Wednesday 7 September 2011

Older Woman Cooking

Strange blog title, you think? Yup. Why did I come up with it? Because I was having a browse through my stats this morning at some unearthly hour that my body decided to wake up and I had a look at what search engine words led people to my blog.

Older (!!) Woman Cooking did. Huh!? I beg to differ. I am not an 'older woman' and would like to know what search engine directed them to me on that wording. Defamation I think! (You have no idea how much effort it took for me to keep that civilised!)

How about this one - 'bamboo wife tutorial', or 'sewing what are those insects i find in my fabric?', or 'canadian "oh" sound'. Have you ever looked at what people are typing in their searches that land them on your blog? Do you ever wonder what they think when they click on your blog? If they actually bother to read anything? Do they stay a while or close it so fast my head would spin if I knew? I find it all rather fascinating in a weird kind of way.

Most likely I am the only one who ponders these things.

Onwards - more sewing today. Fully intended to work on the  mug Rug Swap items I must make. We'll put that down as a fail shall we! Didn't even contemplate them. Not a moment of pondering or anything. I hang my head in shame. Well, I would if I hadn't managed to accomplish the following.

First off I made something else to send to Kat. She doesn't know - obviously she will when she reads this - that I was going to do this but since I was sending a parcel to her anyway it seemed silly to not include another item. Kat has decided to help out a local charity in Perth, Australia. Since I am not there to support her on an ongoing basis I thought a donation to the cause might be appreciated.

Kat is going to make small quilts for the neo-natal units in the Perth Hospitals. She explains it all here. I have only made a quilt top to send and then Kat will have to finish it but it will be easier (and less expensive) to post just the top. This is what I made this morning.

Please ignore the toe that has successfully snuck into the photo!
After this little project I moved on to doing the September Brit Bee Blocks. My blocks! I thought it might be polite to show my bee buddies that if I was asking them to sew curves (how horrible am I?) then I should do some too. So I did. And it really wasn't that bad. Honest! Not particularly scary. Not scary the way paper piecing and zippers are!

Curve ball.
Funny how I wasn't sure if I would like my blocks because I had never done anything like this before.
And then I went ahead and asked eleven other people to make some too.
But now that I have made two...
... I am more than liking them!
Can you tell that I am chuffed to bits with these?!
Now I have to turn my  mind to more mundane matters like feeding the children. Doing dishes. Putting away laundry. Quite frankly, I would rather be sewing, but needs must.



  1. LOL! I must go and look at the search words that have people finding me! Your baby quilt top is adorable - love those colours. And your bee blocks are beautiful - what we are all aspiring too! It's gonna be one heck of a bright quilt! Jxo

  2. Here are a few of mine and not very interesting `fig tree leave`,`marrakech mat`, `sleeping child book` and `lemon tree flower`...the last one is quite pretty. Well done with all you have achieved and your neo natal quilt top is gorgeous as is your drunkard`s paths blocks. I`m having a baaaaad day sewing wise...tension issues on the machine, which has led to tension issues with me. A cup of tea and some cake is helping!

  3. Those blocks look bad. I need to go check my stats for info' on what people are typing in to find my blog. I did notice yesterday that I seem to be getting some traffic from a goth social networking thingy. They bill themselves as social networking for weird people or something. Not sure how I should take that lol

  4. Your blocks look fantastic! Look at you sewing circles :)

    My favorite isn't too interesting, but makes me think: www; What? OK. First, how does that link to my blog and second how is it that 10 (that's right TEN) people have made the same typo into google?

  5. FFS what am I typing? I tell you bad day or what. I meant to type those blocks look fab. I don't know where I got bad from. That'll teach me to try and watch the news, talk to someone and comment on blogs. Sorry. Those blocks are NOT BAD they are FAB.
    FAB. Ok? xx

  6. I am not too sure how to check those stats, not sure I want

    Have you asked your bee pals to put the segments together as they wish? It will be really interesting to see them all together - Drunkard's Path has infinite possibilities from just one wee block.

  7. I had to have a look at my refering search terms... boring! The most interesting one was "Ikea Toaster". You must be doing something right!!

  8. LMAO! Older woman cooking.. Poor honey! My search stats are rather boring by comaprison, mostly cupboard related... though like Isisjem I too am gettin a lot from the Goth networky site - but I like being an "alternative" person :-)

  9. I have been to have a look and am severely disappointed that there was no 'granny cooking' although I have had 'granny fashion'. The most mystifying one is 'building elevation and high quality book wrapper samples'!!! How on earth did that get them to me? They must have been severely disappointed when they arrived.

    Pomona x

  10. i think the lovely goth people are looking for a recipe to cook older women on your blog! I think you should at least oblige them with a nice recipe Susan!

    I once had the word 'naughty' in my title and one of my traffic sources for quite a while was a Russian porn site! Go on write naughty in your title and live dangerously!

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That from me, a 'speccy woman' and the more obvious 'Ikea tall white bathroom cabinet', and my favourite 'breach trunk guns'!

    Too funny x

  12. Older woman cooking?! what on earth was the searcher looking for do you think? something pervy, or just granny recipes?! I checked mine and apart from the goth site, the best I can do is "foto's that make you dizzy" - spelt like that too!
    Your drunkards path blocks look lovely, this quilt is going to be fab, especially if we all mix it up a little with the blocks x

  13. Congrats on your 200th blog posting! I checked your stats, your first post was on February 9th this year, a mere 210 days ago. You've been PRODIGIOUS! 20 posts every three weeks on average. Keep up the good work - you've come a long way since "First Post Fear" (a fear which you clearly overcame quickly).

    Big Bro

  14. There are times in this blogging world when I feel like I come from another planet. Today is one of them. I have no idea what you are talking about re search engines words!
    But I do like that quilt top you are sending to Perth, and I am very glad I don't have to make you blocks with the circles!

  15. Too funny...maybe they were hoping to catch you in a pinny and nothing else ;o) I don't have any referring stats other than one lone person who searched for my blog by name (including - I'm guessing they typed it in the wrong box! The DP blocks look lovely - think sashing would look lovely on mine as well (and solve the problem of how to make it bigger without buying another charm pack - buy more fabric off the bolt!!) - can't wait to see more!

  16. Heeee heee that's too funny! I checked mine now just for you and no random search words to report. Mine are all straight forward like my name or "zipper pouch tutorial" or something. But today I did get referalls from - a bollywood news site??!! And also ????!!!!
    That was in my "now" stats. Oh how random!
    And bless your little cotton socks thank you for that quilt top! It's so pretty. Do you have any spare drunkard path pieces floating around that you could send? I'd love to try sewing a curve. To not have to cut it first would be even better :)

  17. Haha just read that again and I sound true to my cheeky self... Thank you for everything you are thoughtfully sending me. Not angling for more, just if you have 1 spare. :)

  18. Didn't know you could do that so I have just been to check mine. My blue hare blog has "more babes" which is obviously there because of the Welsh Babes posts.
    Makes me chuckle to think of what they were really looking for but then I guess the blog name is a bit of a curve ball too!!

  19. I did know you could check what people had typed in to search. Unfortunately the second most popular on my blog is - bubble wrapping people, I'm pretty sure they are not looking for my blog when they type that, but there is a reference to bubble wrap in one of my posts from last year!
    I love the Curve ball blocks, but glad I'm not piecing them.

  20. LOL!!! You are hilarious :-) I must go check my stats and see how people end up with me. I also love those drunkard path blocks, I must do something with that die. Do you mind if I steal that idea for my goodie swap mug rug?

  21. Ha Ha Haaa! You are so funny. Will have to visit you again. Thanks to Archie for the link. Gorgeous blocks too.


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