Monday 29 August 2011

Report from the Island

Here we are, on the Isle of Wight, doing the usual. Barbecue dinners with friends. Six children in the holiday let watching Harry Potter while we three adults enjoyed a relaxing glass of wine, or two. Spot on, until one child overdosed on ice cream (apparently with sliced bananas and crushed sweets - I really should supervise more closely) and was well and truly sick. Yes! It was one of my two!

We have been bowling. Successfully, as not one child had a strop. And we have done the beach hopping, avoiding the rain storm, traditional picnic. Eventually we gave in, surrendered and returned home so that the sun would come out again. It did, enough to sit outside - with another glass of pink wine. Life is good.

But best of all are the menagerie. Helen and Emily have embraced helping put the guinea pigs out each morning, and back in each night. They collect eggs from the chicken run and are even helping walk Molly, the golden lab. Emily, who has an innate fear of just about all animals, spends more time in their run than anywhere else.

If all that isn't fantastic enough then let me tell you about Basil. Basil is eight weeks old. A roly poly, squidgy ball of wonderfulness. He is a King Charles spaniel and every last one of us is in love. Because he is just perfect in his puppiness. He came to his new home Saturday morning and he owns it now. I will post a photo of Basil on my return to a proper computer so you can fall in love with his puppiness too.

Today has been a quiet day as Emily has been off colour, but she is brightening up now and emerged from under the duvet and into the fresh air. Tomorrow? New adventures await. Hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend too.



  1. Is Emily poorly because of all the ice cream? Poor thing! Your holiday sounds wonderful and I can't wait to meet Basil! Enjoy the rest of your break!

  2. Sounds like all is going well with much fun being had despite the minor set-back of ice cream overindulgence. Hope Emily is feeling more like herself very soon!

  3. Will you please bring Basil home with you? I'll be over to pick him up next week.

  4. Poor Em! Hope she feels better soon. Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday! Enjoy! Jxo

  5. Hope everyone is chirpy by now! Basil sounds a ball of fun! Is that your next purchase then - a puppy!??

  6. Rainy picnics, beach hopping, icecream scoffing, icecream spewwing, and a puppy? Sounds like my kind of holiday :-) Glad you're all having fun!

  7. Sounds just about perfect Susan - have a wonderful time with the girls and good friends.

  8. Sounds great, with the exception of Emily's ice-cream evacuation!

    Keep enjoying xx

  9. I love puppies (and not in a Cruella de Ville way I swear )

    Sounds like you're having the time of your life over there with the exception of the great icecream incident of 2011!


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