Wednesday 27 July 2011

The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence is broken only by the busy hum of the sewing machine, and the less peaceful sound of me swearing at my computer because the Internet connection has been less than adequate today, often non-existent. Apologies for any lack of replies to emails or comments of on blogs - it got too frustrating to persevere.

That meant I had to concentrate on the sewing. I am very good at procrastinating and having the main method of procrastination removed proves to make me far more productive. Scarily so. Not having to feed anyone else, or ferry anyone around, or provide entertainment also aids the productivity.

First I have the heart blocks for Caroline completed. I shall be posting these by the end of the week and fingers crossed that she has blocks pouring in from everyone now. It would be so nice if she got enough blocks to make several quilts.

Moving on swiftly, I made another reversible top. This one on a request of a friend for her daughter. I'll be paid. Exciting! I used two different weaves, a purple gingham and a soft green with a little bit of pink woven through as well. I don't think the green shows up as nice in the photos as it actually is. I will be handing this top over to its new owner on Friday.

Next I worked on the D9P that I found yesterday, but other than one little teaser photo I am not going to show you any more. I think I will save it for another post, for when I am on holiday. So this little bit of FMQ is it for now.

I looked at my list and checked it twice, and then finished off another item that lurked there. A present for someone. A wee little purse made with my crocheting fingers instead of quilted - for a change. I seem to have ignored the crochet for a while.

Next on the agenda? Well it involves this nightmare of a thing-ma-bob -

Time to face my worst enemy. The Zipper! I am going to make that long promised cushion. I said I would so time to man woman up and do it. I also want to do Kat's tutorial for making a lovely little pouch, but forgot to buy two zippers while in the sewing shop the other day. I think panic started to set in as I perused them. The pouch may have to wait until after our wee holiday. But I still intend to do it - unless this cushion sends me completely doolally and I get hives if I ever touch a zipper again. There is that possibility.

I meant to post the ugly fabric today in a separate post but the computer had other ideas so that will have to wait another day and see if the computer is nicer tomorrow. I am sure you can hardly contain yourself with excitement!

Sorry, this is a dull as dishwater post. Turns out I am really boring when left on my own too long, with no human interaction. Talking to the fish and swearing at the computer do not compensate for real live people. Have no fear, himself is on his way home as I type this. There is a bbq at the sailing club tonight. We're going. No idea what to expect. Hope there is talk other than sailing.



  1. I really love that crochet purse - makes me wish I could crochet - it's beautiful!

  2. You`re never boring`ve achieved so much. Don`t be hard on yourself and enjoy tonight. It sounds fun!

  3. Your wee crocheted purse is adorable! What a lovely gift! Hope you have a lovely evening tonight! Jxo

  4. you will get on fine with the zip, and then you will be a convert, making all sorts of zippy things!
    I love your fmq: I had a try yesterday and was rubbish, so more practise needed in that department!

  5. Not even a remotely dull post! Looks like you're getting loads of good stuff done:-) Good luck with the zipper.. x

  6. I always do my cushions with envelope backs - such a coward! I think the internet must be slow because of all the children/teenagers at home on holiday using up all the juice - ours has gone from bad to worse.

    Pomona x

  7. you daft thing, that's not a boring post! I love the crocheted purse (I am useless at chrochet!) and I can't wait to see the ugly fabric (yep, I'm definitely that sad!) x

  8. you daft thing, that's not a boring post! I love the crocheted purse (I am useless at chrochet!) and I can't wait to see the ugly fabric (yep, I'm definitely that sad!) x

  9. I've crowned Kat's fabric the ugliest because you cannot possibly have anything uglier than the bit she showed on her blog yesterday.

    Although I am looking forward to seeing your hideousness too.

    Looks like you had a wonderfully crafty day . Whoooooo Hoooooo! Way to go. (Loving that FM Susan - you tease!)

  10. Well done Susan for a productive day after all! Let's hope there is no connection tomorrow either and see what can be done?! Sorry only joking! Heehee! My kids would be up in arms about it and I'd have no peace to sew...

  11. Not dull at all! I love those hearts, I'm going to try to make some today.
    Your FMQ looks lovely and that crocheted purse is really pretty.
    I've got the quilt using your 'not so ugly after all' fabric planned in my head. Now I just need to find time (and peace) to actually make it :)


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