Wednesday 20 July 2011

Pips Pinwheels - Done!

Oh, items on my 'to do' list are being checked off faster than ever in my life before. This is great. If I get everything done and out the way then I can start new stuff. A new list. Procrastinate over different things. How exciting that will be!

I ignored my 'shall I quilt it more or shall I not' dilemma over the Pips Pinwheels and just got on with binding it. I am very pleased with the finish because I like the way the binding echoes the narrow line of sashing just in from the edge.

The runaway pinwheel still stands out well.

I think my worries about there not being enough quilting might be unfounded, but still not 100% sure.

The backing is very simple, but it allows the pinwheel stitching to show really well.

I especially like the way it looks where the pinwheel points meet.

So, yes, it is fair to say I am a happy puppy today. Another completed project. One I am happy with. It's got to be a good thing. One last photo -

Meanwhile, in the household of no electronics I continue to keep the ban in place - almost. To keep the girls entertained after school yesterday afternoon I put them to work in the kitchen. They worked well as a team and managed to produce their school lunch for today and tomorrow - layered prawn salad.

In those little pots there is prawns in a rose marie sauce, sweetcorn, pasta, grated carrot and spring onion. When they were done making these we made our dinners. The healthiest of options here folks. Fresh spring rolls. I chopped all the ingredients -

Got the rice papers -

Honestly, who could resist a brand called Thai Boy?
Then we got wrapping, as I soaked rice papers as fast as I could.

It didn't matter what shape you wrapped it up as. We had some dumplings with it and that was our dinner. Fresh, easy and very good.

As a reward for duties performed in the kitchen I allowed a limited time of television. And then they took themselves outside. There is definitely something to this no electronics rule, but I still feel like one mean mother implementing it.



  1. I think the quilt looks amazing just so. I don't think it needs any more quilting at all. It's nice sometimes to leave them a little lofty. Good for snuggling :-)

    Glad the horrors aren't being too bad for you... And what a posh lunch for school! In my day it was a ham sandwhich and a packet of crisps.

  2. Your pinwheel pips is beautiful :-) If you ever get tired of it, I'll have it ;-D
    Love the healthy meals :-)
    And your not being mean at all, you're being a good mum.

  3. Congrats on finishing the quilt and I love the binding too - it provides a lovely frame. Also love the meals and the no electronics...the girls look pretty happy to me.

  4. The quilt looks really beautiful, a tremendous big tick for that! No more quilting required definitely.

    Well done for sticking with the ban x

  5. I love your quilt and the amount of quilting is perfect. The binding really sets off the pink border. Boy does that food look yummy!

  6. They'll thank you for it one day! Pinwheels is absolutely beaut!!! Perfect quilting, perfect binding, perfect, perfect! Enjoy your lovely quilt. Jxo

  7. Yay! Glad you got it finished and that you're happy with it - as well you should be! Really love it :-) And you're not a mean mum, you're fantastic!

  8. I absolutely adore that runaway pinwheel - the whole things looks brilliant finished. Woohoo for another one off the list!

  9. I love that quilt - the quilting...the matching inner border and binding...runaway pinwheel - all fantastic! You're not a mean mum, you're a loving mum with boundaries - just what kids need!

  10. Love! Love! Love you quilt! Pinwheel is a such great block and yours look perfect!

    Well done mum! I think they actually behave better without gadgetry and they may become chefs instead!

  11. The quilt looks fabulous. I am sitting here browsing blogs while tea is cooking and I am so hungry and your post has not helped me at all..... your food looks absolutely delicious!

  12. The quilt looks fantastic, love the binding and the runaway pinwheel and I think it has the perfect amount of quilting.

    The spring rolls look fab, I made some in Vietnam but haven't made any since!

  13. Love this quilt, your binding is great and I just adore that runaway pinwheel!!

  14. Your pinwheel quilt is brilliant. I love the sashing border combo too and have never thought of doing that - but now I'll have to try it because it looks fabulous.

    I dont think you're a mean mother. As a child development professional I want to reassure you it wont kill your kids and it's making them use parts of their brains that they need. There's way too much electronic and solitary activity these days .

    (I feel guilty now for sitting on the computer)

  15. The quilt looks marvellous and the arrow borders sets it of beautifully. Great quilting too. I still haven't done anything with my Pips fabric....still can't make up my mind. I am thinking diamonds at the moment. so much to do.

  16. The pinwheels quilt looks lovely. You've had a great idea to make the binding repeat the thin sashing. And that runaway pinwheel is still my favourite :)

    And mmm what a nice dinner. I love prawns.


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