Saturday 25 June 2011

May Bee Blocks and Other Stuff

I am posting earlier than I normally do today because there are things going on, barbeques to prepare for (the weather man better have been telling the truth when he said summer was returning this weekend!) and toddlers to keep entertained - as well as the usual dance classes, etc. So here is today's offering.

Although it is almost the end of June, we were not to post about our May Brit Bee Blocks until we got the word from Miss May. Well word has been received so this is it, my first blocks in my very first bee. It started with this, a lovely packet full of gorgeous Giddy fabric already cut into squares.

It was at this point that I conquered my fear of HSTs and just got on with it and realised that they weren't nearly as bad as I had imagined - you just had to pay attention and be precise. Our challenge was to turn them into Lynne at Lily's Quilts Lynne Bob Square Pants block.

So I did. And I think I did okay. Then shortly thereafter Lynne posted about this quilt  made entirely with Lynne Bob Square Pants blocks and I saw its full potential and fell way more in love. Ever since then I have been thinking of the combinations and permutations that I could do based on this block or something that is a twist on it.

So thank you Trudi (aka Miss May) for choosing this block, and breaking me of my steadfast avoidance of HSTs. Trudi can be found here and is fast becoming a rising star on the quilting scene as more and more people recognise her amazing abilities with fabric. Most of you probably already follow her, but if you don't then head on over and have a look.

If you like Riley Blake fabrics then head on over to Stitch Steals and see the deal they have on "Lola's Posies". They have all the precuts on a very good special - fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, charm squares and jelly rolls. Something for everyone - unless you are me and have no money in the pot. But maybe one of you likes these fabrics and can benefit instead.

Emily returned from her residential yesterday afternoon. She had a wonderful time and conquered some fears of her own - homesickness, swimming (with a lifejacket) in water over her head, and heights. She loved all the challenges, even the ones that made her wobble at first. I loved the way she raced out the school at the end of the day and launched herself at me just the way she did when she was three and getting out of kindergarten. That was completely brilliant! I also love that she was the only child in her group who did not fall in the swamp and managed to do the whole obstacle course built over the mud from beginning to end flawlessly. It meant I had far fewer clothes to go in the laundry than expected. Woohoo!

My family is all here in the house together tonight. Life is good!



  1. I love that al our blocks look slightly different.

    Glad Emily had a great time and didn't bring the countryside home in mud-form!

    Enjoy your day - I too fell for the weatherman's charms - so far it looks like he was talking about somewhere-else! Like Spain!

  2. Good morning Susan - you are early today....and your block looks fantastic. I really envy how you just get on with stuff and it always turns up looking fabulous. I`m still a swap virgin, bee virgin, QAL virgin - I have to get into some of this stuff later this year once things are more settled. You sound so happy - enjoy your family and Emily`s homecoming! BTW, with move and holiday no money in the pot here too. Boo.

  3. Gorgeous blocks - from here they look amazingly neat! Hope you've had a lovely day with your reunited family. Jxo

  4. Good to hear Emily had a good time. Even better that she was so happy to be home!

  5. Yay for you joining your first bee... they are fantastic fun! And yay for you conquering your fear of hsts because those blocks are amazing! Xx


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