Tuesday 13 September 2011

A Sucker for Punishment

Oh, I've just written that blog post title and then my next thought was - Wonder what kind of people that will bring in from search engines? And just to prove that things can only get weirder, someone landed on this post with these search words - 'walrus wrestling'. OMG, someone really and truly was searching the Internet for information on walrus wrestling!! That is too funny for words!

Back to the post title. Why am I a sucker for punishment? Because I have been shopping for the following items today -

I've replenished the jam jars and got myself a funnel. I don't think it is a case of being hooked on jam making. It is more the challenge of wanting to make some jam that I actually like! I thought we might be able to find some blackberries out there too, if we are very lucky. I know this is a little late to look for them but it might be worth a go. Round two of the jam making challenge should happen this weekend. Or else I hide all this stuff away until next year.

Jam is not the only thing happening around here. First I made dozens of chocolate chip cookies, and would have had more if I hadn't consumed so much of the dough.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there were way more than this.
Next in line was the apple glut we had, as one of our friends had provided us with some - a lot! I made two pies for the freezer. You may think this is a bit over the top, all this cooking, but I know me - if I don't get it done I will forget and then when I remember all the apples will have turned to soft, squishy, brown things good only for the bin. Now only half the apples can do that, as I have used the rest in the pies.

Now for the best bit. Pie making leads to leftover pastry, which leads to jam tarts. This leads to using up some of the elderberry jam. Woohoo!

That's enough cooking for today. Dinner will be provided by Tesco in the form of ready made pizzas. There is only so much a woman should do in one day.

On the fabric front, well I haven't done much of anything, but I did receive my first bee blocks back, courtesy of the amazing Hadley - Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle. You have to love her just for the name of her blog. But even if it was called something really boring you would still have to love her because Hadley is great, and so funny, and guaranteed to take the piss if no one else has the gumption.

Perfect piecing.
She aced the curves first time. Typical!
These look so good together.

Have I mentioned that I love my bee blocks? I am so looking forward to seeing them all together. Really quite excited. Maybe that is the benefit of not having a clue what you are going to send out until the very last minute. You aren't left with any time to properly envision the resulting quilt and so it all comes as a happy (thank goodness!) surprise when the blocks are returned. 



  1. Your bee blocks are wonderful - can't wait to see more! (Hurry up people and get cracking!!) The tarts and pies look gorgeous...remember not to eat jam tarts straight from the cooker - lips burn easily and it really hurts (ask me how I know!). More jam making, wow, you are a glutton for punishment! (Please let us know if someone lands on your blog because of the title - wonder what else you get if you type in walrus wrestling?!)

  2. Brilliant blocks. You're a proper domestic diva! I on the other hand am going to look for my nearest walrus wrestling match...or that's my excuse for going to google ;-)

  3. OMG I'm tired just reading all that, you have been a busy bee! I feel shamed to say I haven't done that much today! Jam, blackberries still out there, use the juice of a lemon in there and about 10% less sugar than fruit! Mmm, delicious! Hadley's blocks are lovely too! Think I'll give the walrus wrestling a miss! lol

  4. What an industrious woman you've been today! LOVE apple pie! I made banana muffins last night to use up some spotty bananas that the kids won't touch. Well, I forgot about them in the oven until I smelt them!! However, lathered in cream cheese frosting and they're not half bad (that's saying something for me!). Hadders blocks are fab! Will I ever get more fabric? Jxo

  5. So glad you like the blocks - I did a little bit of thinking when matching the colour combos! Not bad for me!

    Loving the baking - I am pals with Mr Kipling and wouldn't want to offend him by stealing his thunder xxx

  6. What are you doing with that jam funnel? Put it down and walk away! Your cookies look fantastic :)

    I love your bee blocks. The pattern and the fabrics are great! Miss Hadley has done a fab job, as usual!

  7. Love those bee blocks, looking forward to seeing the quilt...

  8. Hadders is so good at getting things done on time/and perfectly too! blocks look lovely, as do those cookies...mmmmmm x

  9. Oh those bee blocks are so gorgeous! And seriously how much baking can a woman do? I have my day off tomorrow. 3 hours free. I will NOT be baking (but there might be pizza for dinner if the sewing takes over :-)

  10. I am completely in love with those bee blocks. Tres gorgeous.

    Crazy baking day! Those pies and tarts look scrumptious!

    Cookies rarely get made here. I think we use them as an excuse to specifically eat the dough ....

  11. Loving the look of the apple pies and your DP quilt is going to look awesome!

  12. Awwwww missus you are makin me soooo hungry. Any chance you could just slide that plate of cookies into a jiffy bag and post it on up here? I'm not remotely surprised at the appearance of the jam funnel, you didnt have me fooled!
    Great blocks from Hads, naturally :-) I'll do mine soon, promise...

  13. You make cookie dough because it is supposed to be eaten raw, isn't it, lol?
    Absolutely love the bee blocks.

  14. oh my goodness, check you out with your domesticity!! Everything looks really yummy

  15. Lots and lots of blackberries around my house!
    Sadly, no kichen to make jam in.

  16. excellent work there - the pies and cookies look a bit yummo as did your jam the other day - i have my mum's old brass jam pan - i haven't used it much but my husband is a jam fiend - he eats it everyday and has about 10 jars open at any one time! his favourite is apricot - it's really good

  17. Put up the sign Susan - Domestic Goddess at work - you put us all to shame! Hadley has made you some stunning blocks - may have to try DP myself! Excited about this quilt? - very!


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