Thursday 11 August 2011

Too Many Things Wizzing Around My Brain!

Home again, home again. (Deep sigh of happiness here.) It was a terrific holiday - albeit with a bit of a roller coaster ride with my Mum, etc. But we did squeeze in lots of fun and frolics. And I am ready for a sleep in my own bed now.

Thank you all so much for your best wishes to my Mum. She is fighting fit again and the doctors still don't know the cause of her illness. I shall not go into details but can say it frightened the life out of me! I do not wish to repeat that experience again. I am so pleased that by the time we left we could see she was well and truly recovered because I would have worried a lot otherwise. Especially as my stepdad is in for a new knee tomorrow. He went for a consultation last week and they booked him in for this week! The specialist 'had an opening' in his schedule. No arguing with that. Pure luck I presume and he is very happy to have the opportunity to have the surgery so quickly. So Mum will need her energy for when my stepdad gets out of the hospital on Monday (we think). If there are any problems I will nip up there on my own next week to help out.

So much to tell you and I have no idea where to start. Tell you about the holiday? Or the various bits of fabric adorning my desk - some of it a complete surprise and divine? But I am knee deep in laundry and sorting out a simple supper. Downloading my photos as I want my camera with an empty memory card and a full battery for tomorrow. Because I am going to be at the quilt show tomorrow. (You will have to imagine me squealing.)

I could tell you about all this but instead I am going to squeal even louder and tell you I won a Go! Baby!!!! How about that?! I am so excited. And I still can't believe it. You all know how many giveaways there have been for this little fabric cutting wonder. Someone else always wins. But this time the someone else was me. Now I have to rethink my whole concept for my bee block in September because I just may have to send out lots and lots of pre-cut fabric. I am so confused. (It happens quite easily.)

I won the Go! Baby from the very funny and great quilter Pomona at Little Cottage Comforts. She makes lovely quilts, but she also makes scrumptious food and grows fruit and veg way more successfully than I do. If you don't read her already then go over and have a look because Pomona writes in an incredibly dry and witty way that is a joy to read. And you have to see how she goes about picking names for her giveaways. It is far more unique than anyone else's methods - and it obviously works because Little Stranger picked me. (Me, me, me - I love Little Stranger. I am going to adopt him if I can.)

So - laundry, dinner, further unpacking, detrashing of the car, serious blog reading catch up, 233 emails to sort the trash from the must reads, fabric admiring, and (most important) working out how much money I need to beg, borrow and steal for the quilt show tomorrow.

I leave you with a photo of the girls having the time of their lives. Hope that you have all been having as much fun as we have.

I am back in my blogging seat and have lots to say. Brace yourselves! It will be complete gibberish after the quilt show tomorrow. I will be on overload and not be able to get a coherent word out, I am sure.

Nice to be chatting to you all again.



  1. Hi Susan
    Glad to hear you're back safely!
    I think we all knew about your Go! before you did! Enjoy!

  2. Glad to hear you're back and that you enjoyed (most of) your holiday - have a wonderful day at FoQ, hope you've got a purse full of cash and cards?! Congratulations on your win - when does it arrive?

  3. Usually I am dead jealous when someone else wins that Go thing but not this time - such a nice surprise for you to come back to! You deserve it and I don't think you should adopt Little Stranger else he will not be there to pick out your name again, and again, and again!

  4. I have to warn you that the Little Stranger is quite bitey! I look forward to seeing what you make with your Go! Baby, too.

    Pomona x

  5. Great to have you back! Glad everyone is ok and that you had some lovely surprises when you got home. I like the sound of pre-cuts for the Brit Bee! Have fun at the show tomorrow & big hugs from me to the Bee girls. Jxo

  6. Yay! So good to have you back! Am looking forward to lots of wonderful posts to read this weekend ;-) Have a great time tomorrow, remember you're going for me too so theres an excuse to binge buy and go nuts ;-)

  7. Hello you,

    So sorry I seem to have a missed a loads of posts due to various holiday activities! I'm sorry your mum was unwell and glad she is on the mend...Mum, Felix and I went to the festival today and it as A-MAZING! I loved it! and I got to meet Terri and Judith too which was the best bit! I spent all my cash, and will blog about my purchases (hopefully when I get home tomorrow) I know you're going to have a great time, I bet you're totally hyper already. I am readying myself for all your fab stories, bring it on woohoo! x

  8. Congrats on the win. That's very exciting!

    It sounds like you had an exciting time away but also managed to get in some relaxing. Looking forward to hearing a bit more about your adventures since you tell a story so well!


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