Tuesday 5 July 2011

First it was Canada, and then the USA, and now...

... it's my turn to have a birthday. And do you know what the best bit is? I am the youngest of the three! Yippee!!

I am not a shy retiring wallflower when it comes to birthdays. Not just mine, but other's too. I love them. I think a person should be made to feel special on their birthday. I believe I told John at the very beginning of our relationship that I 'do' birthdays and Christmas. He was well and truly warned. And he has stepped up to the challenge remarkably over the years.

I couldn't have breakfast in bed this morning, because it was just me and the girls, and it was a school morning. But the girls did wake me up by coming in singing Happy Birthday, with their handmade cards and a little handmade present from each of them. And that wasn't all, there was a gorgeous mug rug from the even more gorgeous Judith over at Rags to Bags. I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have become a blogger and quickly realised that the best part of blogging is the incredible people you meet in the process.

Friendship bracelet from Emily; Felt bracelet from Helen.
The gorgeous mug rug that Judith sent, and a felt purse from Helen
Fun time over, the girls got deposited at school and I came home in time to receive these from the delivery man -
Not a great photo because the bouquet is larger than it looks here.
Mmmmmm...   pink wine!
We still had the issue of the weather and Sports Day. Well the good news was it stayed dry all morning so the event got under way. The not so good news was that the weather then changed - for the worse.

But that's okay. It didn't tip down. It wasn't cold. My girls' house team won the over all Sports Day cup and the Headteacher curtailed the event due to the grass getting slippy so we got to come home early. Result! Now here are the requisite Sports Day photos -

Emily's smile says it all.
Helen giving it her all.
On announcement of the winning house team.
Full house - 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
You would be right to believe that is enough to report for today, and some things will have to wait until tomorrow - like the cake they are baking right now. Or the deluxe dinner planned. Okay, truth be told it is frozen pizzas because I'm not cooking! But all four of us are going out for Thai food on Saturday night. We love Thai food. The girls can eat their body weight in it. Can't wait!

And I still want to tell you about yesterday evening. The girls got another chance to go sailing with Brownies. They absolutely love sailing having got the chance to do some lessons with Brownies last year. So they spent an hour and a half carousing on the reservoir.

Emily coming into the dock at the end of the sail.

Helen being motored in to speed things up.
At which point all the Brownies promptly threw themselves into the reservoir.
Sopping wet, and no change of clothes - but we did have towels.
I think that is just about enough fun and excitement for the past 24 hours. I have a chilled glass of wine to sip while I cook some pizzas. Have a great evening. I intend to.


*** Actually that is not enough fun and excitement for today because if you like to sew, or you just like to have fab fabric to admire in your possession then hop on over to Lily's Quilts because Lynne has not one but two Fat Quarter bundles from the Fat Quarter Shop to give away and it is stunning.

So hop on over there if you would like a chance of winning. I've put my name down for the draw. I would love to own some of this fabric line!


  1. Happy Birthday!! You really have packed in a lot of fun today - sounds great!

  2. Happy Birthday Susan! Glad the weather held off for you: I did think of you when I stepped out of a school this afternoon and it was absolutely boiling here!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, especially with the bottle of pink :-)


    Sung completely in tune ;o)

  4. Happy Birthday (again!). Glad you've had a lovely day, lots of smiles in those pics. And your flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy the pink stuff! Jxo

  5. Yay Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Sounds like a goodie, Sports Day over n'all!
    Enjoy being waited on and don't drink all the Pink at once; 6.30, I am probably too late then!

  6. Happy birthday Susan! Pizza and wine? How bad, girl!!! (as we would say here in Cork!) hope you have a nice evening and obviously some cake and online fabric shopping.. It is your birthday after all ;-)

  7. Happy birthday - enjoy your wine and pizza!

  8. Yay! You got the sun! well enough for sports day ;-) Very Happy Birthday to you, glad you've had such a lovely day! xxx

  9. Happy happy birthday to lovely Susan who makes me smile every evening when I check in to see what she`s been up to. Looks like a great day and you have lovely things to come. I`m a firm believer that we should all have birthweeks so that the fun lasts longer. Sunny hugs from North Africa winging their way to Northants. x p.s Girls done good!

  10. Happy Birthday, hope you didn't get too wet and the day just got better and better, Enjoy! x

  11. Happy Birthday! Love your sports day pics! Your 'sacks' look far more 21st century than ours! :o) I'm counting down to mine...(21st!) - maybe if I'm a good girl hubby will get me some pink wine! x x x

  12. Happy Birthday Susan. It looks like you and the girls had a ton of fun.

  13. YEY for july babies! Happy birthday to you my dear BVF! Hope you have had a glorious day, weather notwithstanding. And forget what Hadders said, DO drink all that pink at once!

  14. Happy b-day! Love it when everyone goes swimming with now fresh clothes, LOL! At least you had towels. I won't mention who, but Mr. SD took an unplanned dunk then drove home with no towel...

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  16. Sorry for the late birthday wishes - story of my life that I am always late to the party Susan. Although late, these birthday wishes are nonetheless heartfelt, and I hope you are still basking in the afterglow of being made to feel special because you are! Happy belated birthday Susan!

  17. Happy birthday dear Susan! Glad your family spoilt you. It certainly looks like you'be had an action packed few days! birthday hugs Kat Xx

  18. Happy birthday, I love birthdays as well. Hope you had a fun day your pressies are lovely.



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