Tuesday 20 September 2011

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas

I've been having a play on the computer, as a change from playing on the sewing machine. Well, actually I did that too, but I spent more time on the computer. I managed to make this -

Nope, no button action happening here.

And then I spent several frustrating hours trying to turn it into a proper button.

Yet another fail!!
My head nearly exploded, because I tried all these different online tutorials which provided 'simple instructions' but no matter what I did my button would not do anything but sit there and do nothing! So, how do you do it if you are very, very stupid (apparently) because I have copied and pasted the code, like they all told me, inserted my own links, like they all told me - and it has been nothing but fail, fail, fail!

So to hell with it for now. I only have so many hours of perseverance in me when sat at the computer. I have reached my limit.

Which gets me back to the button. Well, the (non) button says it all. I have been talking to a couple of friends about doing a Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap. I was wondering if anyone else would like to join in? I expect it will be a very small swap as everyone is knee deep in projects right now. But that's okay. I am cool with that, because sometimes you get to know people better in a smaller swap.

The goal here is to create a Christmas themed runner but in a modern style. Christmas fabrics are not a requirement, nor is red and green the defacto colours of choice. I've created a mosaic of tablerunners I have seen on Flickr that I think meet the modern Christmas theme. I am sure you could find more, but I do like these.

Each participant would be required to make a tablerunner for a secret partner. Dimensions are up to the individual but I would say no narrower than 8", nor wider than 15". A minimum length of 24" and a maximum of 40". There would be a limit on extras to a homemade Christmas ornament or two - to keep the theme consistent - and maybe some scraps if you were so inclined.

If you are interested then please join the Flickr group I have set up here. Sign ups will be accepted until October 02, and partners will be assigned by October 05.  Everyone would then have until the posting date of November 21 to create their tablerunners. Sign ups are open internationally, so that everyone is aware that they may have to post overseas.

Having recently joined in swaps where there were a number of people who were non-participants - they posted no inspiration mosaics, left not one comment on anything anyone was making, nor photos of what they were making either - I ask that anyone who would like to join this swap be aware that we are looking for active swap members. If you have not joined a swap before you are welcome, as long as you are aware that providing inspiration for your secret partner via Flickr and blog photos, posting favourites in Flickr, and/or creating a mosaic is required to be a member. Then jump in and leave comments on what the other members are making, and leave photos of your progress. If this feels like too much to you then this is probably not the swap for you. Apologies for my bluntness but it saves any disappointment on all sides later on.

And to those of you who I know so well, I am aware that you have taken on a lot of projects lately - please don't feel that I will be sat here, impatiently tapping my foot wondering why you haven't put your name down for this. We all have different commitments and each of us knows how much time we have available. I am just lucky in that I have cleared a number of things from my list of 'things to do' lately and believe that I have the time to do this. (Yeah, yeah, you can laugh at me later!)

And that is that. I need to post this before I chicken out!



  1. Righto - I've commented so now you can't chicken!
    And if you do I'll laugh at you like a mean girl because you were such a chicken. ok? Ok!
    Secondly as you know I will have a think about this. I might just be able to be persuaded since you've given us to the end of November. That means I can leave it to the last minute and still make the dates right? lol...
    Thirdly. Please could you make that button square. Then upload it to your Flickr account. I will then make the button for you and email you the html code to add as a gadget to your sidebar thingy. I learnt a new skill this afternoon thanks to one of my lovely "support crew" bless her, so now I will share the love. I'd explain how to do it but that would take too long. Maybe tomorrow when I can be bothered...

  2. I'm in, little chicken. Looking forward to it!

  3. I couldn`t miss you losing your swap mama virginity could I? Can`t help with button but can`t techie geek hubby help?

  4. I can't take part - not enough time - but I can share the code to get your buttons linking.

    Drat! I forgot that the comments section doesn't allow me to put in the code you need so I'll find your e-mail on your profile and send it to you.

  5. Oh go for it Swap Mama!! I would love to take part, especially as this swap is a wonderful Christmas one, but I'm so stressed out and busy at the mo! Isn't it wick when fun stuff has to be parked in place of work stuff! Boo! I hope you get loads of sign ups cos I know this will be a cracker (geddit!) of a swap! Jxo

  6. Glad you didn't chicken out Susan! Sounds like fun but I'm just covering the bases and what I've already taken on between here and New Year! I hope it all goes really well for you and can't wait to see what you make! Hope you get your button working soon.

  7. Please can I join?

    I'm knee deep in projects but I love swaps.

  8. Yes! My initital reaction was No, I have way too much to do: but actually YES - especially as it is you Susan, how could I say no! It will be fun to do and well said re the commenting and taking part etc. Sign me up scotty

  9. think i have commited myself just been on to river fabrics and bought some christmas fabric ,also been looking up tutes for runners :))
    thanks susan .

  10. i needed to post that before i chickened out too :))

  11. Yeh another swap - terrific! Need to get to grips with runners - haven't made one but know one I'd like to try!

  12. yeah, well said on the rules - you know I agree with that! Think I made buttons once following Lynne's tute.
    I love your mosaic and think this will be a great swap but I have my sensible hat on just at the moment so will watch fro the sidelines if you don't mind.

  13. I love the bluntness! and congrats on organising a swap! There's too much going on here to join right now, but I shall watch to see what you all come up with, with great interest - you go girl :) x

  14. OK this sounds great (thanks Cindy for the heads up!). Fi

  15. Gah! I just got a pattern for a new quilt that has to be started and finished by January 1st (one of the 6 )I'm sitting here wondering if I can fit this in or not....

    OK the voice of reason has kicked in and I cant commit to anything else. I'm so annoyed though that I cant but I'm being realistic for a change.

    Can you promise to do it again next year so I can join in?

  16. Oh, go on then! lol Wouldn't miss it for the world!

  17. Yeah, good luck controlling that lot!!!!!!!!

    I will be heckling from the cheap seats whilst I cope with 'November'!!

    Warning regarding international shipping - I always post to NZ before the last posting date, (usually 3rd or 4th December) and often the parcels do not arrive until New Year, so any late posters with really blow it!

    If you need any help sorting the wheat from the chaff, you know where to come xxx

  18. *Sigh* ANOTHER fab swap...temptation temptation! Go on then......LOL! How could I possibly resist? Sounds great :-) Will you have me?

  19. Blunt? you? Can't believe that!

    Not sure right now - the goodie swap was my first and sort of took over. If I can clear some space next week when my visitors have gone, I might just have a go. I want to, you know I do!

  20. I'm afraid my plate is rather full at the moment..but I shall watch from the sidelines with interest :o)

  21. Oh go on then... How could I say no to your no-nonsense attitude and womanly charm? ;-)

  22. Oh Susan... I'll have to have a think. I really didnt want to do anything more cos I'm swamped :-S but its you... dunno...

  23. Oh, I'm so tempted but I really don't think I can...for a start I don't have a table for a runner but if I change my mind I'll let you know and I'll definitely be spectating, again! If you need any help back stage please let me know, I'd be glad to help (except with the button thing, that's beyond me!) and well said on the rules - now they know what's expected!

  24. I'm definitely tempted.. and I'm definitely consider, but no commitment yet! I want to pass this along, it helped me make my first button - pretty easy directions!


  25. Alright, all the flickr looking at table runners completely did me in.. i'm in :)

  26. hmmm I typed this all up and it did not ask me to sign in? and my comment does not show up on the post after refreshing it?

    anyway.. i want to play but I don't know how to make the picture montage thing we need to post on flickr but I'm sooo in love with those thought processes in those montages. I'll go back and read this post again in Detail and see if I can figure it out.

    denise/deBRAT in tampa bay FL

  27. I did it! my Montage is posted, I'm on flickr, I've joined the group and now to read the rest of the instructions!



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