Thursday 30 June 2011

Who's a Happy Girl Then?!

Me! I'm a happy girl. No, not because my machine has been suddenly resurrected from the dead. Chance would be a fine thing. I spoke to the shop today and they think they will get a chance to look at it next week. Oh, that sounds promising, doesn't it? Won't be holding my breath here then.

No, I am a happy girl because this fell through my post box today. The fabric for the July bee blocks -

Judith, over at Needles and Lemons has opened the door wide open on the design options for July. We received this amazing Oakshott fabric and can decide how we want to do our blocks ourselves. Oh, the pressure is on! I cannot stress enough how gorgeous and rich that red fat quarter is. These fabrics will make stunning blocks - if I can come up with an idea of what to do!

Now, you would think that was enough excitement for one day, wouldn't you? Nah! The postman was more than generous. I got my Brit Quilt Swap through that post box today too! (Cue excited squealing!)

Guess what adorns my house now? This wonderful mini quilt -

I watched this quilt developing over on Flickr. Karen, who made it in Northern Ireland, does not have a blog but she should. Because she makes beautiful things which can be seen on her Flickr site. I am so very pleased to receive this quilt because it is so very well made, uses fabric that I covet and was made by a complete stranger just for me. How cool is that?!

You could easily presume that receiving this quilt was more than enough to fill my heart with joy - which it is. But I got more. Karen made me a gorgeous zip pouch to use to carry my sewing stuff as I travel around the country this summer, the girls in tow, visiting family and friends.

It's less than a week to my birthday and I am going to consider the receipt of this quilt and pouch as early birthday presents because they are too nice to think I got them just because. You can tell this is my first swap, can't you? No matter that I have followed the making of so many lovely quits for the last couple of months there is still a part of me that is surprised that one of them was for me!

The zip pouch is so perfectly made that I have already turned it this way that, and inside out, looking at its construction. I am more than ever determined to over come my fear of zippers because I want to be able to make things that try to emulate this kind of skill.

So I started the day with a glum thought that I had no machine and still haven't had the courage to venture into the garage and see what state my neglected and unloved Singer is in. I thought this would be a non-bloggy post day because I just would not have anything to say. Imagine?!

And look how good the day turned out to be. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to be thrilled. I hope everyone in the swap is as happy as I am with their mini quilts.

Isn't that incredible sewing of my name?
And the girls can't nick it because it is so obviously mine, mine, mine!



  1. Lovely. I thought posting day wasn't until tomorrow!!

  2. You lucky duck!!!! I so wanted this one and that amazing pouch! Enjoy it!

  3. Vow, what a wonderful presents! I like very much that quilt as well that pouch! In fact I would enjoy to make similar! Your star blocks are also just adorable!
    x Teje

  4. Oh you are so lucky - I'll start crossing off the Brit Quilts that aren't mine then!! :( Oh the pouch has your name on!!

  5. Your goodies are so lovely, we were both blessed by the postie today :o)

  6. Its a lovely little quilt, isnt it :-) Glad today was a good bloggy post day, hope your singer sings when you dust it down!

  7. What great goodies, they look wonderfully made.

    I'm really curious about the oakshott cottons I have looked at their fabric many times online but really how are you meant to choose between all those gorgeous colours and lots of great looking grays too.

    I do hope you get your machine shop realise the importance of getting your machine fixed and get it back to you asap.

  8. Oh nice score in the Brit Quilt Swap! Loverly!!

  9. Oh you lucky duck! This mini quilt is so gorgeous, and the pouch too! Enjoy! Jxo

  10. Very cute! Lovely mini quilt and the bag is adorable!

  11. I was sure I commented on this post yesterday but something must have happened. I love these fabrics and the design of the mini-quilt. That personalised pouch looks fabulously finished! Enjoy them!

  12. Oh that zippered pouch is wonderful! I would be doing the same checking it over looking for it to reveal its secrets. I've seen some great tutorials on recently used the new label stick to "baste" it in place while it was sewn it. Sounds like a genius way to tackle it.


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