Saturday 9 July 2011

Reviewing the 'List of Things to Do' That I Foolishly Made in May

Sarah, over at Fairy Face Designs, is the person who encouraged us all to link up on the 1st of May and make a list of what we were hoping to accomplish over the summer. Sarah is evil! Because she has just asked us to link up again and review our lists - what we have finished, and what is still a work in progress. Or, if you are me, what you have not even managed to get started! I have just had a look at my first list and all I can think is 'uh-oh!' This is why I have never been a list maker. I hate that sense of failure!

But here I am, setting myself up again, because not only am I going to review what I have and haven't done, I think I will foolishly add to the list. Why?!?! I must be a sucker for punishment. Some people thrive on lists. I wish I did.

So, here we go -

1. I had two Pips quilts to finish. Well, one is finished and the other languishes, awaiting binding. It languishes because I really can't decide if I am finished quilting it or not. It looks good, but somewhere deep inside of me I want to do more. The lazy side of me shouts 'Just bind it and be done. Enough already!'

The 'Finished One'

More quilting? I just cannot decide.

2. This one was a big pile of red and pink two inch scraps leftover from a previous quilt. I was am going to turn them into a quilt similar to my scrappy blue quilt. And I will some day. Not worth a photo!

3. My chocolate brown crocheted baby blanket is a finish. Yeah for me!

It is finished. I just can't find the photo!
4. Item four showed a huge pile of scraps that looked like this -

I can happily announce that they now look like this (shown yesterday so no big surprise) -

5. I never did get around to making something in orange - yet. Which reminds me, I must buy more orange fabric.

6. I am happily ensconced in the Brit Bee and have accomplished two months worth of blocks with July's fabric sitting there and taunting me.

One of Miss May's blocks.
I made two - I just don't seem to have a photo of both of them together.

Both of Miss June's blocks.

7. I also proudly did my very first quilt swap with the Brit Quilt ladies and it was brilliant. I sent this -

Perv Bird

-  and gleefully received this -

Beautifully made and the colours are so much more vibrant than they seem here.

Well, that just about covers all the items listed on that post at the beginning of May. And here are a few things that hadn't crossed my mind then, but which are now either completed or works in progress -

Double Fat Jack -
- became Double Fatter Jack - I turned it into a pillow.
My first ever 'proper' cushion. And I conquered my HST fear.
Another cushion cover - to join the first one soon
And I hopped on the bandwagon and joined the
Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-Long.
To be added to this list is Project 51. A secret project in which I have to produce two 16.5" blocks and send them off to a secret location where they will be pieced together with other blocks and then sent to yet another location to be layered, quilted and bound. The fabric is in the house and Project 51 has top priority.

I also have to start putting some serious thought into what I want made for my blocks in the Brit Bee as I am Miss September and I need to consider what fabric I require, etc before it is midway through August and I am somewhere in deepest, darkest Scotland, halfway up a hill and suddenly realise I have left it all a bit too late.

Other than that - I must make a cushion with a zipper in it. I really must get around to doing it. I am not afraid of zippers. I feel like the Little Train That Could - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

And that is enough! In review I see that I have actually done quite a bit, and still a lot to do. So I had better go and do some. Now. Right after I link this with Fairy Face. Bye!



  1. Sometimes lists can actually be quite encouraging. Yours makes you into a super hero. Mine, if I ever have the courage to make one, will scream at me 'what on earth were you thinkng?' Jxo

  2. Oh I detest lists and totally get the sense of failure thing but you have accomplished much in 2 and a bit months. Be happy...oh, and order your fabric Miss September.

  3. You're worrying too much, the status of your list is very impressive, all the more so for the fabulous wonky stars and escaping pinwheel! And all the extra work you've done that wasnt on the list? Fantastic :-)

  4. The teacher I am married to would definitely give you an A+. He might even give you a 2nd +. Me, not being a teacher, I'll say FAB-TASTIC missus, you got so much done. Seriously, what were you worrying about? And everything so lovely too. I need to go check your crochet blanket out more. Might need to make me one of those for a present for someone very special. Love the chocolate and pink in it, do you have a pattern (sorry, I know I'm cheeky). Thanks for linking up xx

  5. You did tonnes and you never even mentioned the dancing, birthday and all that cooking!!

    Lists are great!

  6. Wow what a list of achievements - I love your wonky stars quilt - that border is fab! Must go check out yesterday's post which I missed.

  7. That's a fantabulous list, Miss Susan, especially with all the school stuff and a machine break-down! I really don't know what you're worried about, can't wait to see what you come up with for September :)

  8. Oh, come on, you've finished almost all you planned and it's only mid-term :)
    And all the things are so lovely.
    I can't wait to see the finished crocheted blanket - you will post a photo when you find it, won't you?

  9. Wow that is impressive, well done! Your work is gorgeous I have to say! Fi

  10. Wow, I'm just getting around to checking up on your blog again. Wow, is all I can say. You are busier than a bedbug.
    Cheers, great blog!


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