Sunday 26 June 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

Another day without my sewing machine and I think I am starting to get the shakes! It isn't as if I get the chance or the inclinatin to sew every day normally - but I like to know that the opportunity is there if so desired. Tomorrow! Tomorrow I shall be alone again. It will be sad to say good bye to our friends, for probably at least another year and we all know how much a small child changes in that time so it will be really hard to say good bye to Jenny. My girls cried when they said good bye last September, and I presume that there may be a repeat of that in the morning.

Time you met the delightful Jenny. She really is a sweetheart. Hardly any tears ever. Very inquistive and talkative, picking up new words on a daily basis. She is loving the freedom of the garden which is something that she does not have at home. 'Outside' has become one of her most frequently used words. So without further ado, here is Jenny -

Isn't she gorgeous? I could just cuddle her senseless, but she would rather be running around exploring. Shame.

To fight off the withdrawal symptoms from my sewing machine I picked up needle, perle cotton and felt this afternoon and spent a delightful time in the shade (I am pale and freckled so know my limitations) making me inordinantly pleased with myself. With no prior planning, no pattern, no sketching of design I just happily free stitched this -

My first ever needles book. I don't own one made by me or anyone else for that matter. But this one is destined for a different home. I want to give it to a deserving friend who is having a bit of a rotton time of it - just hoping to put a smile on her face.

I lined the inside with white felt and added in another page of the white - which is thicker than the usual felt so will hopefully stand up to being prodded with needles constantly.

I hope the recipient likes it. I didn't think I did too badly for a little bit of impromptu hand sewing. And I really enjoyed it. Maybe I should do more embroidery? Maybe I should consider making myself a needle book and a pin cushion, neither of which I own. Then I would stop jabbing them into spare scraps of cloth, etc. I might actually look like a real seamstress then. Imagine!



  1. You are a real seamstress and what a cute needle book. I don`t have a pin cushion either but then I don`t count myself as a seamstress - yet. Jenny is adorable and a toddler`s language capability is extraordinary. Don`t worry, you`ll be back to the sewing machine very soon whereas I doubt I`ll ever find mine again!

  2. well done, it looks fantastic and knowing it will put a smile on someones face is even better

  3. Lovely - Jenny and the needle book!
    I am pondering this...

  4. So pretty!! I have been away from my machine for 5 days now and starting to hear it crying for me in the evenings!!

  5. Lovely needle case, and Jenny looks adorable too! I know what you mean about sewing withdrawals, I got them last week, but got back in "the chair" last night yeay! :) x

  6. Nothing draws one closer to the need to sew than the absence of one's machine! The same thing happens when I send my machines in for servicing! LOL

    Love your's just darling!

  7. Love having guests, but also love getting the house back to ourselves.

  8. It's beautiful! I wish I had that kind of skill with a needle. You should definitely make a set for yourself, that's an order!

  9. Just to say a HUGE thank you for sending the lovely little needlebook and card Susan. Your thoughtfulness has truly overwhelmed me and made my family a little curious too about how a blog friend has taken time to be so kind and generous. Your embroidery is gorgeous and I definitely recommend that you do more in the future. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and touching my heart with this little surprise! Glad to be out of hosp and hoping to be back in proper action soon.


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