Wednesday 8 June 2011

With Purpose in Mind I Entered the Quilt Shop

Yup! I have been fabric shopping. I went to my local shop with a clear picture of what I needed. I even took the necessary swatch of fabric so that I could get the correct shade of thread required to continue with the Pips Pinwheels. I was organised. I was steadfast of spirit and knew what I needed. I was going in, getting it and getting out again.

Of course I was!

So I got the thread, and an extra spool of the gutermann I use for 90% of my piecing and quilting because (as you may have figured out by now) I am not the sort of quilter who tries to match each and every fabric. I have neither the time nor the patience. I also picked up the remaining yardage (or should I say metre-age for the UK?) of the natural white cotton I use regularly.

Well done me! Next I had to find some fabric so that I could turn my Fat Jack in to a pillow. I succeeded once again.

Unfortunately in searching for that above dotty fabric I had to focus - on fabrics. It was all down hill from there. I just started randomly looking at fat quarters. Ones that caught my eye sort of stayed in my hand. Then I realised that I was focusing on greens, and that I would like to make a pillow with them because I have never made a pillow yet. So I found some more greens. I am sure that seven fat quarters will be sufficient to make a pillow, or two, or three.

It seemed a bit selfish to be excluding all other colours in such a blinkered way so I threw in a couple of blues for good measure - not for the green cushions of course but to just have, in case - well, I might need them some day.

And it certainly would have been rude to ignore the sale selection but there wasn't really anything there I liked, other than this lonely dot that needed to be in a stash, not at the bottom of a basket to be pawed over time and again.

And just when I thought I had better leave before I really got myself in trouble I found this -

1.4m of Kaufman flannel for £8.40 is a good price (here in the UK). And this impulse buy has a definite purpose. I started quilts for the girls a long (very long) time ago. Helen's is pieced and layered and I started hand quilting it. It sits there and looks rejected a lot because I started hand quilting before I discovered perle thread and bigger stitches. It is going to take me forever to finish it. Emily's quilt top is pretty well done but hasn't proceeded forward - mostly because I don't like it much. It is too white, too plain, too pristine. Not the sort of quilt that appeals to me. Maybe I shouldn't have let a five year old help me design it. Who knows?!

I did, however, make a throw for my friend Francine for Christmas last year as it was also an 'important' birthday shortly before. I used Kaufman flannels. I made a disappearing 9 patch. It was a lovely quilt - other than the fact that it destroyed my cutting board. I would show you a photo but it seems that particular photo is somewhere on John's machine and I shall probably never see it again.

Right, I am completely losing my point here. I made a quilt. A flannel one. I sent it away as a gift. Emily didn't want me too because she loved it hugely. That piece of flannel I bought today would be big enough to back a great throw for Emily and I could piece a top with all the leftovers from the first quilt. Namely all of this that sits in my stash -

I just reread the above. What a rambling post. I am going stop now before you lose the will to live. Suffice to say I should not be trusted in a quilt shop with debit card in hand. I think I spent the weekend grocery money. Hate when that happens!



  1. Go on - just rub it in! I`m a complete impulse buyer be it fabric, washing machines or apartments. I can`t be doing with planning and thinking. If I see something I like, I just have to have it. Enjoy your stash!

  2. Love your new stash :-) I always shop with a plan, but I rarely stick to it ;-D

  3. We're like alcoholics walking into a pub - we stand no chance of resisting in a fabric shop! Great buys btw! and those lilacs & greens will make a gorgeous quilt.

  4. If you ever need a number for fabrics anonymous or quilters anonymous I have recently added them to speed dial and am happy to share them!

  5. If looking at your new purchases makes you feel too guilty to keep them then they'll be more than welcome up here...great fabric - seems like your LQS has a great range!

  6. Way to go! That is why I put 'no aimless' fabric shopping on my "to do list" - but I think I have found a work around - the Farmer's Wife QAL - it's calling to me!!

  7. Considering there was a whole shop, you did very well imho! lol Great haul, all fab!

  8. Lovely colours in that last photo. That Kaufman flannel was a great find! Looks like you did well :)

  9. I love that dotty print you found in the sale section! And I don't think you did too badly :)

  10. tell Emily if she ever comes to my house for a visit she can use my quilt


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