Monday 27 June 2011

I'm Developing a Theory

I have a theory, and it is this - Whenever I say that I will spend the next day with my sewing machine I have pretty well guaranteed that I won't. Today was case in point. My poor machine still languishes in the corner.

I started off with the best of intentions. Do the necessary before the fun, as per normal. After bidding our guests good bye I did the Tesco run, mostly because the car was running on fumes. I came home and did the dishes, and started collecting toys from here, there and everywhere to pack away until another young one appears on the scene. So far so good.

Then the phone rang. It was himself. Could I do some things on the computer? Of course. It took a while. It was frustrating. It has irritatingly frustrating when it wouldn't do what it was supposed to do. I kept at it.

I went and ate a piece of cake. I needed something to calm my nerves!

It still wouldn't work. I spoke to himself again. There was nothing for it. I put the documents on disc, hopped in the (thankfully well fueled) car and took a little jaunt to Silverstone and delivered the disc. Job done. The free time part of my day was just about done too.

No sewing! Not one stitch.

All was not lost though. I cunningly negotiated a stop off at the fabric shop on my way home. It was on the way, sort of, maybe, if you drove the very long way around. I bought some things. Somehow it just seemed fitting after giving up my day to needs greater than mine. Do you want to see what I got? (You do know I am going to show you no matter what the answer, don't you?)

From the sales basket.

More stash building.
There is a wee bit of a purpose to this particular bit of stash building. I won something last week and when I receive it I shall show you. Then I will need fabric. Mostly from my (slightly enlarged) stash. I will show you what I won when I receive it.

So the day was not so bad after all. I did something good for our company which is satisfying as himself works long and hard so it is nice when I can constructively help ease his stress levels - other than feed him well and keep him in clean clothes! And I have some nice new fabric.

I also have this -

- left for me by our guests as a thank you. What a treat! And much appreciated because having them stay was joy enough. But I don't say no to chocolate. Ever.

Hope you are getting the same hot summer weather we are having a few days to enjoy. I don't believe it is set to last but I will happily accept it while it is here.



  1. Just think how much you saved on fuel by combining shopping with work!

    ooh I could do with chocolate now but there's none in the house. Chicken salad just doesn't do it.

  2. My poor little Bernie sat all falorn today too! Tomorrow - Definitely :) Love the perchases - delicious as the chocolate!

  3. The best laid plans ..... but there's no better way to self-soothe than with cake, fabric & chocolate - perfect! Lovely fabrics btw! Jxo

  4. Well, if there's anything that beats sewing it'd be fabric shopping and chocolate so I think you did good!


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