Friday 24 June 2011

How Much I Have Learned

I have debated whether or not I should humiliate myself like this - but I am going to go ahead and do it anyway. I am going to show you the first quilt I ever made. Before I had ever done a class, or learned just about anything about quilting. I did this five years ago. I made it for friends when their second son was born. I did it the way I do most things. With reckless abandon and a complete lack of prior research.

I had never heard of mitred binding.


I hand quilted it. Without basting it well enough so the fabric pulled and stretched where it shouldn't have.

And it is hugely imperfect. But it was given with love and warmly received. And it started me on this path that I still walk today. I learned lots of things with that first quilt, just like I learn something each and every time I make a quilt still. I like that growing process. It is the way I am and suits my personality.
So that leaves the question, what was your first quilt like? Was it wonky, imperfect and obviously a beginners quilt like mine? Or was it like some I see online - which floor me with their intricacies and all round perfectness? Will  you blog your first quilt? Or have you already done so many moons ago, before I ever knew about this Land of Blog that has opened my eyes to so much?



  1. My first quilt is long gone in a hill of rubbish! However I did write about one of my earliest quilts here..

    It's very wonky and has more than just cotton in it, but it is used daily and my DD1 loves it.

  2. Nice post Susan and I`ve said it before but one of the many reasons I like your blog is your honesty in all things. You tell it straight and when things go wrong, you say. My first quilt wasn`t wonky but I hand quilted it too densely. My first post was about my first quilt and I think that while it wasn`t perfect it wasn`t a bad attempt. I have still never taken a class and it`s something I would love to do one day when Zaki is older. Thanks for making us reflect!

  3. I blogged about my first quilt here: it was way too ambitious for a first quilt and although I love it now and it get used a lot, I did hate making it: way too many small triangles!

  4. Ooooh my first quilt... fugly. But the cat loves it.

  5. My first quilt still isn't finished, well it's only some threads that need tidied up but still. When it is finished i shall blog it even though I'm not even sure I like it that much, probably because it's taken me over a year to complete and it's just a coin quilt not even something fancy pants.

    I think it's very encouraging/reassuring to read blogs that reflect the not so perfect projects as well as the wow ones. Sometimes it can be both inspiring and at the same time disheartening looking at all the amazing creations out there.

  6. I only finished my first quilt in January this year, it's here: I was afraid to say it was my first or point out the imperfections as I had an order for 2 commissioned quilts and didn't want to put my customer off! But there were so many mistakes!! ( that I carefully avoided in the photos!) I still love it though and use it all the time.

    I think your quilt is pretty great for a first one and to my mind the most important thing is that quilts are made with fun and love and enjoyed and used. Perfection is highly overrated - most quilts are practical, for use, not for hanging in an exhibition!

  7. My first patchworked piece was a duvet cover (in the About Me section of my blog) but my first quilted piece I have even taken pictures of it's so bad! I still have it, and I was v.proud of it at the time, but the quilting of it is awful on so many levels (way before I learnt anything about quilting). Now that I'm officially over the hill I might pluck up the courage to blog it - but please don't laugh (not out loud anyway!). Jxo

  8. oops been meaning to come back & add mine for a few days because couldn't quite manage to when I was reading on my phone...
    Anyway I think we all see the flaws in our own work... I never would have noticed any of those things and admired it a wonderful start to a wonderful hobby!
    In saying that I view my first quilt similarly but love it none the same. It's story is here...

    Kat xx


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