Sunday 31 July 2011

Are We There Yet?

I've scheduled this post to publish as I head the car northwards to my mother's. My mum lives about a mile from the coast and every summer we have spent time there. One of my favourite beaches in the world is Long Sands Beach in Tynemouth. Even on the busiest days there is plenty of room for everyone, especially when the tide is out. Weather permitting, we hope to be on that beach tomorrow.

When my girls grow up they are going to have many happy memories (I hope!) of time spent with their grandparents, on the beach, relaxing, enjoying life. To me that is the ultimate summer holiday for a child. So here we go again.

The waves are bigger when you are smaller.
And there is always hope that you will catch something.
A warm towel and a comfy place to sit.
You haven't lived until you have been buried in the sand.
Or buried your uncle.
Boredom doesn't exist on the beach.
The imagination runs free.
Dance because you can.
Explore every rock pool...
... and you might find a rock.
Summer holidays are the best!

We are off to make some  more memories. Hope you are making happy memories too!



  1. enjoy your break susan :))

  2. Gorgeous images Susan - the girls will have the best memories as you continue to make life so colorful for them! Have a wonderful holiday with your mum - the beach looks wonderful and even if it`s raining I still love the beach.

  3. Oh wish I was coming with you! Hope you have loads of fun! Jxo

  4. Gorgeous photos! I was lucky enough to grow up about 10 minutes walk from the beach so we spent lots of time there in the summer holidays...great memories! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday x

  5. oooh scheduled post, very clever! Great photos - I used to LOVE to bury my brother in the sand :-) Hope you're there soon and making more fabulous memories :-)

  6. I spent many hungover Sunday afternoons in Tynemouth when I was at University - sweet place x

  7. Yes, I still have the photos of Wymouth and Eastbourne when I was little. Happy days. Hope the weather stays fine for you

  8. Hey Susan,

    I tried to reply to your emails asking me for my address but they bounced back, saying your inbox was full!!

    Hope you're having a great time

  9. I have lots of memories of Long Sands and go back there every time I visit mum, who still lives in the same little house in Newcastle. I wonder if we were even there at the same time?
    Have a great trip - my kids always love going to the beach. I still have visions of max, aged about 4 ripping his clothes off on a very cool spring day and jumping into the water before I could stop him!


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