me and my sis always fought (including some broken bones...) but were all fine now :-) This looks like a lovely day out, where is it?

  6. Well you are a much better mother than me! I switched ON my sewing machine, told my kids " I don't want to hear it!!!" and sent them outside to play!
    Your walk looks lovely :)

  7. Lovely walk. Perhaps you should get the girls a dog. I'm sure they'd want to be out every day with it!


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