Saturday 20 August 2011

The Other Leg

The other leg of the jeans, that is. That leg was for Emily's school bag. She asked for long and narrow. I tied to talk her out of this. Really, I tried but she was adamant. It is finished and it looks nice, for a long narrow bag. But I don't think that it will work very well as a school bag and would hazard a guess that she will be asking me to make one more like Helen's in a few weeks time. Had best keep my eye out for large pairs of jeans in the charity shop meanwhile.

This is the result of today's sewing. It looks nice - just not practical.

If she does get a school book in there she may never get it out again!
I made the belt loop myself this time.
The same light blue lining fabric as Helen's bag.
The two bags together.
I think I would like Helen's style of bag and the colours from Emily's.
Maybe I should make myself one.
Hmmmm...   (that's me thinking)
Emily had a fabulous birthday yesterday, albeit quiet. It is hard being an August baby and having your best friends away on holiday on the big day. But we went out of our way to make it special and she claims it was an excellent birthday so that is what counts.

Here are a few photos commemorating the day.

In our family, the day starts with gift giving while the birthday person is still in bed.
Emily was particularly taken with her Hello Kitty magnetic earrings.
The girls all ready for some cake decorating.
Because Emily had a plan for her new farmyard sugar animals.
They did a good job working to plan.
Emily also expressed the desire to make her own dinner.
Pasta bolognaise.
I am liking this new innovation.
Wonder if Helen would like to cook her own dinner on her birthday?
Looking very pleased with herself.
You can tell it is a special occasion.
Sodas only appear at these times.
(Helps that I don't like them myself.)
She huffed and she puffed.
The day ended with all four of us cuddled up together watching the third in the series of the Pirates of the Caribbean. A sleepy but happy birthday girl crawled into bed last night.



  1. I am so glad you had a great birthday celebration!

    Your bag looks great. I have to agree - I like the shape of the first bag and the colors of the second. Isn't that always how it is?

  2. Awwww, Happy Birthday Emily! Looks like you all had a great day :-)

  3. Looks like a great birthday - you have two beautiful girls! I love Emily's birthday cake...don't suppose there's a piece left?! The denim bags are great - I hope they both still love them by half term!

  4. So funny - I was thinking the same about the bags and then read the caption about what you thought. Looks like a great day!

  5. Ahh what a lovely day! Parties are definitely over-rated! Celebrating with family is by far the best. Try sewing strips of denim together to make a wider piece, rather than searching for super-sizers! Jxo

  6. Both bags look great. Emily is obviously an individual and wants to go her own creative way! Good on her! Nice pics of the celebrations - what a gorgeous smile!

  7. Emily looked lovely x
    Bag2 is cool; I am going to be watching to see if you have to use the crotch for Bag3!

  8. I think long bags on long straps are all the rage, the bag has to bounce on your thighs/knees as you walk along, Emily will be in the cool gang at school, just wait!

  9. It sounds like Emily had a terrific day! That's what birthdays are all about. The cake looks perfect!

    Mmmmm bolognaise...I think I just had a dinner idea for our place!

  10. What a lovely birthday celebration! I have a long narrow denim bag I made a few years ago when most of my sewing was guess work. It was meant to be a book bag for going to the book club I was in at the time, but in all honesty it's best use was for disguising the bottle of plonk that I took with me! Great wine bag - not that I'm suggesting you tell Emily that!

  11. Clever you. Bag making always confounds me. Happy Birthday to Emily.

  12. Glad you all enjoyed the birthday celebrations. Am very impressed with the denim sewing - no broken needles?

  13. 3rd attempt to comment and hopefully it works this time, lol! Love your bags, what a great idea. And I kinda agree with you. Although, being still a student in my head, I do like the longer shape too. Oh, I'll just have both please!


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