Thursday 16 June 2011

You Spin Me Round, Round...

Ah, summer in England. Blissful! All the wishing and hoping I could do did not prevent me from spending the afternoon standing on a playing field cheering on children as the rain beat down and the wind blew coldly. Would life be the same without these traditions? But I was in good company and we had a laugh despite the appalling conditions - maybe because of the appalling conditions!

Between that and stocking the larder I managed to finish the machine quilting on the Pips pinwheels. Each and every ditch is well and truly stitched. I was getting positively bug eyed by the end of it trying to keep a careful eye on that needle bobbing up and down and the walking foot vibrating all over the place!

It was time to break out the perle cotton. I was ever so excited because I would still be wandering in the hinterland of quilting, unknowing of these wonderful things if I hadn't started reading blogs and looking at Flickr. My eyes were opened to the wonderful possibilities that existed in the world of quilting that aren't introduced to you at the average quilting class.

My idea for the hand quilting was to see if I could create a sense of movement in the pinwheels. I have attempted this by doing an outline of the pinwheel like a shadow over the actual pieced pinwheel. Does this make sense? Easier to show you than explain. I have only had to time to complete one pinwheel so far -

Now I am happy with my quilting but starting to realise that I really, really need a camera with a better macro!
I am going to do all nine pinwheels with one perle cotton pinwheel outline and then decide if it needs any additional quilting to see if I can get that sensation of movement into the quilt in any additional way. This is an ongoing experiment for me to see if I can create with fabric and thread the quilt that I pictured in my head before I started this project. As it is I am still just thrilled that I managed to get that last pinwheel to look as if it was spinning off the quilt.

At least I have a project to work on tonight while I sit and relax since I haven't been doing any crochet for a little while.


I am going to try and link this with Our Creative Spaces where they do a linky thing every Thursday for people to show off what they are creating. Have a look to see what other people are up to if you would like.


  1. The hand quilting definitely gives the pinwheel more movement and I love the one spinning off the edge!

  2. Your handquilting looks fantastic! It really does make that pinwheel spin - gorgeous!

  3. If there is only one rainy day all summer, it is sure to be on sports day ... love the pinwheels!

    Pomona x

  4. Oh I remember sports at school in England...that was when your legs turned a mottled shade of orange and purple from the cold while the games mistress wore 2 scarves, gloves, a couple of jumpers and trackie bottoms. Those were the days. Sports Day was just as good - rain and must have had fun! Your hand quilting is really creating a sense of movement - clever you!

  5. Are you allowed to have 'winners' at the girls' school? Non-competitive sports days are the worst!!

    Flutterby pinwheel quilting looks great x

  6. Your hand quilting idea is inspired, and I really love the pinwheel that's escaping! I really need a lesson in hand quilting, I just cant seem to do the small neat even stitches!

  7. Wow S! This is looking fantabulous! You're a braver woman than I to attempt hand quilting!

  8. I love how creative that shadow pinwheel hand-quilting is. Great idea!

  9. I love your pinwheels - especially the one spinning off the edge!
    I'm glad to hear school sports days don't change! my children are all grown now but I remember them well.....

  10. Inspired! Your hand quilting is fab! Love that effect. Jxo

  11. Your pinwheel handquilting works brilliantly. Clever you - so simple, but so right!

  12. I love your quilting and the spinning pinwheels!


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