Saturday 18 June 2011

We're Getting There

Bit by bit all the things on the list of things to do are being ticked off. Woohoo!

Today kicked off with me finding Helen in the kitchen not making fairy cakes. No, she was making scones. In fact at 8am they were already in the oven. Warm scone for breakfast anyone? She did a remarkably good job for her first try. Better than I have ever managed, that's for sure.

Then it was Baby Bunny's birthday. Emily reminded me that we promised fairy cakes. I knocked together chocolate cakes in world record time using this recipe. It really is the quickest, easiest recipe which produces far better cakes than the effort that goes in to them should allow.

The day since then? Well it consisted of serving cakes, watching country dancing, the heavens opening with a good old fashioned down pour right after the dancing (phew!), giving money to the girls, serving cream teas, cooking sausages (don't ask), more cakes and cream teas, giving more money to the girls, more cakes, denying the girls any more funds, a bagpiper (huh!?) and then eventually leaving just before the magician came on. Sorry, but the girls - and me - really needed some down time before the show tonight.

Now they are watching Dr Who recorded episodes with their dad and eating their stew - prepared yesterday. I am about to have mine and then I shall do the hair thing and head off to the show with them. I think I will park up in the car park and read a book until us ticket holders are allowed in. No sense coming all the way home again.

Oh, and I continue my quest to become numpty of the year. After that manic day yesterday we got the girls to the show for 6pm as instructed only for me to realise that I forgot Helen's tap shoes. I couldn't even blame her because she was in school all afternoon and we picked her up straight from there to go to the show. Thankfully the dancers had to be there an hour and a half in advance of curtains up so I had time to come home and return with shoes in hand. I don't plan on repeating that lark tonight!

The only sewing I have accomplished is to finish the hairband. It is enough to report, I think.

And apologies to all for that whinge yesterday. My brain had fried by the time I wrote the post and it was a wee bit self-indulgent. We all have busy lives and we all have bad days. Sometimes I don't manage to suck it up and get on with it as much as I should.



  1. Really hope the girls' show goes well tonight. Sure it will. Will check out the fairy cakes as have to provide cake for Zaki's last day next Friday. Oh and whinge away - that's what we are here for ;-)

  2. Good luck for the girls for tonight! Glad to hear you are getting there with your to-do list!

  3. Blimey, just got back from a couple of days away and was catching up with my blog reads and then I got to your posts! I'm so exhausted I think I might have to open a bottle of wine! Well done for coping though, and I think the hairband is fab!

  4. Hope you made it through the show! No pre-show napping in the car? We have 2 more weeks until showtime, not a minute too soon.
    The headband is a smasher, and you are doing great lady, coping like a true trooper xx

  5. We're all entitled to a good ol' whinge now and again. Go right ahead! I think you deserve to wear Lynne's (Lily's Quilts) Wonder Woman outfit! (If you've no clue what I'm talking about, ask Hadders!) Jxo

  6. Dont know how you do it honey, I'm knackered just reading about it all! You totally deserve somewhere to whinge when you need to, and its all okay with me. Hugs x


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