Saturday 17 September 2011

Soothing the Savage Beast

Contrary to popular belief, the savage beast in this house is not himself but myself in a temper. Hard to imagine I know, but it does happen at times. This weekend was one of those times. Himself helped his mother out of a jam by inviting her and her unexpected house guests for Sunday lunch here - without consulting me. He did this while I was at Tesco doing the weekend grocery shop, for four people not nine. I had plans for the weekend involving berry picking, Vintage Harvest Festivals, my family and maybe even some sewing. They were shot to hell.

I was not amused!

My sewing room is also the dining room. To be able to feed nine people in there involves removing all my sewing gear. Not like with family where you can slide some of it into corners, but like with guests where it all has to go. Every. Last. Scrap! Himself saw his life pass before his eyes I do believe. He must have because that would explain why he did the extra grocery shop today. And bought me wine. And took Emily to her dance class.

I have a dining room again. Hmmmfff! I have no sewing to show you. Double hmmmfff! This would all be one long rant if not for the post man and the generosity and joy that the lovely blogging world brings forth. The post man and his wonderful deliveries soothed this savage beast.

First I opened an envelope that proved to be from Lynne. Back before the FoQ she challenged anyone attending to take photos of her best buddies there and to post them on Flickr, which I duly did. I did it because it was fun. I didn't expect anything in return but Lynne, in her generosity, told those of us who did meet her challenge that she was posting out 'a little something to each of us'. Uh, a little something! I beg to disagree because this is a big something. I got all this in the post from Lynne today and I am truly gobsmacked and grateful.

These Anthologie Fabrics are gorgeous as the heavier weight variegated Aurifil thread. All I can say to Lynne is a most sincere thank you. Hope I can make something with these to do them justice. I am in love with the leaf print, third from left!

The other envelope I received contained more bee blocks, this time from Fiona, who makes the most wonderfully colourful creations (and I secretly idolise her for it). I think it was her ability to use perle so well that got me wanting to try it. If you have never looked at Fiona's blog then get on over there and find out what I am talking about, please!

More perfect circles. Love them!
After opening the post I must have been more human because my family decided that we should move the outing to the Vintage Harvest Festival to this afternoon rather than miss out completely due to tomorrow's change of plans. I am glad to announce that we had a brilliant time. But I am not going to tell you about it now. I'll try and find the time to tell you tomorrow. Obviously there won't be any sewing photos so you will have to make do with a tractor or two!

I leave you with two possible layouts for my hexies. The first photo was my original plan, but once I laid it out I wasn't so sure. The second photo is the alternative. Could you please proffer some opinions? You've got plenty of time before I will have a chance to sew them together on Monday. Thanks!

Number One?
Or Number Two?
So, while today started out with a general rant and a rage from me, and I still can't believe I had to put away all my sewing stuff - we did manage to squeeze in a little fun and laughter. We are going to have fish and chips now. (You didn't think I was doing to produce a top range home cooked meal tonight too, did you?!!) And we are going to sit and watch the newly released fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Snuggle up and enjoy it together. Better end to the day then start.



  1. Wow I confess I erupt in those rages sometimes and it is also often when Nigel has done something or more often when he hasn't (like on holiday when he hadn't made even one morning cup of tea - not one for two and a half weeks). Anyway, I'm glad the package cheered you up and I love those leaf prints too. I would definitely go for the second hex design but that's because I'm a sucker for matchy and symetrical - it makes me feel safe!

  2. My vote would be for number 2 too!

  3. I tend towards number one as I like the cheeky yellow creeping out from the uniformity of the hexies.
    Glad you are over your strop now, enjoy your evening.

  4. glad your day got better :))i prefer the second photo.
    enjoy your film and wine i am going to watch the other boleyn girl on 2 at 9.45.

  5. Oh Susan I so feel for you - deprived of your sewing! Love hexie arrangement no 2!

    I got a package from Lynne too! Generous or what! Great DPs - it must be so exciting waiting, opening, doing a celebration dance!

  6. I'm glad they let you out this afty ;-) And that you're getting a nice evening too. Good luck for tomorrow, plaster a big smile on and hopefully it'll go well, and go quickly! good luck x

  7. Oh, I sent you an email a little while ago. Having the same sort of evening, but it's looking up now.

    Fiona's blocks are fantastic! The color is just striking. Want to just package them up and send them to me?

    Option 2 is my fav RE your hexies, but you really can't go wrong either way. xx

  8. Oh Susan, good job the postie saved the day! Bless Lynne she is a sweetie! And what a rescue package it is! The Aurifil will quilt up beautifully! I'm with hexi #2, but like Sheila, I do love the little ray of sunshine peaking out of #1 :) just to throw a spanner in the works! lol Hope the film was good, good luck for tomorrow, if all else fails, time for a walk and leave them all to it!

  9. Oh I really like no.2, though your idea of a yellow star in no.1 is cute. So glad to hear that everyone is still alive and that you had some fun in your day. Enjoy the wine!! Jxo

  10. Oh I don`t just love the leaf print - I love them all!!

    Well I haven`t been able to reply to your email yet (for which I`m really sorry) because we got invaded...still here but I`m being anti-social before I finish dinner! Don`t think postman is going to appear nor machine which is now in Casablanca and has come to a complete stop!

    I`m not sure which arrangement I prefer - I think I like the unexpectedness of No.1. Hope you survive tomorrow and you`re back to your old self. Xaki can`t wait for tractor photos!

  11. Glad 'he' has tried to redeem himself a tiny bit!
    Deffo number 2 - I hate that yellow star - well you did ask! I couldn't stand anyone mullering those DSs!!!

  12. Oh dear. Hello has no fury like a woman scorned in this house too! Sorry I couldn't be there to be ranted at. You should have sent it anyway. I was sitting twiddling my thumbs all day and could have at least written a few things back on my phone. Will prob blog about it tonight.

    And LOL at hadley. I love her bold honesty and am inclined to agree. The yellow star is a great idea but in this particular design and fabric combo it really draws the eye away from the hexie goodness.
    Your partner is going to be wowed though because this is SO great. Feeling a little intimidated now! Xx

  13. If it's any consolation, I have to clean out my dining room/sewing room today as we have visitors arriving tonight for the week. Boo hiss (to cleaning not the visitors).
    I like number 2 too.

  14. As someone who had a family Pirates and Pizza night on Friday evening with same aforementioned DVD I hope you were not as disappointed with it as we were!
    Still love Captain Jack though!
    No 2 for me.

  15. Oh dear. Men are pains the arse aren't they? Gorgeous fabrics and blocks though!

    I like the idea of layout number 1, but I think the yellow disappears a bit because of the pinks next to them - could you do the same idea but with blues either side of the yellow, or with a pink star instead of yellow?

  16. ah bless - good to see you're over the rage! i prefer no 2 too - it highlights your hexies beautifully.

  17. I like the idea of #1 but I think #2 works better with these fabrics...what does #1 look like if you put the two yellow hexies side by side? So glad your day turned out better than expected and the beast has been caged...hope lunch and visitors goes smoothly, they help with the washing up and leave early!!

  18. Lucky girl getting all that yummy stash from Lynne! And I love everything Fiona does too. Definitely second of the 2 hexie options - it has more drama!

  19. I am glad to hear your day got better. It will take you no time to get your dining table a right mess again. hehe I am fortunate in that mom didn't show up with a bucket yesterday LOL

    Just think of the pressies you might get on Sunday. Lynne's may look like cheez wiz! ROFL!!!!

  20. well at least your day started out bad and got better, not the other way round. Love the goodies from Lynne

  21. Both the hexie options look fab Susan!! I like the colour variation in #1 especially.


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