Wednesday 31 August 2011

Do You Swap?

Concidering I didn't know what a blog was this time last year, it amazes me how much my life has changed because of it. The people I've met from so many different places. The creativity I have found displayed online and that has in turn sparked all sorts of ideas in me. And the things I send to others, and receive back in return. If you had told me last summer that I would be happily sending fabric scraps to someone I didn't know and getting some back in return from an entirely different person I would have told you that you were mad.

Well, you may still be mad, but you would also be right. Ali, at Very Berry Handmade, organised a scrap swap in July. With wanton abandon I put my name down - this despite having being very disappointed in the only other organised scrap swap I had ever particiapated in previously. I had faith.

And that faith has paid off. Yippee! The wonderful Gill sent me a package that was full of yummy goodness. Overwhelmingly full. I can't thank her enough.

Look at it all! I am so speachless (stop laughing!). Can you see the items at the back of the scraps? There is a gorgeous length of ribbon that I am hiding from the girls because it is mine, all mine.

You would think that was more than enough, but Gill also made me a needle book. This is extremely fantastic because you are reading the same numbskull blogger who never had a pin cushion, and also didn't have a needle book. Made them for others but never got around to making one myself.

Besides, Gill made it way nicer than I would have.

It is such a stylish needle case. Gill, thank you for the scraps, the ribbon and the needle case, and most of all, thank you for your generosity. It is much appreciated.



  1. Gorgeous! I love the ribbon - if it's missing when you get up tomorrow it's because I've sent Archie through the window!! Lovely needle book - well worth waiting for!!

  2. I don't know, auto-posting like you are not in the pub - ha!!
    Some of us have been working on Bee blocks!!
    Nice swapsies!

  3. Needlecase is adorable, as are the scraps! Still you have to have something to feed the Baby!

  4. oooh! lovely scraps and ribbon. I just love a bag of scraps!

  5. Ignore the swot owl up there! She's your blocks finished already! Nice hoard - you've been getting lots of lovely parcels lately & v.well deserved too! Jxo

  6. I am new to your blog and I have read it from beginning to present and I loved it.

    I totally agree with how much blogging has changed my life. It is unbelievable how much support you can get from people you have never met. My husband had eye cancer before Christmas last year and blogging and the support I got from regular followers was fantastic and as much support as the 'real' people around me.

  7. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a bag of scraps. Ok so yardage is good too. :-) Other people just always seem to have the best scraps don't they?

  8. I've never done an official swap with a ton of people but I often swap things with blog buddies. It's always fun to see what will turn up!

  9. Lucky lucky Susan - goodness is definitely flowing your way! Couldn't happen to a nicer person though - so I guess you really are worth it XX

  10. well my you are receiving a lot of mail. Yay for more swaps :)
    I really love playing with someone elses scraps - so much more interesting than playing with my own! :)

  11. Just wanted to drop by and say a huge thanks for all my lovely scraps! and the pin cushion. I've never had one before despite sewing professionally for over 20 years! I loved all the bits you sent and shall be using them wisely. Or unwisely as the mood takes me! Thanks again. It was great fun.
    Jane x


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