Saturday 3 September 2011

Summer is Officially Over in this House

That's it. I'm done. No more motorways for a while. The endless stream of holidays is over. I am knackered. In a good way, but all I can say now is Bring On School! I need - desperately need - some sewing time, some me time, some all by myself time.

Our week on the island was fabulous. The weather was kinder than we could have hoped for and we did lots, without overdoing it. Lots of time with friends, relaxing, laughing and enjoying life. Just what a holiday should be. The girls did not want to leave. As the sun shone down brightly yesterday, and it was hot, I have to say I would rather have been at the beach too. But now we are home and all we have left to do is show off our holiday photos.

So here are some of the highlights. My only regret being that I forgot my camera the day I took the girls to a park where they had those giant zorbing balls on a swimming pool and they laughed themselves senseless in them. My face hurt from laughing just watching them. Have to remember my camera and go back there next year!

The beach never loses its appeal.
More ice cream.
Not sick inducing this time, thank goodness.
Emily made up for the 'film' they were making.
(A tiny and very scary glimpse into the future for me.)
The cake baking didn't stop just because we were away.
Helen has the recipe memorised.
Hanging around off the rhinoceros.
Best friends.
I watch. They scream.

And let us not forget the animals that endured an incredible lot of attention -

Some of the guinea pigs.
That Emily loved.
And Basil showed a healthy interest in.
Yes, the wonderful puppiness himself - Basil -
seen here broom wrestling.
Asleep under the guinea pig pen.
Too exhausted to care how he was positioned.
The divinely patient Miss Molly.

Sorry, no photos of the rabbit who spent most of her time hiding from Basil.
Or the hens who just went about their business quietly in their enclosure.

And let's not forget the meals. Barbecuing and pink wine I seem to recall. Especially good when the kids choose to eat at another table, happily not coerced, and we just got to chat.

Carefully choosing a table that the boys couldn't fit at.
Pink wine and barbecues.
Life is good!
There are dozens more photos but I am sure that is more than enough. Now my mind must turn towards other things. Sewing!! Yeah! Oh, the list of things to do is long, but I am feeling reinvigorated and ready to see if I am up to it. Bring on Tuesday. (I really should check that they are starting back then - everyone seems to have a different start date and I am beginning to second guess myself.) New school uniforms are ready, and so am I. Time for a little routine in our lives again.



  1. So pleased you had a fab time on your hols. Good to have you back - you must check out the giveaway on Judith's blog today!

  2. your holiday sounds just divine - and have to say I'm looking forward to barby's and pink wine - it's getting warmer by the day downunder.....

  3. Great to have you back Susan! Glad you had a good time - hope you waved as you shot past!

  4. Looks like an idyllic holiday but it's lovely to have you back! Which project are you tackling first? Your DP bee blocks? (Am watching carefully as I have a DP project in progress and have no idea what I'm going to do with them!) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. So glad you had a fab holiday - I have a vague memory of what beach holidays are like!!! Routine is good - mine were back to school last week and I'm slowly feeling normal again! Jxo

  6. That looked like a proper faily holiday - sets you up for the winter!

  7. Oh welcome home Susan - you were missed! I love it when you have a fabulous time away but are happy to be home again. Looks like a great holiday and I`m guessing yours was the empty glass!

  8. Looks like a great week - I think you'll find your girls don't go back until Thursday - how funny would that be! Or last Thursday!

  9. looks like you had a fabulous time. I go back to work on Monday after 6 weeks off: not looking forward to it!!

  10. awww what a fantastic holiday! I'd settle just for a week with Basil :-) lol So glad you're back though, missed you! x

  11. So sad summer is over - just Christmas to look forward to now! Good time had by all by the looks of it. So we're all back catching up now. It's like we're back off our school holidays too!

  12. Nooooo, I refuse to accept summer is over, I'm sticking to bare legs for as long as I possibly can! You had a great hols, perfect! I and soooo looking forward to the routing too! Glad you're back!

  13. LOVED this post. It was like I had a mini holiday myself instead of drudging away here while you were off sunning yourself, having the best time ever and drinking pink wine.

    Enjoy that sewing time Madame!

  14. Looks as if you had a fab holiday, looking forward to seeing what you create this month

  15. Know you had a very good time by all the great photos! Can't wait to see more of your creativity! Hugs!

  16. We missed you!
    What a lovely ode to your holidays. And if you like beaches you should come visit me one day. Beaches a plenty here! My car and the ton of sand on the floor of it can testify to the fact that Perth is one big sand dune...


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