Sunday 4 September 2011


Yesterday himself made a comment on the state of my oven. Imagine that - the cheek! I readily admit it is disgusting. But I argue that the only way to keep a clean oven is to not cook. And I cook, quite well most of the time and lots of different types of food. The price to pay is a vilely dirty oven. Well, it is in my books.

He followed up his comment by showing me the new improved interior of my oven, because he cleaned it while we were away. I think he was trying to shame me into a future of more regular cleaning of said oven. He failed. Because all I could think was, 'Result!'

Now I am contemplating when I can go away again and what other much ignored chores should I steer him gently towards. I am shameless!

Today has been a busy one. I went about those necessary post holiday tasks like copious amounts of laundry, and the daily tasks of feeding them lot. I tried to keep the warring daughters from killing each other. Overtired and over emotional. (Them, not me!) Not a good combination. Between these joyous moments I started playing catch up.

Today I decided to have a go at the Across the Seas QAL quilt. Before I went away I managed to cut the fabric for the crosses. Today I accomplished much more.

Background cutting.
Chain piecing.
Lots of pinning.
More sewing.
And now layout pondering.
Not this one.
Not this one either.
I'll keep pondering some more.
And that is as far as I got today. A few steps closer to catching up with everyone else. I feel good for what I managed to accomplish today. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? What kind of day did you have?



  1. oooh, that's going to be a lovely quilt. I love the fabrics you've chosen, and I liked both the rejected layouts!

  2. Definitely a result!
    OK bottom picture, working left to right ABC, top to bottom 1234...
    Swap C1 and C3, then swap B2 and A3, anything else I can do to help? xx

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  4. Sorry. Wrong link! I was going to say, get these guys in when he's at work. They're very good.

  5. Oh cleaning don`t get omelettes without breaking eggs so you don`t get gorgeous dinners without a bit of spillage now and then. Uhmm. My day? Family arrived and so no progress but machine taped up and ready to go tomorrow...also got verbal okay and budget for new which one?

  6. lol love your thinking - I did the same thing with the floor cleaning :-) Actually my mans better at ALL housework than I am but unfortunately I cant go 3+ months without doing all of it... Nice going (fast going) on the QAL piecing, just dont listen to hadleys arrangement - you want to swap B1 with B4, A2 with B2 and B3 with A2 ;-)

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't clean her oven - I'm afraid mine hub doesn't care how dirty it is!! You've also managed to go away on holiday and be further on from me on the QAL! What a woman! I did get mine pieced today, but need to do some 'Susan style pondering' on layout now! I'm really liking your first pic. Jxo

  8. Like your shameless streak (very cunning!) almost as much as I like your Across the Sea blocks. Great going today!

  9. Great for ditching the oven cleaning - my hubby doesn't clean it after he uses it so I have given up!

    Great progress on the QAL - I haven't really started on mine yet - fright nite is a substitute! Must get the background fabric cut up!

  10. Hello you, just catching up after a weekend away, and am loving the oven cleaning tactics...! I am also impressed by the organised appearance of your sewing progress...lines of chain piecing and pinning, it just looks so much more coordinated than mine!

  11. My head hurts trying to figure Hadley & Sarah's swappy ideas, I think it looks goos as it is.
    Hurray for dirty ovens, maybe we should start a flickr group?

  12. I occasionally try and clean the oven, but I do all that work and it really doesn't seem that different and I can think of a million and one better things to do!
    You've had a real spurt on with the QAL. I need to get a move on with mine

  13. Oh my...I am still spinning from all this work you've done! Be thankful you have a hubby that would help around the house...mine is handless when it come to chores! LOL. That quilt is very much! Hugs! Loretta

  14. I have never cleaned my oven! Certain tasks (rubbish, vacuuming, oven cleaning) are specially reserved for husband! He had the cheek to suggest that I may want to consider tidying the spare room. You would think by now he would know it was called the sewing room and I am an artist at work!

  15. lol oven cleaning - nope not since 2002! I got a result moment when I got home from Festival - and I don't have a husband! Hows that for a result. hehe. great result on the sewing front Susan, sleep on it, you'll see it differently in the morning :)

  16. I don't think Mr. P even knows where the oven is so he's certainly never cleaned it.

    The quilt if yours is very cute. I often play switcheroo with quilt blocks for a week or more before I settle on a layout. It'l come to you just keep moving stuff around.

    So...are you hanging out for school to go back?

  17. lol - i'm going away on the weekend - wonder if i can steer my old man towards the putrid oven??? - but where do they get the idea they clean the oven 'for you' - why isn't it their oven too?? anyway,

    love your across the sea quilt - think i might have to make one

  18. Wow you have been busy!
    I'm embarrassed to say I haven't even started sewing by blocks yet..I'd better get a move on, yours is gorgeous!

  19. Our visitors from Australia cleaned my oven - can't wait another 6 years till they come again though!
    Me thinks you are over analysing the layout. Both look good as they are!

  20. I have a funky oven too if he feels like showin' his skills here in Galway...

    Your QAL blocks are great! I love the fabric you are using!

  21. Great blocks - you're very speedy! I'm afraid I can't work out Hadley's and Sarah's suggestions - by the time I've worked out one move I've forgotten where the others were going (!) but I know it's going to be wonderful...I love a good layout ponder, especially with a cup of tea to keep me going! Great result with the oven - well done!!


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