Sunday 1 May 2011

What's Next?

The extended Easter holidays are over, and in a couple of days this four day weekend and my mother's visit will be over as well. Then what am I going to concentrate on? There are any number of things really.

I have the fabric to finish two quilts. Both Sherbet Pips, but one needing a lot more work than the other. This one only needs a back, pinning, quilting and binding -

But this one needs just about everything done to it -

Then there are the red two inch squares that I decided not to use in conjunction with the blues (which was the right decision I believe). Now I have to decide what to do with them, and can I make it different but equal to the blue? -

On the crochet front I am busy making more and more squares to join up with these four -

Then I mustn't forget my less than stellar attempt at a scrappy, crazy block and the idea that sprang into my mind to do instead as I did have all these sorted out after all -

I could go on. There is my need/desire to make something that features orange as the main colour. Or my first ever bee, of which I have the first months fabric, received in the post yesterday. And the scraps that Judith sent me to help me on my way towards an eye spy quilt. Basically I think I have enough work to keep me out of trouble for some time yet. And more ideas springing into my brain on a daily basis.

I blame this blogging. The more people I meet (virtually) and the more blogs I read, the more ideas I get and it just snowballs from there. I appreciate the inspiration (really I do!) but now I must go because less talking (typing) means more sewing. And I have a lot to do.


PS: This post has a link in Fairy Face Designs as she is encouraging all of us to share what projects we have in a holding pattern. If you have time go and have a look at what she has been up to and what other people's projects look like as well.


  1. All your projects look great! I agree with you - this blogging sure does cut down on sewing and creating time, but boy it sure does inspire, and link us to so many people around the world with similar passions! I hope you had a great visit with you mother.

  2. LOL! I know what you mean - I spend more time now reading blogs than I do actually sewing! What are we like! I love your pinwheels - these are gonna look fab, and your crochet squares are so cosy too. Looks like May is gonna be busy! Jxo

  3. These all look like great projects Susan - thanks to blog inspiration none of us can complain about sewer's block (that doesn't sound quite right!). The problem is more likely to be inspiration overload! Look forward to seeing how these shape up.

  4. Well seams like we are all in the less sewing boat! Love your sherbert pips quilts going on there, also the crochet! Love the pink and brown combo :) Found you through the FairyFace Designs

  5. I am the same, I have quite a few W.I.P's to finish off: but I also seem to have a low boredom threshold and need to have different things to work on at various times, so it works for me!

  6. You really have a lot to do. I know what you mean about too much time blogging and blog hopping. But I love meeting new friends. Love the fabric in that first quilt. Thanks for the links.

  7. Oh dear I thought I had left a comment but it's not showing! Love your projects and can't wait to compare our Sherbt pips pinwheels! And your crochets looking lovely! Thanks for linking up!


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