Sunday 5 June 2011

Binding Matters

The girls go back to school tomorrow. I can sew - I hope! I have things I want to get done that haven't been getting done. Not anyone's fault. There is more to life than sewing. I know there is, truly I do. And we have had a lovely week, seen lots of friends, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. But now I want to sew again. I am ready.

I have the binding all ready for the Perv Bird quilt - otherwise known as my Brit Quilt Swap quilt. I got a general reaction in my comments here from some of my lovely readers and on flickr from the Brit lovelies. The spots won the vote. So I am going with it. I had to cut the fabric very carefully as I want the spots to be even right around the binding. They are exactly two inches apart in the pattern so that is how wide I cut the binding. It will be narrow on the quilt but that is sort of the look I was going for - and that's my story and I am sticking to it.

The rest of the day has been eaten up by taking the girls to and from dance show rehearsal - which lasted five hours! Glad I didn't have to stay. I shall see the show in a couple of weeks. And the trauma of doing dance show hair. Only mothers of daughters who dance can truly understand the full horror of this. The gel, hairspray, and the tears! No one warned me about this when I had baby girls.

So to and fro from town a couple of times. That was two hours right there. Throw in some food prep, a grocery shop, ironing and the usual and there you have it. Sunday done and dusted. So bring on Monday, some quiet and my sewing machine. Time to finish up some more of these works in progress.

Hope  your Sunday involved more leisure and less hair gel.



  1. my sunday has been similar - no sewing:-( Well, I sewed a hem on a curtain and broke my needle and do not have any spares! LOADS of ironing and housework-will probably be glad to get to work for a rest!

  2. I know all about dance girls hair - and then finding out that no matter how much I've slathered the hair in gel or how much of a bun I have succeeded in making, it's not quite right and the dance teacher takes it out and starts again!

  3. Oh you've done really well cutting out the spotty binding so carefully! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Jxo

  4. That spotty binding is going to look gorgeous! I'm planning some peaceful sewing tomorrow too :)

  5. Love that spotty binding Susan! Happy sewing on Monday.

  6. Enjoy your 'you time', Inset day here!


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