Friday 30 September 2011

Summer Sewing Wrap Up

I am combining two posts here. I long one and a very short one, but if you have come over from Quilting in My Pyjamas I do talk about my Favourite Thing Friday after I summarise my Summer Sewing. Thanks!

A long, long time ago, I signed up to Sarah's Summer Sewing challenge, over at FairyFace Designs. I listed all sorts of projects I expected to complete by the end of summer here. Well, I am not going to talk about that original list because that would make me look like I had one big fail on my hands. Plans change, new projects crop up, but things did get made and here is a summary of them -

Seems like such a very long time ago,
but I finished Sherbet Pips Number 2 within the Summer Sewing.
I then took Lynne's tutorial for Double Fat Jack
and turned him into a fatter Jack by making a huge pillow with it.
Perv Bird was my first ever quilt swap.
It involved all sorts of 'firsts' for me in the sewing department.
P51 was a secret project at the time.
Our Brit Bee made a quilt for someone who really deserved it.
It was a huge pleasure to be a part of this.
I found a love of pillow cushion making
and for HSTs - which was quite  shock!
I managed to finish Sherbet Pips Number 3 to my satisfaction.
I was so pleased that my vision of an escaping pinwheel worked.
Wonky Stars is my favourite quilt that I have ever made.
It has gone to a good home in Finland,
but I may have to make another one because I love it so much still.
Another first for me was inserting a zipper in a cushion.
Well actually, it was inserting a zipper anywhere. It's not perfect but I had to try.
The girls had school bags made with recycled denim.
Emily's here.
And Helen's here.
I went on a pin cushion craze.
Splashy was my favourite.
I signed up for my first mug rug swap - Goodies Swap 2011.
This was for one partner.
And this was for the other.
Unfortunately the first mug rug partner didn't stay in the swap.
So I made a different mug rug for a newly assigned partner.
And then I completed the Across the Seas QAL quilt.
There were numerous other things like the bee blocks - which have been a pleasure to work on each month. Charity blocks and quilt tops for bloggy friends. Swaps in the process but not yet complete. It is just an ongoing process. I even think I left a couple of things off the above list, but there is enough there. I'm not going back and adding more!

And the biggest thing on the go for me right now is the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap. I have a huge (for me!) number of talented people signed up - 41 last I looked. I am thrilled, excited and slightly scared. But it will be good fun. Right?!

And that is my Summer Sewing Wrap Up. Thanks Sarah for making me focus and see just what I was getting done - or not as the case may be. In the end I did far more than I expected so I am pleased with my quilting progress.

I will end this post with a link up to Shay at Quilting In My Pyjamas and her Favourite Things Friday. I have two favourite things today. After writing this post I think I will have finished projects as one of those things.

But much more importantly, I have had a really crap day and my favourite thing today is chocolate. Some days you just can't get through the daylight hours without any. Today was one of those days. So Mr Cadbury - thank you very much!



  1. Oooh what a great list!! You got so much done and it's all gorgeous! Love your cushions and your perv bird mini... And of course the quilts!! Kudos lady!!

  2. Sorry you've had a crappy day - hope the chocolate helped...if not, keep eating the mini rolls!! You've done so much and I love every single one!!

  3. Oh Susan, I don`t like or want to hear you`ve had a bad day...chocolate always makes it seem a little better though. What an incredible list of amazing faves (if I`m allowed) are the beautiful green HST cushions and your wonky star quilt and your ATS quilt. What a clever sausage you are! Hope you are feeling a little cheery chirrupy. x

  4. I love the things you make. The Wonky Stars is my favourite among your quilts, too, but that escaping pinwheel is such fun as well.

  5. Sorry you've had a crappy day, it shouldnt be allowed! Glad you did have some chocolate on hand though. Awesome summer sewing thought, so many beautiful things to be proud of! Love the escaping pinwheel and pervy bird :-)

  6. I agree with tusen but one of my favourites to add to your list was going to FoQ and meeting you! Cheer up girl! Hope things go better at the weekend!

  7. Oh wow you've made some really lovely goodies! Not that I'm incredulous you make lovely goodies - just that you've made so many over the summer!

  8. Yep, Perv Bird magnet you are!!

    Well done on a great summer xx

  9. Sorry you've had a crappy day - hope chocolate is doing it's wonders (I'm on the sherry at the moment!). I love all your makes this summer - you've achieved a heck of alot! Be v.proud. Jxo

  10. All that in one summer - you are amazing Susan!!!!!

  11. Oh that is an amazing achievement - I'd forgotten the Pervy Bird, loved it to bits.....and haven't seen the Escapee Pinwheel before, love that too.
    Hope your day ended better.

  12. Sorry you had a crappy day but chocolate is the remedy for anything and everything. If that doesn't work there's always alcohol to fall back on!
    You have achieved so much this summer, well done. Love Pervy Bird, the escaping pinwheel and both the pinwheel and the gnomes mug rugs. Awesome achievements!

  13. Wow Susan - you have done so many lovely things!!! I had forgotten that I first found your blog after I saw the very cute Perv bird quilt:)Hope you have a better weekend - the chocky should help!

  14. Goodness you stitched a lot of happiness this summer. I love, love, love your Wonky Star quilt and your pin cushions. You make really beautiful things, Susan!

  15. I hope that just seeing how much you have achieved made your day improve.
    A great collection of work.

  16. You've made so many beautiful things. The wonky Star is my favourite. How could you bear to send it to Finland?

  17. LOVED this Summer round up! That wonky stars quilt of yours is my absolute favourite and if it had been mine it wouldn't have been going anywhere promise or no promise.

    I'd not been a fan of the Sherbet Pips range until I saw what you managed to knock out with it. That grey fabric sets it off perfectly!

    Look how much you managed to get done this summer you clever clogs!

  18. Hope your day improved after indulging in a little chocolate therapy :)
    I love your fat Jack pillow,and everything else too!

  19. Crappy days make the average one's seem good! You know I read your every word, but I didn't realise you'd done so much. And I didn't realise one of your swap partners had pulled out. More fool her, she missed some good goodies.
    For what it's worth, the wonky star is my favourite too

  20. You have made some super duper wonderful things this summer!! SUPER super duper!!
    And Mr cadbury is my friend every day. My butt and thighs can testify to that! ;)

  21. I love the blocks you made for the Brit Bee's p51!! Are the instructions posted anywhere or are they from a pattern or book? I like your pincushions, wonky stars, school bag, pinwheels and more!


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