Friday 17 June 2011

Me Ambitious? Uh-Uh!!

I have never been an ambitious person. I do not aspire to be superwoman. Some days I am happy just to be hanging onto my sanity. Today would fall into that category. I'm hanging by a thin thread here folks! There are too many thoughts whizzing around my head and not enough of them are happy, happy quilting thoughts. Hmmmfff!

Today I did the usual - packed lunches, school run, laundry. I also made a run out to the tip because the council has changed how we do our recycling so I can no longer put large boxes into the composting wheelie bin. These boxes had to go somewhere so to the tip they went. Next stop was a search for a birthday present for a nine year old for the party the girls are attending this weekend.

Then it was home to make dinner for tonight. And dinner for tomorrow because there will not be time to do that tomorrow. I also needed to make a cake for the cake stall for the school fete tomorrow. I would liked to have conveniently 'forgotten' but someone cheerfully mentioned how they could always rely on me when we were speaking yesterday afternoon. Hate when that happens! That was not enough, because the girls are also manning a table at the fete for the Brownies - The Brownie Brownie Stall. Chocolate brownies were requested.

Something had to give. In this case it was the brownies and I thank Betty Crocker profusely -

As I said, I do not have ambitions. I do not wish to be mother of the year or anything like that. I just want to live my happy little life and keep those around me happy. Some days it just seems harder than others and that there are too many balls in the air. I never was very coordinated and juggling was not a skill I acquired.

But I managed to get it all done. And I made it to the meeting at the school regarding Emily's residential trip next week. Now I am trying to make a reversible hair band to go in the gift bag on Sunday. (You may well ask why I am doing this but it is hard to buy for the child who has everything already.) So far I have accomplished this much -

Still to come - cook the lamb burgers and make the couscous, do Emily's 'show hair', make a packed lunch/dinner for Helen, go pick up Helen from her after school club, take them both to the show, come home, have dinner with John and wait until it is time to pick them up.

Then have a glass of wine as I collapse in a heap. Bring on the summer holidays, no routine and the fun stuff, say I!!



  1. Good luck with it all - sounds like you have a lot to juggle. Happy weekend!

  2. Spinning plates is no easier! Isn't June just one of the craziest months! I hope your last nerve remains intact as you look forward to sitting down with that glass of wine! Cute hairband btw. Jxo

  3. Crikey! You must be at least approaching superwoman status to get all that done!

  4. I`m exhausted just reading what you have to get done. Like that you are having couscous on a Friday - very Moroccan! Lamb burgers sound yummy.

  5. Blimey, if that's not Superwoman, then I don't know what is!!

  6. I need a lie down - and I've only just got up!

  7. Oh dear - I can sympathise as I have a very similar weekend! Just keep going and keep thinking of the glass of wine at the end of it all!


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