Tuesday 7 June 2011

Pinwheel Progress

Just your typical day at home here. Do the laundry, hang it all out, bring it all in when rain threatens. Watch it rain for five minutes and then the sun decide it will come out again. Repeat because you are a sucker for punishment, and again. Bake a cake. Try not to eat said cake. Fail and eat the end bit because that is the very best bit of the Lemon Drizzle Cake - something which my girls have yet to realise because I get there first every time.

Do some sewing. Hand stitch the flyaway pinwheel points into place -

Sorry for fuzziness - didn't realise the macro wasn't working to that degree of closeness because I wasn't paying attention.
Lay the backing fabric for the Pips Pinwheels down first and smooth it to perfection on the carpet. Layer on the wadding. Then add the quilt top. Quickly realise that the quilt top is actually about half an inch wider than the backing fabric. Go and play on the computer for a while because you aren't in the mood to face reality!

Eventually cut and sew together four inch squares, slice the backing fabric in two and put in the strip of squares so that it is wide enough -

And then, with dread in your stomach, get the jelly mould. What was that, you say? Doesn't everyone keep their pins for basting in a jelly mould tub? Mine have been there since the beginning. It's just what I picked up when I needed something to put them in one day and that is where they stayed.

Commence pinning -

Other than school runs and food production, that about sums up my day. Hope yours was at least as exciting, if not more so!



  1. mmm lemon drizzle... Really loving the pinwheel, cant wait to see it finished!

  2. Oh I had a stomach churning moment when you wrote about front being narrower than backing. I have to baste the beast tomorrow morning and can`t face reality either. I`ve always basted using a large running stitch but I have some pins. Is it easier? Do they hold the fabric better? Wish me luck - I hate basting.

  3. All those pins give me the heebee-geebees now I am a spray convert!

  4. I don't know what you are talking about. Sounds like a perfect day :-))
    Can't wait to see the finished Pips quilt. I still haven't cut into my Pips fabric as I yet have to get some inspiration on a design.


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