Saturday 16 July 2011

A Sewing Challenge of a Different Kind

I took the girls into town today because we have decided to sew something, for them. They each picked a pattern and then some fabric to make said pattern with. I let them choose. Well, other than steering them clear of any fabric that was stretchy, really ugly or see through.

Helen wants a summer dress, which would be lovely seeing as how it is halfway through July and summer happened in April. But we shall make sure there is enough leeway that she can wear it next April.

Helen's choice.
She wants a dress like the green one.
Glad she went for knee length as it saved me buying another yard of fabric.
Emily had an outfit like this made by me when she was three.
Emily likes things to stay the same.
Emily chose the cherries, not me.
Now theoretically I should be down on my hands and knees pinning pattern pieces to fabric right now. But I am not. That is because the girls were lucky to still be alive by the time I brought them home. By that point I needed to put space between me and them before violence ensued. How is that kids can push every button you have and still not see the impending doom? How have they not learned that pestering does not work with me. It just gets them a thoroughly annoyed mother?

How is it that getting a pattern each, and fabric, and lunch from the Thai restaurant (that had a stall set up outside for some festival) selling prawns wrapped in filo, satay, spring rolls and more - how is it that this is not enough? Why do they still hop from shop to shop asking to have things bought for them, repeatedly.

They got off lightly. They did not get the 27 pack of Penguin biscuits in Tesco because one of them whinged about wanting the orange flavoured ones. Despite me rationally pointing out that she likes the regular flavour and they were on sale. 27 for £2. The orange ones were 9 for £1.60. She still didn't get it. So then I didn't get them. And that was that.

Okay, that wasn't that - because the whinging didn't stop so nor did we get the promised chocolate puddings for desert. And I forgot to pick up the mini prawns so she could make layered prawn salads tomorrow, and by the time I remembered I was at the till and I was so not going back out in to a Saturday afternoon Tesco melee for love nor money, nor prawns.

And that is why I am not making clothes for my precious darlings right now. All would be lost but I happen to know that there is a little mini bottle of pink wine about to go in the fridge, and that there is a tub of Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream in the freezer in the garage. And I know that ice cream is not coming out until certain little madams have gone to bed!

Tomorrow I will start on the dresses. Tomorrow will be a new day. Clean slate and all. And we won't be near a shop so they can't ask me to buy them something, again, and again, and again. Tomorrow we stay home and sew. Bliss! Tomorrow me and my girls will be friends again. Meanwhile, they are cosied up to their father. They know where it's best to be right now.

I will leave you with a photo of Emily dancing in the rain this morning. Doesn't she look too happy a child to ever cause an ounce of trouble?

None of you have children who behave like this, do you? Because I know I have brilliant kids. Just some days I need to step back, breath deep and then start all over again.



  1. It will all feel much better after an evening of chocolate fudge ice cream - there is only so much one woman can take (of shopping with chlidren, not ice cream, naturally)!

  2. I am reading this whilst my three fight whilst brushing teeth, having fought their way through teatime, and the afternoon, and morning and tomorrow will be groundhog day, and oh I am so looking forward to the school holidays...oh boy!

    Love 'em? When they are sleeping x

  3. Oh I'm soooooo there after 2 weeks of school holidays already! So glad you didn't forget to put the wine & ice-cream in the trolley! Now that would've been a disaster!! Jxo

  4. Oh deary me! I dont know what to say cos that would drive me up the wall! Just enjoy your ice cream, and I hope they're back to their lovely selves tomorrow! xxx

  5. oh dear :-( Take a deep breath, put them to bed & start on the wine and the ice cream. Like you say, tomorrow is another day

  6. Ybou did the right thing standing by your principles and tomorrow will be a better day. It's their job to whinge and want things and ours to tell them they can't!

  7. You sound like every mother I've ever known. Congratulations- your kids are completely typical!

    And that my friend, is why grapes were invented they could be crushed into wine. So you could drink it- and love your kids again tomorrow.

  8. Did you have my kids with you today and just not notice? Sounds very like my life!! And I am well into a lovely cold Pinot grigio right now (after 2 hours of "stop talking/messing/crying/fidgeting and GO TO SLEEP") I love them so much more when they are asleep, lol ;-)

  9. I love the patterns and thought that the girls were going to make them with your guidance! My son has been a complete pain today too and yes, he already knows which buttons to press...he just needs to get back into his routine and perhaps yours are exhausted from a long term...who knows? Do show us the dresses when finished and the pic of Emily is adorable!

  10. Yeh, I thought this would be the first lesson in teaching the girls how to sew. Maybe not eh?
    I'm sitting here being Mrs smug of smug hall. No whinging kids here, just the wine and the ice cream! But I do love your stories.

  11. Oh phew! It's not just us then! Why is it that if you offer two choices, a small person has to choose the third thing that wasn't on the list at all..."Would you like juice or squash? I'd like Lemonade please...." Grr, well that wasn't an option grrrrr!

    Good luck with the outfits!

  12. Hope the ice cream and the pink fizzy did the trick :o)

    There are days I want to go on strike..I've even threatened my family that I will form a one-man (woman) picket line outside our house! :o)

  13. Your girls remind me so much of me and my sister when we were growing up, and you remind me of my mom. I'm sure you would get on!

    As she would say, "Don't pet the sweaty things".

    It'll be okay tomorrow (i.e. today).



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