Tuesday 12 July 2011

Shakespeare in the Playground... And a Wonky Star, or Two, or Three, or...

Well the title of this post sums up my day so far.

When I could, I spent the morning working on my hand stitching around the wonky stars. I have completed eight of twenty so far. Here a few of my favourites -

This little diddy one is only three inches across.
For those of you who saw this block's creation -
Yes, I left that big old blue dot in there because I forgot.
Out of sight, out of mind - until it is too late.
I just love the strong reds here.
For the afternoon I had the edifying experience of watching a group of four to eleven year olds perform Antony and Cleopatra. It was, um, interesting, entertaining, humourous at times, and a very good effort on their part.

Emily was a narrator -

And also the maker of waves when the sea battle raged -

Helen was Cleopatra's chief maid servant, Charmian (seen here hiding behind a piece of artwork after the finish of the play) -
As you can imagine, she loved the wig. Not!
So it's been a full day all in all. My brain has also been working very hard - with results - which is a result in itself! I have finally come up with a plan for my July bee blocks. We were given some Oakshott cotton in two colours and a free will to do what we liked. That put the fear into me! But I now have a plan. Thank goodness for that! And in the process of coming to a decision on the blocks for Judith I also came up with a plan for when it is my turn in the bee. I have gone over various ideas since the inception of the bee and this is the first idea that actually excites me - so I guess it is the one. Of course I can't tell you until the end of August, the same time I tell my bee pals. You will have to just be satisfied with the thought that it is a huge weight off my mind! Now I just hope that Miss August doesn't come up with something similar before my turn arrives!

Suppose I will have to feed the two beasties dinner tonight. Wouldn't it be nice if you only had to do things like that when you were in the  mood? Never mind, the noise they would make if I didn't would be more annoying than the actual preparation of the food. I do like cooking, but some days I just really can't be arsed bothered. Suppose they are too young to teach them the joys of popcorn for dinner!? They should really learn that decadence all by themselves.



  1. Those stars are sooo cute! I love the hand quilting around the edges!

  2. Those stars are beautiful! Can't wait to see what you give us at the end of August :)
    Mmmmm popcorn for dinner sounds good.....

  3. Lovely stars...and I'm not just talking about your patchwork. Those girls certainly took on quite the task with Shakespeare!!

    Look forward to hearing more about your plan for the Oakshott cotton... :o)

  4. I love that wig! The stars are looking great, I can't wait to see it when its all finished

  5. The starts are beautiful, Helen could so with a touch of conditioner on her barnet and as for you Bee month, I am intrigued and yet strangely pooping my pants!

  6. Oh the joys of the school play! Great hand quilting and looking at your blog is making me miss my quilting. Great that your head has gotten round two quilty quandaries.

  7. Stars are lookin fab, and well done to the girls! Anything in particular you'd like Miss August to avoid as she's currently dispairing and changing her mind every five minutes...

  8. The stars are uber cute, especially that diddy one! I've got a plan for my red and white too, I hope we're not doing the same thing :) x

  9. I have two words to fix your dinner dilemma- breakfast cereal.

    The quilting round the wonky stars looks marvellous. I wish I had the guts to hand quilt. Im terrified of stuffing it up!

  10. Beautiful stars! The stitching is especially nice!

  11. Stoopid blogger - I think it ate my comment, so if you get this twice then I apologize!
    I do love those stars so!! You've done a great job with the handstitching. I must get off my behind & try it sometime myself.
    And my plan for dinner when I can't be bothered is cereal. Works a charm (and actually tends to be Hannah's preference over a cooked dinner, so win win!!).

  12. My kids would love you forever if you served them popcorn for dinner! Your wonky blocks are so cute, I love the hand stitching - what patience you must have! Jxo

  13. I suggested to my eldest the other day (17 going on 18) that she did dinner - her return was that it would be crisps with crisps on the side...she did eventually make tuna and pasta salad though..

  14. Stars of the stage and wonky stars - can it get any better?


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