Saturday 2 July 2011

My Machine, She Purrs Like a Kitten

My sewing machine worked perfectly well before the 'clunk' incident, and I was happy with it, though I knew that I was accommodating it in some senses. The balance wasn't quite right, etc. I didn't realise how much so until I plugged it in and got sewing again today. Oooooooo! It sounds so nice, so smooth, so happy. And the tension is perfect again. Happy machine, happy me! And I am so very pleased to get it back in just a few short days.

Unfortunately I haven't had a great deal of sewing time today. There was shopping to be shopped, dancing to be danced and birthday party/sleepovers to attend - and someone who had to do the driving. That would be muggins here. Never mind, there is a barbeque at friend's tonight. A chilled glass of pink wine will obliterate the memories of being a chauffeur. That, and good company.

What sewing time I did have was spent with the wonky stars. I now have 17 9" square blocks. I laid 16 of them out on my design wall the floor when I had them all done -

I then rearranged them time and again. You would think that by now I would have learned I could probably get the same results of I did it by lucky dip. Before I changed my mind yet again, I sewed them all together. That is where the sewing ends today -

That badminton net was the best thing I put in the garden this summer.
I find it endlessly useful.
This pieced bit measures 35"x35". I think I will make three more stars to turn it into a rectangular quilt and then put a stonking big border on it to bring it up to the size I want. My mind has moved on with this quilt. Not to wanting to do something else but to wanting to quilt it. I think I know just what I want to do so I need to finish the top so I can get on to the next stage.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are. Enjoy yourself whatever you are doing.



  1. wow susan, wonky stars is fantastic! I love how they are different sizes. It is going to look wonderful (well it does already)!

  2. this looks amazing all put together, i am loving the white background with the bold stars. It looks fantastic

  3. Love those wonky stars! Glad you have had happy (and speedy) reunion with your machine.

  4. The stars are lovely and quilt will be, too.
    It's raining here but somehow that doesn't matter today. Maybe it's the chilled glass of pink wine (it's funny but I'm really drinking just that right now).

  5. My Dad uses the phrase muggins all the time. That's very Aussie !

    I love the wonky stars quilt. It's lovely. I keep saying Im going to make one and it's on my bucket list.

    Isnt a well oiled/serviced machine one of the best things ever ! Makes sewing so much more pleasurable.

  6. Yay! Bet your machine is happy to be home again too :)
    Your stars look gorgeous. Can't wait to see it quilted!

  7. Oh must be wonderful to get your machine back.

    The wonky stars quilt is looking great!

  8. That repair man is worth his weight in gold. He must have every one saying "oh, quickly, please"!
    Wonky stars are looking good. Is this a gift or for yourself?

  9. Oh I love this wonky star front. Especially like the teeny one in there. It's much more interesting because the stars are different sizes - I could look at it for ages. F.A.B Virgil! Jxo

  10. Oh good to hear the machine is back and that you are a happy camper...can I have this man's details..I'll try him next time my machine needs a service!!


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