Sunday 24 July 2011

Emily's Day to Shine

Helen was at a sleepover last night, which gave me uninterrupted time to focus on Emily today. One on one with a child is an extremely good thing. At least in this house it is. It usually leads to better behaviour and an increase in that loving feeling.

Emily took it up another notch though. Because she started the day with a small miracle. I heard her get up and listened to her singing to herself as she played happily in her room. Only she wasn't playing. She was doing this, without even being threatened!

She just got out of bed this morning and tidied! I was gobsmacked, and incredibly pleased. She put toys in the storage provided. It was an unprecedented act on her part and one that had to be documented.

The next task for the day was a shared one. It was time to make her summer top with the pattern she chose. Now this pattern is the same as the one I used to make her an outfit before she was three. She loved that outfit. It now resides in her memory box and she talks about it still. So she is going for the same happy feeling, I presume.

Emily at 3 in the first outfit (and her brand new shiny birthday scooter).
This time Emily was more involved in the creation of her new top. She mumbled a lot about how hard it was to sew curves, and got distracted making patterns in the pin cushion with the pins - but she persevered.

Yup, I know she needs a haircut. She is booked in while we are at Mum's.
It was a very easy pattern. Six pieces, no zippers, buttons, or anything complicated at all. And the great bit is - if you have made it before you realise this because they don't tell you - it is reversible. So Emily dived into the fabric stash and pulled out a different fabric for the reverse side. Since she had cherries on a pink background for the first fabric she went all out and went for apples on a pink background for the other. Umm, a little variety here please. But it was her top, for her to wear, not me so apples it was.

Here is the finished article -

I would call that a successful project. She's happy. I'm happy. We had fun together. The sun is shining. It feels like summer again. We are about to go for a walk. A barbeque is planned for tonight. Life is good!



  1. One-on-one time is great! Love the top. Emily (and you) did a great job.

  2. Cute top - she's quite a little model and definitely she is shining!

    Enjoy the babrbecue!

  3. Well done Em, fab top. And obviously not camera shy like mum then!!! Jxo

  4. A great day - long may it all last x

  5. Avery snazzy top! Love the back in particular.
    Enjoy your BBQ tonight!

    Sandie xx

  6. Beautiful top and cute scooter photo..enjoy the BBQ!

  7. love the top: well done to Emily. And especially well done on the bedroom front!!

  8. I love that top!!! Well done where did you get that pattern?

  9. Great top, well done you two! Really lovely back on it too. Great to hear you had such a lovely day :-)

  10. I think that top is fabulous and she did a great job with being part of the sewing!

    And it looks wonderful on her.

    Glad you two had some good Mum/Daughter time.

    What's up with the room tidying?

  11. Well done Emily, such a cute top and tidying too!
    A very productive mother daughter day.

  12. Another budding model and seamstress! Glad you two had a nice day together. Hoepfully this is set for the whole summer holidays.. maybe?


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