Thursday 1 September 2011

Miss September - That's Me!

I have been having a brilliant time in the Brit Bee. So glad I gathered my courage together and put my name down for this bee quickly, because there are only twelve of us in it. If you didn't act quickly you lost out. It is the inaugural Brit Bee. Laura Jane set it up within days of Lynne setting up Brit Quilt. Laura Jane had never been a mama before so she thought she would have a gentle start, so twelve was the limit. I am one of the lucky few.

I consider myself lucky because I am in with a group of very talented women and there are days I wonder if they know the truth - about me not having a clue so often. But I don't regret signing up for this bee one bit because I have met and made friends with the most brilliant, funny, supportive women you could imagine. The fact that I am the oldest is kind of weird, but we won't go there!

And now it is September, and I own September. The fabric has been cut, sorted, packaged and posted. I hope they have it by now because I am about to let the cat out of the bag and tell  you what I decided on for my blocks.

If I hadn't won the Go! Baby I was planning to go for improvised blocks, but I did win and that influences my decision of what to ask for. I received three dies with my baby. I had requested equilateral triangles, hexies and drunkard's path. I might tease a little but, honestly, there was no chance I was going to make them all piece hexies into 12.5" blocks for me. Especially as half of them are already doing hexies in Lynne's hexalong.

No, I went for Drunkard's Path. And I cut contentedly as the Go! makes it so easy.

Curves! I went for curves. I have tried out sewing these little doohickeys together and it is easier than I thought it would be. Thank goodness - I would have felt dead guilty making them take on a task which was a pain in the a**e. I used over thirty different fabrics and a charm pack of Just Wing It for these blocks. I based the fabrics I chose on the colours found in the charm pack (for the most part). I want my blocks to be saturated with colour.

I have asked the bee ladies to piece four Drunkard's Path squares together and surround them with the sashing provided. How they arrange the squares is up to them. The combinations are not endless, but they are up to them.

Two not talking.

Everyone in the corner.
With sashing.
And that, my friends, is what I have asked for my bee blocks. I have been thinking of a name for this future quilt, and as the block uses the Drunkard's Path I thought I would play on that name and that Alcoholics in a Box might do. What do you think?



  1. What? No hexies?!! I love the fabrics and block you've chosen but am stumped for a name (love your idea!) about 'drunks always find their way home'...errrr...will keep thinking! Enjoy being Miss September!

  2. Miss September - are you one of the calendar girls Susan baring all behind your rotary cutter???

    Great ideas coming from you on the patching

    How about Wine-o-box! - a variation on your idea?

  3. You are spoiling us my dear. Fabric all pre-cut !! This will be fun. I hope my fabric has arrived today.

  4. How bout "Mead with love"? I'm relieved its not teeny hexies or triangles... Best go watch some tutorials on piecing curves! (you think YOU dont have a clue?!!) love ya old b* ;-) x

  5. I am sure that will make you very popular with the group Great choice.

  6. The obvious name is 'Alcoholics Anonymous', but yours is better! Love the Just Wing It fabrics...can't wait to see the whole quilt.

  7. I am always banging on about my curveseamaphobia, but I have to say this would be a lot less challenging with the bits accurately cut so maybe they won't all scream and curse you! Can't wait to see the quilt you make with them all

  8. I might be an alcoholic by the time I've finished sewing the little darlings!! I'm so glad you are in the Bee, and what you bring to it makes it special. Just no more curves, ok?

  9. I have my fabric but haven't started the actual sewing yet. I'll put on my trusty big girls pants and get on with them soon :)
    I really love our bee too and am so glad to be in it with all of you!
    As for a name - Tipsy Meander?
    (is that how you spell meander?!)

  10. Great idea to have fun with your go and challenge your Bee friends! What about Alcobox?

  11. Dear Miss September,

    I love those fabrics and your design speaks right to my heart . I did a quilt that looked like that last year and it's one of my favourites!

    Glad you're having fun with your Bee buddies.

    Pftttttttt @ not having a clue. I've never seen you knock out anything that is less than gorgeous.

  12. Blimey, I thought I commented already - oh, that was just doing the blocks It's a great Bee - I think we may have just surpassed ourselves today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Lovely fabrics, looking forward to seeing what your bee comes up with

  14. I love your Blog! Iam new here... was searching and found you! I'm becoming a follower. Stop by to see us and follower us too! Luv

  15. Oh my curved pieces.... So glad I don't have to sew them for you. That would drive me to drink probably. Laughing so hard at all the name suggestions right now. after yours I particularly like "mead with love" lol...

  16. I am in love with this bee just as a side-liner. Your fabric choice is one of my favs and curves something I would love to get into, but boy you're making even me nervous with this one! You are going to have such spectacular blocks returning, but I'm glad I'm not stitching those little curves :)


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