Tuesday 16 August 2011

This, That and The Other

I think I am mentally preparing myself for the girls returning to school. To me having sewing time again. Bliss! I must be because I am starting to commit myself to projects that as it stands I do not have the time for but optimistically imagine I will be able to do in a few short weeks when I am home alone.

First I signed myself up for Sarah - Fairy Face Designs - and Jennifer's - Ellison Lane Quilts - quiltalong. I know I am in the FWQAL, but I don't really consider that a quiltalong in the truest sense. Not sure why, maybe because I have a year to churn out the necessary blocks. Sarah and Jennifer aren't giving quite so long for us to produce a modern, bright and happy quilt. I am sure by the time the girls start school I will already be behind schedule as we still have another week away from home to come. It could all go horribly wrong in my time calculations, but I am willing to take that risk. If you are interested in joining in then hop on over to their blog and have a look.

And while you are over at Sarah's blog check out this post. Sarah is celebrating her first year blogiversary. How she created such a wonderful blog and a loyal following is beyond me - but it is nothing but well deserved. She is doing a giveaway to celebrate so if you want a chance to win you had better go take a look. Don't worry, she isn't asking you to jump through numerous hoops to have a chance, and it is a blog that is well worth following. And you could win this fabric -
Some Amy Butler gorgouesness!

While we are on the subject of Sarah, a number of weeks ago she put a call to anyone who had some fabric from the Bliss line to spare. I did, and was happy to share. In return Sarah sent me some scraps that I could use in my Farmer's Wife blocks. Sarah has nice fabric. Lucky me.

If you like doing swaps then there is a new one out there that you could join in. An easy peasy one if swaps scare you. Just mug rugs and some other little things that you like to make. It is being organised by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I love her blog name. Makes mine look so dull! This is going to be a good swap because, despite it just opening to sign ups, it already has some seriously nice, funny, excellent people with their names down for it. You don't want to miss it.

Now prepare yourself for some serious fabric talk. You know I did the ugly fabric giveaway. It started with Kat challenging me to a Who Has the Ugliest Fabric Contest when I was commenting on the state of my stash. She won. OMG, did she have one seriously ugly piece of fabric. But she didn't think my uglies were that bad. Nor did I think hers were. So we did an exchange. I feel like I ripped her off. She got dull, boring, ugly stuff from me and I got this -

Um, Kat, you and I need to discuss the meaning of ugly.

I gave away the rest of my uglies to anyone who wanted them. Surprisingly, some people did. Fantastic! They are no longer in my stash. This makes me very happy. Then, to my surprise and disbelief, Linda - who I sent some of the fabric - sent me a gift back. It was entirely unexpected and truly she should not have done it because I feel kind of guilty now. She got ugly and I got this! I think the fabric she sent me is just about my most favourite in my stash. It is so lovely.

I may feel a little bit guilty, but I am thrilled with her generosity and am so not going to send it back because I am in love with it. I have thanked Linda but let me do it again, publicly. Thank you!

Apologies now because this is going to be a long post and it is just going to be more fabric followed by more fabric. This post will either help you sleep well or you have already walked away. Those of you still awake and with me share my fabric addiction. So, to feed that addiction, here is some more. First up, some I ordered before I went on holiday and was waiting for me upon my return.

And here is the fabric that I bought at the Festival of Quilts. All spread out and easier for you to see. I know which shops some of it came from and don't have a clue about others. Nicky probably knows but I am not going to bother her. This will just be visual rather than informative show and tell.

These were from a debonair Frenchman who Nicky chatter to fluently.
I think I managed a garbled 'Merci'. Sad!
Nice man and nice fabrics though.
No clue and not even sure if they call came from the same shop.
Drawing a blank again but I do love those birds.
Mandy at Simply Solids helped me choose these because, well, I just need help sometimes.
I know this one!
These are from the Eternal Maker.
These ones are easy - Doughty's.
Never heard of them before but loved their fabric selection.
Most definitely from Lynne's lqs - Quiltessentials.
There you have it. I may have joined in a few things over the past few months but now I have enough fabric to accomplish all goals - I think. These is always another piece of fabric somewhere that needs buying, obviously. But I should be good for a few days.



  1. wow, loads of fabric, lucky you! And I think you have managed to persaude me to join the quilt along! I have just the fabric for it

  2. Susan I'm in the Greek cross QAL for a baby sized quilt and the French shop is Il etait une fois! Cannot remember the other one though but all gorgeous fabric - why didn't I buy more of what you bought???

  3. Thank you - I will be cutting and pasting the top half for my post later!

    Looove those Lily Ashbury fabrics!

  4. That swap sounds great. I was on the Eternal Maker site earlier and dribbling on my desk at all the fabric I really need for future projects. No more pennies for fabric this month so I'll have to save for next!

  5. Wow - your fabric is gorgeous! You need something to play with your new baby which must be arriving soon...well that`s how I would justify it anyway! Enjoy Susan - you totally deserve it.

  6. oooh so many lovely fabrics.... and those solids... I'm drooling... You're going to have so much fun!

  7. You are so very funny I don't even know where to start. I look forward to following you in Sarah's QAL as it looks awesome and there are great ladies there. Thanks too for the shout out for our Goodie Swap. The ladies signing up seriously rock and I can't wait to play with them all. And yes, you totally scored on the ugly swap. Luck you!

  8. You, my dear, are too kind!!! I am blushing. You are also very funny and I really love those fabrics you bought!

  9. I am completely envious of your haul. Every single piece is a gem. See! getting rid of your uglies meant you had more room to buy pretties!

    Fabric acquisition thrills my heart - even when it's someone else's apparently. I think we can safely say I'm an addict.

  10. Oh my! what a totally amazing haul! how good are you at fabric shopping?! and those uglies are really not, well done you :) will watch your swap and QAL from a distance, too much to do here :) xx

  11. I've got some serious fabric envy! What a lovely collection.

  12. glad i sent you owls looks like you love em !!i love all the fabric that you have bought it is lovely now what are you going to make !!

  13. LOL... glad you like my uglies! You are so funny! And I definitely do NOT feel short changed. In fact I would even go to say that one of your uglies is one of my new favourite fabrics. Don't laugh! I have grand plans for it as soon as my new purse frames arrive! :)

    What a lovely fabric haul. Green.with.envy.MUCH! :) Well not really, I have plenty of my own to play with...



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