Friday 5 August 2011

Quick Update

Well, it's Friday night in Aberdeen. We have had a terrific time here but we are back on the road tomorrow. It's a five hour drive south to Newcastle. This time I hope that I am not doing the majority of it in the rain like on the way up here. That was stressful on such a long drive.

Mum claims to be well on the mend. I shall judge for myself, and see if us being there is too tiring for her. All being well, we will stay until Thursday. Otherwise we will return home early, leaving instructions for her to rest. Not that there will be a fat chance of that as my stepdad goes in for a new knee on Friday! It's all happening in the north! The knee operation was only scheduled a few days ago. NHS waiting lists?! Not always.

Once we leave Aberdeen we also leave my brother's gloriously efficient Wifi, which I have been accessing with my iPad. I shall be back out of contact - unless I brave my mum's very archaic and frustrating computer, which is tantamount to signing my own insanity certificate. That computer is slow! Very, very slow! Irritatingly slow!

So I bid you adeiu and shall be back online Thursday evening - and then hyperventilating with happiness after the quilt show Friday.



  1. Watch out Mum, they're coming back!!

    Have a great time, no doubt you'll be able to see the big green cloud of jealousy floating over Me and the South Coast all the way from Birmingham!

  2. Oh that`s too long - pop into your mum`s local library (if it hasn`t been closed down) and use their internet. On second thoughts, just enjoy yourself and look after your mum. Quilt Show? Yes - green envy here too.

  3. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I do hope your Mum is doing well .

    See you next week!

  4. Have safe travels! Having literally just travelled those roads earlier this week I know exactly how far it is from Aberdeen to Newcastle!!

  5. You me and Hadley need to go next year... so kind of you to go and suss it out for us first ;-)
    Hope mums better, and you and the girls enjoy the rest of your trip :-)

  6. Glad to hear you've enjoyed Aberdeen. Hope you find your mum much improved. Jxo

  7. It's raining where I am in Yorkshire right now, but fingers crossed it isn't raining on the other side of the country! Have a safe trip!

  8. Hope all's well when you get to your mums. Have a nice time on Friday. Not jealous at all!


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