Tuesday 28 June 2011

Back In The Saddle Again!

I almost feel like breaking into song - but that would really, really scare the neighbours. Singing is NOT one of my talents. But I am happily ticking things off my list of things to do as quickly as my little fingers can accomplish them. Yes, I have my machine back on the table and whirring away happily (other than the broken needle incident, but we won't talk about that).

First thing I did today was to finish piecing my cushion cover, which I then promptly layered up and basted.

The piecing is not as good as on my first cushion - which should teach me to try and rush through piecing something like HSTs before visitors land on our doorstep. I gave myself a talking to, and then got on with quilting it.

I went with straight line quilting on either side of the seams like I did on the first cushion because I want them to compliment each other, but I love how going around the squares on this one makes the green fabrics stand out and accentuates the square pattern.

Moving swiftly on, I made the label for my June bee blocks, photographed everything (to be shown once permission is granted by Miss June) and then put the 'little something extra' with it so that I have it all ready for wrapping up and posting. Fiona (aka Miss June) was the person who spoke up first when I offered up some of my ugly fabric to a new home. So 12 fat quarters of fabric which I no longer wish to own and she has a very good use for will be winging their way to her shortly.

Here are the fat quarters disguising the blocks beneath.
Next on my list was to put a label on my Brit Quilt Swap mini quilt which I was a bit worried about because the wonderful group of talented ladies in this swap have been posting photos of their labels on the swap flickr site. The more I look at them the more intimidated I get. I had to ponder what to do for a long time. I couldn't print one because my computer is not currently hooked up to the printer. I wanted it to fit with the quilt design. Here is what I eventually came up with -

The pencil 'cleverly' hides the name of recipient.
Our date for posting these quilts is the end of this week. I am getting more and more nervous as the big day approaches. I don't think this is what my partner is expecting at all and really, really hope that once they get over the shock of realising that this one is for them that they genuinely like it.

I still wasn't done for the day. I wanted to make a 'little something extra' for my swap partner too. I also wanted to it to be complimentary to the quilt. I quickly set to FMQing a needle case for her. I have placed a piece of felt over the bottom part because I FMQd her name.

And that is what I have accomplished today - so far.

Happy, happy, happy!


It is Tuesday so I will be linking this up with Quiltstory's Fabric Tuesday - you can find their button on my sidebar.


  1. What a good day you had! Your pillow case is lovely, and the needle case is so cute! What a great surprise for your friend!

  2. Your lucky lucky partner! She's going to love everything you've made. I really love the FMQ bird...so cute!

  3. You've been a busy bee! Love the quilting on your cushion and your wee label is so cute, I hope it's for me! Lovely idea to make a needlecase to go with it, v.thoughtful. Jxo

  4. You got a lot done and it's all beautiful! I love your quilting on that cushion, that's how I want my quilting to come out, sort of raising and defining the in-between-bits, but it doesn't.

  5. your swap partner is one lucky person. The label you have done is so original and i love the needle case

  6. Love your cushion cover it's Going to be so perfect with the 1st one, the quilting works great! Also would you mind sharing how you made your quilt label so I can shamelessly copy your method in a slightly different format!! My printer will not do fabric and this looks like such a nice alternative!

  7. You have been sew happy in your projects..he,he sorry I had to do it!

    I love how you gave yourself a talking to;) The chair cushions are adorable. What is the name of that pattern?

    I am linked up as well;)

  8. Your label is perfect! Be even nicer if it had my name on it but never mind... lol Happy sewing, looks like you've been having a great time :-)

  9. Your label is just fantastic! And that needle book is so sweet!
    I am soooooo excited about your 'ugly' fabrics because I know exactly what I'm going to do with them and I think you're going to think it's pretty! :)
    Haha I LOVE a challenge!!!! :)

  10. I love all of the green fabrics in the cushion Susan!And that little birdie needle case is very cute.

  11. Wow so productive Susan! I especially love that pillow!! Great job on everything.

  12. All looking beautiful - I love the cushion, I love the label, I totally love the needle case... did I miss anything!?

    Oh yeah, very nervous about the reception my Brit Quilt gets - I know partner likes it in pictures, hope reality isn't a disappointment!

  13. Hi! I love that green and white cushion cover! All those different greens make so beautiful and fresh sight with the white!
    What a cute needle case, too!
    Thank you for your visit and comment!

  14. Lucky partner! The label and needleboook are beautiful and go so well with the quilt!
    Love that cushion cover too! :)

  15. Your HST cushion is gorgeous! Green is my favourite colour, and I love HSTs, so I'm feeling really inspired by that design. Yummy.


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