Monday 12 September 2011

Tree Dodging

I got an idea into my head this morning. After I had been to the doctor's and realised that I was five minutes closer to the quilt shop than I had been while at home. So why not drive the rest of the distance? Why not indeed!

Off I set down the single tracks, opting for the scenic route. And the wind blew. The wind blew strongly enough to blow down bits of trees. The little bits of tree make a sound against the car like it is being pebble dashed. The larger bits of tree I avoided driving over as much as possible. Then there was a car accident to work my way around. The tranquil route was less tranquil than normal!

As I neared the quilt shop village I needed to take a left hand turn at a t-junction. As I approached a  car came reversing out of that turn and stopped to tell me that a tree had just come down around the corner as they approached it. I bet they will be saying a wee prayer of thanks tonight! Feeling rather thankful myself.

By the time I got to the quilt shop (Yes, of course I found an alternative route! I wasn't turning back after all that.) I didn't have the faintest clue what one earth I had gone there for. Here is what I came out with.

Some more Bliss before it disappears from the shelves.
The red dot is from Riley Blake's Farm Fresh.
And some unbleached, rather rough cotton to try out.
Some more of the solid white that I need for my Across the Seas quilt.
And the blue because I liked its wonderfully deep, rich shade.
(I really shouldn't be let loose in a quilt shop unsupervised!)
Add in some wadding to the purchases and I escaped before I did more damage to the bank account. I drove home via the main roads. I had had enough adventure of the trees falling down kind.

I received some fabric last week that I had ordered before we departed for the Isle of Wight. I have a query for those of you who know more than me (that's just about everyone then). If you ordered fabric online and something is missing from that order when it is delivered, what do you do? I had ordered a bundle of 10 FQs of Punctuation.

Count them. There are only nine.
The rest of my order was correct.

Some more Birch to add to my growing collection.
And some Zoo.
I am a little disappointed to see this company are 'rippers' rather than 'cutters' too. I have read a bit about the debate between the two methods and think I am most definitely one who prefers cutting. Especially in FQs. But it was a good collection of fabrics at very good prices. I have emailed the company about the missing FQ but they have failed to respond, not even to acknowledge receipt of the email though it didn't bounce back to me. So what do I do next? Email again? Sulk? Suggestions welcome.

By the time I got home again I was  happy to sit quietly and do a bit of sewing. Listening to the wind blow when you are comfy inside is infinitely more relaxing than worrying if another tree is going to come down and will you be under it when it does. I got one of the goodies done for the swap.

Once again, that tutorial from Ayumi at Pink Penguin comes in useful.
I tweaked it a bit but it is essentially the basket she gives instructions for.
And that is what I have accomplished today. Still to come - a dance class for one of them and dinner to make. I am most definitely back in the routine. How about you?



  1. You had a lucky escape (as did the occupants of the car in front) - I hope that's as close a shave as you ever have. Gorgeous fabric though! I recently had the same problem with a missing FQ - I emailed, no response...I put in another order (foolhardy but I really wanted an extra couple of FQs of ones I'd just received) and added a note to the bottom of that...parcel came, FQ still missing. I emailed response...I emailed again, a more robust complaining email rather than a 'my order was incomplete please can you tell me when it will be complete' email - result! A response, rather unsatisfactory and not very apologetic but I did get my missing FQ and an extra note, go on, keep emailing until you get an answer and look on their website, they may have listed a phone number somewhere. If you don't get a satisfactory response tell them you're going to mention your problem on your blog and that you won't be recommending them to your readers. I also prefer shops that cut rather than rip but have recently received FQ that were badly cut with pinking shears and there were differences of 3/8" to 1/2" between the top and bottom of the FQ (and it was 'just' a FQ - exact measurements)...Sorry for the extra long comment - maybe I should have emailed instead! Love the basket - you shouldn't have ;o)

  2. Apart from one seller on Etsy who shut down her shop after a bunch of us had paid her money for orders which never materialised and she never answered emails, I have had nothing but superb service from wherever I have ordered. I would what Archie Wonder Dog says...tell them you're not adverse to a bit of naming and shaming. There are a plethora of online fabric stores and they need to know that unless they give good customer service you will be off elsewhere.
    End of sermon!

  3. Looks like you've got some lovely fabrics from the LQS...also glad you escaped the tree and really has been windy!!!

  4. I definately prefer cutting to ripping: you never gain when its been ripped! I read a blog recently (can't remember whose) and she named and shamed - again can't remember the company (wow, I am full of useful information) I think some of these shops forget that we have blogs where we can vent our dissatifaction!

  5. Maybe give them 24 hours between emails, each time include the email you send previous pointing out that it hasnt been answerwed. Then tell they you'll name and shame. They could just be extremely busy. Not all companys consider it essential to answer emails regularly... but they still might yet.
    Stay out of the way of the wind as much as you can x

  6. Only you could have the guts and determination to navigate falling trees and gale force winds to get to fabric!! Lovely purchases btw, and your wee basket is adorably cute. No advice on overseas buying I'm afraid. Jxo

  7. I would just keep on pestering them and if you don't get a reply then mention that you have a highly successful blog and that you will tell all your readers - and ask them to warn people on their blogs.....And then we can all hassle them too!
    It's probably an innocent mistake, but then you really should get a response :-)

    BTW Lucky you for finding more Bliss - LOVE IT!

  8. On the positive side maybe the seller is away or something. It's surprising the number of people with fancy websites that are actually just operating out of a spare bedroom. I would definitely threaten to expose on your blog and if you don't get satisfaction do so! After all we don't want to be buying from someone who could short change us.

    I didn't know any sellers of fabric still ripped. I associate that with people on market stalls of in bargain basement places.

    Great purchases - oh to go into a real fabric shop and not shop from the laptop!

  9. Oooh did you get filmed for "World's Most Dangerous Roads"??
    Love the basket (ha ha don't say it!)
    I would definitely put a link to this post in your next email xx

  10. Sounds a bit like Prints to Polka Dots to be honest (and the first commenters problems too).

    If it is read my blog post on the hell they put me through.

    I love the fabric. Gorgeous reds. Im really really loving blues and reds together at the moment and the shade of blue above is just right :-)

    Congratulations on not being hit by a tree :-)

  11. I love your basket.

    I hate my fabric being ripped and I agree with all your other comments

    Hope the Doc's visit went OK

  12. Lol, that's just like me - poor Felix gets carted everywhere in my search for a fabric fix! Don't let the FQ thing drop, that's just darned cheeky, and definitely name and shame if you don't get a decent response in the next few days..people will appreciate the tip-off :) Lovely basket, I used tutorial once, it was marvellous! x

  13. Glad to hear you are safe! The only time I have had a missing order, I emailed and heard back by return..the remaining order came in a couple of days but no note of apology. Hmm. Keep pestering...and good luck.

  14. Glad to here the mad weather and falling trees didn't stop your trip to your LQS. I love the blue and red combo of both your online and local fabric acquisitions, Punctuation is one of my favourites.

    I'd definitely keep on at the seller of your missing FQ, it's not on. Maybe they made a mistake but to not reply to emails when you run an online business is not best service at all.

    Love the basket by the way, must have a go at that tutorial one day.

  15. Such dedication to persevere through all those tree obstacles to get fabric - though those ones were worth it!

    It's really disappointing when an online order isn't correct when it arrives. I've had a good response to the couple of "missings" or wrong cuts that have happened to me, but I'm always nervous because there's no way for the seller to verify that I'm telling the truth.

    I don't like ripped fabric either. I actually received one half metre recently which is part ripped, part cut (jaggedly) and part pinking sheared. I didn't complain because it was a bargain fabric but in reality don't think that's any excuse!

  16. Punctuation is one of my favourite fabrics ever.

    I'd be emailing them again and hoping for a response. If you don't get one then I'd name and shame. All my on-line fabric buying experiences have been good so far.

    It looks like you did some significant stash addition recently!

  17. I agree with the others. One more chance then they're out so to speak. I love that basket. It is too lovely for words. And I cannot believe that I don't have any bliss! It's so lovely!
    I would be that mad to dodge trees to get fabric too lol...

  18. love your choices susan ,and that you get the missing fq,i ordered 3 1/2 yards while on holiday from the usa and they have not turned up yet it has been 3 weeks,wanted some of it for the mug rug swap :(((

  19. You are insane Susan but we all love you for it! Dodging trees - never thought sewing was so dangerous!

    Great basket and lovely fabric - was it worth it - yup!

  20. Dodging trees sounds a little too hair raising for me. I'm pleased to hear that you finally found a safer route to the shop.
    The basket is gorgeous. I'm saving up the rest of my Bliss for "one day"!
    I would email them again, and if you still don't receive a response I would name and shame. At least that will save a few more people from being "stung", and hopefully that will give them the push to rectify your situation.

  21. Wow these fabrics are gorgeous, love the bliss especially . Hope you get a reply re the missing FQ.


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