Thursday 7 July 2011

Yet More New Stuff!

I was going to do a post about what I accomplished today, but as I stopped by the Post Office to pick up a parcel this afternoon and received the following it seemed more important to show you what I got.

Catherine of Sew Wonderful Life was the lovely person who I signed up for the Pay It Forward with. And all this stuff is what she sent me. I mean how good is that?!?!

So a huge thank you to Catherine. She made me a pin cushion. Woohoo! I don't didn't have one. I know that sounds odd for someone who spends a great number of hours sewing - well it just doesn't sound odd - it is odd! Not any more. Because I now have a pin cushion. Suppose I will have to go out and get some of those fancy pins now, with the imaginative tops on them. Bog standard pins just won't do for this lovely piece of handmade.

She also made me the sweetest little make up bag, and a tissue holder to match. Helen will now use this as an excuse for me to buy and wear make up. Helen may have a point. A little more effort should be made on my part.

Then there were these two little jewels glistening away and tempting me -

These jams are pertinent to the PIF gift because Catherine lives in Tiptree, Essex, so they are made in her stomping ground.

If all that was not enough already, I also received some lovely bows and buttons. The buttons have quickly gone into hiding because I have two of the biggest button thieves in the world living in this house. I know when to keep some things to myself. Selfish, but necessary at times.

So if you want to see what I was up to today, sorry, you will have to come back tomorrow.

Just before I go I will tell  you that I got the finest accolade from two ten year olds today. One mother drove three of the Y5s (including Helen) to the high school today for a special project, and I picked them up at lunch time and returned them to their school. When I dropped them off these other two children said, 'We're riding with your mother next time. She's fun. I bet no one else laughed so much on the drive back.' Ha! That should get me some major brownie points with my eldest. I'm fun! Go figure!?!



  1. Check out cool mum Susan! Credit where it's due. Those PIF goodies are great!

  2. Of course your cool, you're friends with me aren't you!!! (LOL!). Enjoy your lovely goodies, what a treat! Jxo

  3. Well WE always knew you were a cool mum! Catherine`s PIFs are great - go enjoy!

  4. What a lovely compliment - glad it has been a good day!

    Pomona x

  5. Funny Ha Ha or Funny peculiar? Sounds like a great day x

  6. Brilliant, that is one serious compliment you got today! Congratulations! oh and Happy Birthday too, for earlier in the week, looks like you had a suitably lovely time! I missed a few blogs whilst lying by a pool in Malta (or should that be constantly chasing a speedy crawling 1 year old around a pool in Malta?!)

  7. Go you fun mummy! Those goodies look great & also Congrats to your girls for making a great cake (last post I know but I'm reading them together).
    And also I recognise that scrummy jam well... Neil's dad also lives near tiptree so I've sampled their goodness (and cuteness) a number of times. Enjoy all your goodies :)

  8. Yeeeeh! It worked! No more typing nonsense words (except my own of course!) Jxo

  9. Well you always make me laugh....guess you are fun after all!

    I'm not cool as we don't have an in-car DVD nor a soft top. But I am embarrassing to go to parties with - when I dance!


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