Sunday 18 September 2011

Vintage Harvest Festival

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we went to the Vintage Harvest Festival in Boddington. It was a terrific affair and far better than some might think. Of course there was the odd vintage tractor (as seen above), or two, or three, or more. Below you can see the tip of the ice berg.

Now some might think that a bunch of old tractors is just the height of boring. I have to admit that I didn't stand around them and discuss their merits like some. But there was something incredibly relaxing about wandering around these fields, seeing the ploughing competition (I am not sure of the rules here) -

There are all sort of things to look at -

New spade?
Musical entertainment.
My friend Angie with cakes and jams.
Old stuff.
Older stuff.
Helen's Harvest Festival picture.
The new love of his life for my husband.
I was sauntering up the hill happily on my own when I turned and saw something coming towards me. I legged it. So would you if this was coming towards you at speed.

If you can, click on the photo and take a closer look at the passengers. Those wee kids were having the time of their life.

There were rural crafts.

Gypsy caravans.

And a little something to intrigue the girls and get them to spend their pocket  money.

But by far the very best thing of all was the chance for the girls to get up close and personal with some owls. For the bargain price of £1.50 the girls got to sit and make friends. They loved it so much they did it twice. Helen changed owls but Emily remained true to her first one.

I love the looks on their faces here!
Helen had a Little Owl - yes, that really was what it was.
His name was Zac.
Emily had a Barn Owl - named Megan.
Then Helen had an Eagle Owl - named Ben
So, next time you see a rural fair and think it is all flat caps and boring nonsense, stop and have a look. You may be pleasantly surprised. Even though there are still flat caps around - even in the next generation.

Helen's friend Molly.



  1. I love events like this and my 'boys' would have loved the tractors! All are in the process of restoring their own!

  2. I love these sort of days out. We go to a huge one up near my brothers every year and they do the tractors and heavy horses etc: its a great weekend
    Looks like you all had great fun

  3. I love that shot of your husband`s new love...and you know how they say happy couples often look alike, well Helen and her friend Molly look quite alike. Love the owls and you know which would be my favourite. Great that these events are still taking place. Hope you survived your Sunday! x

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! The owls look cute! As do the girls of course!

    Not so sure about your hubby's new love?

    Did you find out what lies in store for you in the future! Bloggy stardom - too late - you have that already!

  5. The owls look great fun but I'm not so sure about the tractors!

  6. And blue sky too!! What a fab day out! LOVE the countryside. Jxo

  7. Oooo what a great day out, apart from nearly being run over by a steamroller :) way better than Alton Towers, don't you think?! (although our little folk may not agree!) x

  8. Ah what a grand day out! Glad you had some fun :-) That teeny wee owl is super cute too :-)

  9. This looks like a day of fun, fun, fun! The day was pretty and everyone looked comfy. I really loved the little craft place. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Hugs!

  10. I'm glad you survived your near death experience. I would have been running too!

    Mr.P would have been in his element in the tool tent. He thinks a trip to the hardware store is like taking me on date.

    Helen's art work is fabulous. An artist in the making there for sure.

    I love the gypsy caravan!

  11. Awe, no corn dollies! lol What a fab day you all had!

  12. I thought Annabella was implying that you looked like an old traction engine!!
    Country fairs are the best!

  13. That looks like you had a very relaxing day - I would have paid £1.50 too for a seat with those owls.

  14. Having lived with the flat cap brigade for years, I can safely say that there are plenty of young ones coming along! Just the sort of day out my son would love!

    Pomona x

  15. Looks like a great day out - the girls look to be having a wonderful time with the owls! I think the judges in the ploughing competition are looking for straight, identical and smooth furrows - they say you should be able to see a mouse running down one (not that I've been watching Countryfile for years or anything...) - maybe I'd fit right in at the festival ;o) Hope you got to sample a cake or two?


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