Tuesday 2 August 2011

Lost and Found

Last week, while I tipped my toy  fabric box's content onto the floor I told you that I found a quilt top. Unfinished, still with pins in it - which is why I found it. Pain gets my attention quickly. It was a disappearing nine patch - or D9P as I now know. (It took me ages to understand what that meant in the quilting blogland!)

So I took that quilt top and added it to my list of things to do, and then finished it so I could check off another item from said list. I am easily satisfied that way.

Here is my latest finished quilt. It's small but so are babies.

It measures approximately 31" x 37"
All I had to do to finish the top was to put the sashing on.
Then I quilted it in a 'daisy chain' sort of pattern.
Just meandering from one flower to the next.
The backing matches the sashing and shows up the flowered quilting nicely.
What really worries me about this lost and then found quilt top is I can barely remember making it. But himself says he can. That is just wrong! Next thing I know he will be eyeing up my fabric.



  1. it is a little beauty susan !!

  2. I just can't believe you forgot about it. Sinility, my dear! I would be very proud of a nice little number like that

  3. Well if he is eyeing up the fabric you will obviously need to buy more!!
    At the Festival of Quilts for starters!

  4. Oh the slippery path to senility! x

  5. I love the colours of this D9P (I only just worked that abbreviation out last week!) - totally summery and gorgeous!

  6. Such a lovely quilt but how in the name of the wholly mackerel can you have put an entire quilt top into the fabric bin including pins and have forgotten about it. Very amusing indeed. By the way I am thinking to go next week thursday to the quilt festival. I remember you said you might go too .

  7. this is great! And your fmq is fabulous, once again. Isn't it funny the things that we can forget, so quickly as well!

  8. I think it's a skill - forgetting projects you dont want to recall.

    I love the quilt especially the border/binding.That's from one of my favourite fabric lines of all time! Pretty!

  9. Always a worry when hubbie remembers things you can't!! This is such a cute quilt. Love the binding fabric and what gorgeous quilting too! Jxo

  10. Well I think it's lovely, and a finish is a finish! Great quilting too!

  11. Clearly the Mr made it and planted it in with your stuff so you'd have to quilt and bind it. Maybe he'll quilt and bind the next one himself. Well done Mr, it's a fab quilt! ;0)

    I do the same thing with lists, write things on them just so I can cross them off!


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