Thursday 9 June 2011

Double Fat Jack Gets Fatter

It has been a productive day here in my little household. Not only do I have a relatively clean house (for me), but I have been cutting and marking, pinning and sewing, more cutting, ironing, and then endless trimming. But I do have something to show for all that work.

First I took my Double Fat Jack and turned him into a Double Fatter Jack. He is now big and he is rounded.

I used one of yesterday's purchases to create an envelope back and turned Fat Jack into Fatter Jack the Pillow -

In actual fact, Jack is such a greedy pillow that he is stuffed with not one but two bed pillows. I think I will either have to go out and buy the biggest, fattest pillow I can find or else make one. I am tending to prefer the first option. If they make oversize pillows for the bedroom. Otherwise I am going to have to make one because this is one big pillow cover! It needs a big pillow inside, or two. Bigger than we currently own.

Once the Fatter Jack task was accomplished I really got into the cutting, and sewing and trimming lark. I was on a HST (half square triangles) marathon. But I did it. I produced with barely a procrastinated moment. Which is remarkably good for me!

Fifty of them, made with another of yesterday's purchases - those green fat quarters. I am even more in love with these fabrics than I was in the shop. I set out with a pattern in mind. I wanted to go for the extremely simple design of this -

I always liked the way the triangles looked once quilted.
But then they were lying there on the table and I started playing. Needless to say the possibilities are endless. I could sew this pattern -
I prefer this to...
... this one as I like the green square in the middle rather than the white.
Not really sure about this one.
Too boring!
Nope, not this one either.
This one appeals because - well because it does.
Umm... hmmm... I don't think this is the one for me. But it could be.
I do kind of like this one too.
Now I am totally confused and know the longer I sit there and play with the various combinations the more muddled my brain will get. Should I go for the original idea of just the small triangles lined up in rows, or one of the other ones? What do you think?



  1. Very interesting seeing all the possibilities. Well as I've made one earlier this year almost identical to first layout, I think I would go with your 'nope, not this one either' arrangement!

  2. I like "I prefer this too.." !!

  3. Wow - you`ve been a busy bee! Your Fat Jack is brilliant (now there`s an English word for the Canadians say `awesome?) and bigger somehow than I imagined. He`s very lovely.

    I love all your greens - so fresh, and green is my favourite colour. I love love the first layout and it is on my to do very soon list...which means for me within the next 5 years.

  4. Loving it all! I think I prefer the first plan of HSTs, maybe... Glad I don't have to decide!

  5. Wow! You have been a busy little bee! lol I love the green (surprised?) with all those possibilities who could decide?

  6. Counting down from the first layout I would go for either No 1 the simplest and my favourite or No 7 or 8.

  7. I love them all! Let's do a HST quilt along and make all of them into a big quilt!...or would that send you over the edge? he he xxx

  8. Fatter Jack looks fabulous! And I love the variations you came up with for your HSTs. I agree with most of your preferences - who knew there would be so many possibilities! Decisions, decisions!

  9. I love your original option, its so fresh and the simplicity of it really appeals to me. But I also like the very last option, love how its off centre, its so interesting :-) You have been busy!

  10. I love the green fabric too. I think I'd go for "maybe?" or the one after.
    Good luck choosing - I fear all these comments will confuse you even more as clearly none of us can agree either!

  11. Fatter Jack looks fab! Isn't P&Q just like play therapy for adults? I love all the variations you came up with, any of them would look stunning cos the fabrics are gorgeous! Go with your gut! Jxo

  12. BTW I like Karen's idea of HST QAL - oh the possibilities!

  13. lol, love seeing you play with your toys ;-) I want to play too now... but I've got a few more bits to get on with before I tackle HST's again! They do all look so lovely though!

  14. Inspiration worked! Here is the baby baseball quilt.


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