Sunday 3 July 2011

When a Sunday Doesn't Feel Like a Sunday

I am a contrary cow at times. Difficult to please, I suppose. Because it is Sunday today, and I've been all alone. You might think that this is a good thing, and if it was in the final weeks of the summer holiday it would be. But it's not, and I wandered around the house like a lost soul. It just did not feel right.

Helen was at a sleepover and she stayed with her friend until mid-afternoon because they were having such a good time. John had taken Emily up to the Peak District for a wander, and a clamber over rocks, and generally to just have some one on one time with her. A good thing to do.

And silly me missed them all. Oh, I did get on with unblocking the shower drain - because I am a modern woman and I can do these things. And I grocery shopped. And I ironed the laundry that had to be ironed (I ignored the rest). And I sewed. All of it was time spent waiting for them to come home. So next time I complain that I want time on my own - tell me off. I suppose that to me time alone just shouldn't be happening on a Sunday. Sunday's we hang out, have a late breakfast, take it easy, have a nice dinner all together.

Happily my family is all back where they belong now. We are currently each doing our own thing. But we know the others are there. I like that feeling.

So what did I sew today, you ask? (And if you didn't ask then proceed to the bottom of this post where I say good bye and log off now.)

I finished the star part of the wonky stars quilt top. I forgot how long it takes to sew wonky stars. They are labour intensive. Worth it, of course, but they take time. They may take longer to make if you are tired, so you make mistakes, and you have to do regular unpicking. You may be tired because you may have had just a little too much pink wine last night at a very enjoyable barbeque with great friends. All this may be true but I did get them done - eventually.

Emily felt she should be acknowledged as the face attached to the feet sticking out below the quilt top, so here she is -

I am going to go and made the dressing for our dinner tonight. It's the Oriental Beef and Spinach Salad that is so very, very good. I'm going to barbeque the meat. I think it will be an early dinner. Everyone's tired. Helen from her sleepover. John and Emily from their walk. Me from debauched living.

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are.



  1. Sounds like you had fun at your get together last night!! Glad everyone is home and safe. The quilt is really looking great

  2. I didnt skip to the pics, honest guv. Loving wonky stars :-) Its actually kinda sweet that you just need to know they're around so I wont tell you off next time you moan for freetime. Not that I would have anyway. big hug x

    Great makings, daft mare I would LOVE an empty house!!

  4. I empathise with this kind of contrariness - I feel I need peace and then miss them like mad when they go away, feeling all lonely and sorry for myself. What are we like?!

  5. Nope, nope I just can't relate! Time to myself? HEAVEN at any time! And as for last night's tipple, just as well those stars were already wonky eh? Jxo

  6. I know how you feel. Having had a week to myself, I was desperate for company. I did laugh though. You all went off then and did your own things!
    Can't handle the concept of wonky things. You have to deliberately make it wonky, but I see all the point, corners etc still have to match? Does not compute.

    PS my word verification was trumphar. What a brilliant word.

  7. I get it...I'm not very good at using "me" time..I end up doing sensible things like cleaning the toilet and vacuuming!

  8. Seeing your wonky stars makes me want to dust mine off and finally get around to quilting it. It is one of those that i can't decide how to quilt = i love it that much I want to do it justice. Let me know when you get around to quilting yours I would love to see it.


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