Saturday 24 September 2011

Reconstructive Surgery

I haven't a lot to report today. Life has been interfering with my 'real life'. So it was all about helping children, doing laundry, driving to dance lessons, buying gifts for Emily's best friend's birthday. Oh, and catering to the masses. Then there was the learning how to thread numerous wires down metres long tubes to help himself. (Don't ask, it is not exciting!) All this gave very little time to actually sew.

I can report is that Goldilocks had reproductive reconstructive surgery. (Thanks for the surgery reference in the comments yesterday, Sarah, because the originality comes all from her and not me!) Goldilocks is bearing some minor scars from said surgery but everything is now where it is supposed to be. And, please, if for some strange bit of fate I have still mullered it - don't tell me. Just let me live in my little dream world. Thanks!

In other news, the lovely Annabella over at Life's Rich Pattern is having an amazing giveaway. I know that I have actively suggested that you check out her blog before, and if you haven't - why not?! Her blog is a fantastic blend of sewing and photography that I love. And now you have the added incentive to get over there, because wouldn't you like a chance to win some of this?

Moroccan Mirage by Kristian A Howell
You might be tired of listening to me tell you that in actual fact the Go! Baby is darn good fun and has opened my world up to more sewing ideas. Or you might wish that you too could win one. Well, despite the giveaways having slowed down, they have not stopped. You can find one going on right now here. Good luck!

If you are interested in Christmas things (No, this is not a plug for my swap this time. I'll do that again during the week!) then you might wish to top off your Christmas fabric stash a little. For those of us living in the UK and Ireland, Emily over at Strawberry Patch is setting up a charm square swap. Each participant buys one metre of Christmas fabric - and puts it on the Flickr group so everyone knows what has already been purchased - and then cuts it up into 56 5" squares. We send that off to Emily and she divides all the squares between all 28 participants. You get back 2 squares each of 28 different fabrics.

Only we need 28 people to take part for it to work. We are looking for cool Christmas fabric. Not the kind that makes you cringe when you go into your local quilt shop. My current favourite in my stash is this -

Colourful Christmas by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake
Not sure if I could bring myself to chop it up into 56 squares, but absolutely promise I would not dump this on you -

Bought years ago in a moment of madness. I blame sleep deprivation!
And that's all I have to say for today. Gasp! I would like to say that I am going to go commune with my fabric and get on with the backing for the ATSQAL, but in actual fact I think I have to go and finish cooking dinner. Today has been a clear case of domestic priorities overpowering sewing ones, and winning. Hmmmff! Back to the kitchen with me then!



  1. Surgeons license coming your way and Goldilocks is looking gorgeous! Well done - now you only have to put them altogether correctly - unlike me I hasten to say!

    Joined that swap too Susan! Looking forward to Christmas goodies all round. Why don't you like the snowmen ???

  2. That snowman fabric made me smile! I like it!
    I've just signed up for the Christmas charm swap too. You're quite the swap-temptress aren't you?!

  3. Thanks Susan! Your bordered block is looking `just right`!

  4. Glad Goldilocks worked out fine, and I'm curious about the threading wire through meters of tubes... what have you been doin?

  5. Goldilocks looks even more lovely than before!! Hurray!

  6. You've got me giggling over here at that snowman fabric! GolDilocks looks great and don't worry about the lack of sewing, from what I can see you've had an uber-productive week so far :)


  7. See, I had to wait for Ceri to comment first as I am on script editor duty after yesterday's faux pas!!

    So glad you got that cross sorted AT LAST! I basted today xx

  8. Miss Goldilocks Anderson looks much better for the sugery!

    I've signed up for the christmas fabric swap, you enabler you.

  9. sounds like you had a busy day: mine was similar, made up of carnivals and ironing.
    I've signed up for the christmas swap too.

  10. Thanks for the plug on the swap, numbers are creeping up! Please do keep the snowmen to yourself, I dont want any of that cheesey fabric popping through my letterbox (wink!)


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