Thursday 18 August 2011

My Baby is Nine!

Happy Birthday, Emily! I can't believe my baby is nine. And today is all about her. I love the way she has grown and developed into the person she currently is and look forward to the many changes that are still to come.

Emily, with Helen to the right looking as if she is going to devour the cake.
(And I look so young! I was 40 in that photo!)
Bless, she was so gorgeous!
Still sweet!
Cheeky starting to creep in?
Rug burn on her chin from wiping out at the play place.
The year we had the 15' swimming pool and a garden big enough for it.
Young lady!
With attitude!
I love every last thing about this child. She is definitely my Favourite Thing Friday this week. Happy Birthday! For those of you who know I made my girls my favourite thing very recently - I know - but it is her birthday. I had to do it!!

A very proud Mum.



  1. Happy birthday Emily - gorgeous pics and how the years fly by! At least cheeky monkey didn`t kick in until she was 4...our cheeky monkey started bang on 3! Have a wonderful day together - look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. I can totally relate-- my daughter just turned 9 last week and I am amazed at the person she is turning into-- and her interests, talents, and character that are emerging... It's hard to believe she's 9 (so grown up-- 8 is still young, but 9??!!) Hope you had a happy birthday celebration!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Emily! I love that you showed pictures of her for each year so we could see her growing up. (My baby is 22.. :() )

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful Emily!! I hope you have a truly special day.
    {And make sure you work your mum hard today, making her spoil you rotten for the honour of having you as a daughter!! ;) }


  5. Happy Birthday to you
    I went to the zoo
    I saw a hairy monkey
    And I thought it was... your mum!

  6. Happy Birthday, Emily! I love the birthday timeline - goodness she's growing right before my eyes. Time flies ;)

    Enjoy your day celebrating!

  7. Happy Birthday Emily I hope you have a wonderful day today.
    Love the pics of her through the years.

  8. Great way to celebrate your daughter's life so far ...wishing you both lots of joy to come! Enjoy the day Emily! and family!

  9. Happy Birthday Emily!
    Thank you Susan for sharing the photos of Emily growing up!

  10. Happy Birthday Emily! (I'd make the most of this, your mum is feeling all soppy!)


  11. Happy Birthday Miss Emily. What a great post. You have every right to be a proud Mum!

    There is absolutely no way you're 40 in that photo.

  12. What a great post! Happy birthday, Emily!

  13. Yey! Happy birthday to Emily. Last year as a single digit, make the most of it!

  14. A Happy birthday to Emily - I dont know where the time goes with my two girls either. Love the 'old' photos :-)

  15. What a cutie! Happy Birthday Em! (Just wait til she's 13!!! Yikes!) Jxo

  16. Happy Birthday Emily!
    Love those photos of each year. Do you do the thing when you think "this time 9 years ago...." I do it every year with each child and get all emotional!

  17. Happy Birthday Emily!! Hope you had a day filled with fun and plenty of ice cream and cake!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Emily! I hope your day was as special as these favorite memories.

  19. Happy Birthday Emily. A great favourite! Watching a young girl grow and develop 'attitude' all part of the fun! Lovely!


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